The crypto market as we know it will soon disappear.

Whether you agree with this, one thing is clear – AI is changing the crypto world forever. AI technology is completely changing how we handle transactions, create artwork or predict the upcoming crypto trends.

And because of the great potential, many new crypto projects decided to embrace AI and create ecosystems that fulfill the crucial needs of the crypto community.

One of the newest AI crypto projects is AiDoge, AI meme crypto, and the best meme generating platform.

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Realizing the need for the new and fresh meme content, the AiDoge team started a platform where users can create their memes with the help of the AI algorithm. AiDoge is injecting a new life to the meme creation thanks to the cutting-edge technology. 

The project is currently at presale, and you can get these revolutionizing meme coins at a lower price. The project has raised over $660k, and its presale stage 1 sold out in less than a week!

Crypto experts agree this AI meme crypto is the future of the meme projects and say AiDoge is set for tremedous future gains. According to predictions, AiDoge will pump 300% in 2023, but these gains can be even higher. 

If you are doubtful of investing in this next generation of meme coins, read the article. We will tell you more about AiDoge and explain why you should invest in this crypto. 

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What is AiDoge?

AiDoge is the newest AI meme crypto allowing users to create memes and earn great rewards. Thanks to the latest AI technology, users only need to add text-based prompts, and the trained algorithm will do the rest. 

AiDoge creates contextually relevant, and up-to-date memes. The meme generator is trained on extensive meme datasets, which allows you to uplevel your meme creation game.

But creating memes on the AiDoge platform is not the only possibility this project offers.

All $AI token holders can stake their tokens to earn daily rewards and access platform features. Staking is crucial for long-term platform development and engagement. With staking, users increase their credits which allow meme creation, resulting in access to all platform features. 

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In the future, with the community growth, more voting options and governance decisions will be available for investors who decide to stake.

Users can also access the public wall – dynamic space with all memes created on the platform – and browse through created art. They can upvote or downvote all created memes and decide the monthly winner.

Users whose meme wins will receive the particular amount of $AI tokens as the award.

The center piece of the ecosystem is, of course, $AI token. The token is the key to accessing all features on the platform, and as a token with utility, it offers many benefits to owners. Some include airdrops, the most advanced software solutions, new templates, and more.

To sum up, the $AI token has three main functions:

  • Purchasing credits for meme design
  • Staking
  • Voting and rewards

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Why will AiDoge explode by 300% in 2023?

  • AiDoge is the first crypto project that allows users to generate memes. Also, this is the first AI-integrated meme platform.
  • The project uses the most advanced technology and AI algorithms, making it possible to create the most relevant memes.
  • AiDoge combines crypto and AI – the hottest two niches currently.
  • This is the most relevant meme generation platform because, unlike other similar projects, it offers utility.

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Why should you invest in AiDoge?

  • You can easily create new memes and show your talent to the world.
  • You access the premium features and staking platform.
  • You receive daily rewards when you stake $AI tokens.
  • You can also get 50 billion in $AI airdropped when you help the project to hit its presale target. 
  • Your work gets increased exposure, and you receive awards for your talent.
  • You invest in the token with utility. NFT niche that will only survive by 2023.

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AiDoge Price Prediction

Here is the summary of AiDoge’s price prediction for 2023 – 2030.

YearPotential LowPotential High

AiDoge price depends on multiple factors, such as the success of the upcoming system launches and exchange listings. The success of the token will also depend on the ability to attract a broader user base and the overall situation in the crypto market.

Crypto experts, however, agree AiDoge can evolve into one of the best cryptos in the future. 

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Final Words

AiDoge is the AI meme crypto of the future, and you should definitely invest in this crypto if you want to receive huge rewards.

The best thing is that you can get AI tokens at a lower price if you join the presale now. Grab some tokens at a lower price now and enjoy great returns with the first exchange listings!

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