Shiba Inu (SHIB), a popular meme coin, had a great run a few weeks back, but now it seems to be in a downtrend. People are wondering when it will go back up again, but the thing is, nobody really knows for sure. That’s because SHIB is mostly driven by hype and speculation.

Also, everyone’s talking about how AI could change everything. And it seems like the crypto market, especially the meme coin space, is no exception to this trend. Many crypto enthusiasts are curious about what it will be like when AI finally enters the scene. Well, guess what? The wait is finally over! AiDoge ($Ai) has just been launched, and it’s got a unique combination of memes and AI, which is pretty cool!

AiDoge ($Ai) is the newest blockchain project that’s taking advantage of the booming AI industry. It is a decentralized tool that allows you to easily create personalized memes from just a simple text prompt. Sounds interesting, right? So let’s take a closer look.

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AiDoge ($Ai): The Revolutionary Meme Coin Powered by AI

AiDoge ($Ai) is a brand-new blockchain project that uses AI to generate unique memes. It’s not to be confused with ARBDoge, as it’s a completely separate and independent project. The cool thing about AiDoge is that you can enter a simple text prompt, and the AI tool will create a one-of-a-kind meme for you.

This is a smart move on AiDoge’s part, considering how popular memes are these days. They can be especially impactful during political events, as we saw during the 2017 UK general election, where just 30 memes received over 45 million views.

But here’s where AiDoge really stands out – they’re automating the meme generation process and making each one unique, so you won’t see the same memes circulating over and over again. Plus, each meme can be minted as an NFT, so the creator can prove they were the ones who made it. And to use the platform, you need to purchase credits using Ai tokens.

Speaking of Ai tokens, AiDoge is offering 50% of its token supply through a presale campaign. Early investors can secure the lowest entry price across 20 presale stages. So not only does Ai have real-world use as a payment currency, but it could also be a smart investment opportunity.

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Why AiDoge is Better Than SHIB

Shiba Inu might be famous for its meme appeal, but AiDoge offers much more than just that. With a range of impressive features, let’s take a closer look at why AiDoge stands out from the crowd.

  • Earn Crypto Rewards for Your Memes 

AiDoge rewards users for creating and sharing high-quality memes through a fair and transparent voting system. The most popular memes created with AiDoge’s AI tool are displayed on a public wallet, and users with memes appearing on the wall earn free crypto rewards. This is a great way to encourage users to create more memes and share them with their friends.

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  • AiDoge’s Credit System: The Solution to Bot Attacks

To prevent bots and bad actors from attacking the system, AiDoge uses a credit system. You, as a user, need to use credits every time you want to create a new meme, and you can only buy these credits with Ai tokens. This means that the demand for Ai tokens will remain high as long as people use the meme-generation tool. This will, in turn, positively impact the price of Ai tokens as per the laws of market forces.

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  • AiDoge’s Staking Mechanism: A Smart Move for Investors and Users Alike

AiDoge has created a staking mechanism that helps keep its ecosystem secure while protecting the value of Ai tokens. In a nutshell, when users stake their Ai tokens, they can earn free credits that they can use to create even more memes. This feature is a win-win for everyone involved!

As more tokens are locked in the staking pool, it reduces the number of tokens available for selling, which can help to stabilize the price of Ai tokens. So not only does staking benefit the users, but it’s also a smart move for Ai token investors looking to maximize their profits.

AiDoge’s Presale is on Fire: $100K Raised in Just 24 Hours

AiDoge has an impressive tokenomics system in addition to its cutting-edge AI technology. The total $Ai token supply is 1 trillion, with 50% of it being sold during the presale, which has a hard cap target of $14.9 million. If the project meets its target, the starting market capitalization of the $Ai token will be $29.8 million.

Any remaining $Ai tokens after the presale will be burned, which will help reduce market capitalization. The presale has 20 stages, and each stage increases the price, with the lowest price being secured by those who invest in stage one at $0.000026 per token. After the presale, the $Ai token will be listed on exchanges at $0.0000336, which is a 30% increase from the stage one price.

The presale has just launched, and it’s already on fire! In just 24 hours, it has raised over $100K, which is absolutely crazy for a newly launched project. It’s the perfect time to invest in $Ai tokens. Get in early so you can enjoy all the benefits and potentially make some serious money.

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While SHIB has been popular for some time, there’s no telling when it will experience another surge in value. That’s why it’s worth considering other meme coins like AiDoge ($Ai) right now. AiDoge is a unique project that merges AI technology with a meme coin, creating an exciting combination of innovation and fun. With its impressive features and potential for growth, AiDoge could easily become the top meme coin in 2023.