Love Hate Inu, Vote 2 Earn meme coin recently hit $6.7 million in its presale. The project is now on the fast track to reach $7 million, and we expect this can happen in no more than a few days.

The project should raise around $2 million to enter the next presale stage and increase its price. The next presale stage will be LHINU’s last before the exchange listings. So, if you want to get the token at a lower price, hurry and buy it now. Otherwise, you will miss your chance!

Since its release, Love Hate Inu has been regarded as the new trending meme coin because of its catchy and fun memes. And these memes are one of the reasons Love Hate Inu is so successful. Users can mint poll winners and turn them into fun and eye-catching designs.

But to mint new memes, users must stake their LHINU tokens for at least 30 days and vote in polls. As a reward, they receive even more LHINU tokens.

Because of its unique approach to blockchain, Love Hate Inu is widely regarded as the next best meme crypto. Experts say the project will pump by 150x once it hits exchanges, and that it is one of the best investments currently.

Here is more about what makes Love Hate Inu unique and why you should invest in this project.

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What makes Love Hate Inu the best meme coin?

  1. Love Hate Inu is a meme coin with utility

Love Hate Inu is one of the rare meme projects with utility. This brings users real-life benefits. Users can stake coins and vote in polls to earn more LHINU tokens.

Furthermore, customers will use tokens for all transactions on the platform. This will keep the demand for the coin steady and ensure positive pressure on the price, securing ROI for all investors.

Lastly, crypto experts believe only meme coins with utility will survive the constantly-changing investors’ habits. In other words, an investment in Love Hate Inu is an investment in the future.

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  1. This new trending meme coin is more than a voting platform

Love Hate Inu is not only a voting platform where you can vote in polls. The project aims to become a platform for everyone can express their opinions freely.

Love Hate Inu is a community-oriented project where the community owns 90% of the tokens. This is to ensure only people who truly believe in the project get rewards. But also, this is to secure the transparency of the voting process.

  1. Love Hate Inu disrupts the industry as the first voting platform on blockchain

Love Hate Inu uses the latest blockchain technology to create an ecosystem for transparent, safe, and fast voting. 

Thanks to blockchain, Love Hate Inu is a platform that can record immutable results. Also, because of the blockchain, there is no chance of manipulation. Blockchain verifies all results via smart contracts, ensuring the accuracy of all voting results.

Lastly, the online voting market will reach $736.8 by 2031, and Love Hate Inu will play a crucial role in the growth as the project that brings novelties to the market.

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 Why should you invest in Love Hate Inu?

This project offers many terrific benefits to investors. Here are some of them:

  • You invest in the token will utility that will bring you stable and secure gains in the future.
  • Your opinion matters, and you will join a community where you can feel respected and valued.
  • You invest in a revolutionary project that will grow to $5.69 billion by 2027.
  • You earn tokens by voting. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!
  • Your gains can double as you receive even more LHINU tokens when you vote in polls.
  • The project roadmap looks exciting, and you will receive many new features!
  • You benefit long-term because of the upcoming price increases.

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What is next for Love Hate Inu?

After the presale end and the first exchange listings (yet to be announced), Love Hate Inu plans to develop its voting algorithm and launch platform signups. After that, Love Hate Inu will launch a staking platform and management dashboard and distribute the first rewards from voting.

From Q4, the LHINU community will be able to create their polls. Partnerships and sponsored polls are also planned for this quarter. 

Lastly, Love Hate Inu reserved Q1 of 2024 to integrate the voting system into all metaverse experiences. 

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Hurry and invest in Love Hate Inu before the upcoming price increase

Love Hate Inu is the project that can give you 150x higher returns within a few months.

So why wait and buy it at a higher price on exchanges when you can get it for a lower price now?

Love Hate Inu’s presale ends in less than 15 days. So hurry up to get some tokens from this new trending meme coin and enjoy great benefits!

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