Dogecoin enthusiasts are facing yet another worrisome period with prices rapidly going down in the last few weeks. 

But experienced investors have found a profit alternative in Tamadoge (TAMA).

This popular meme coin is rising through the ranks again as the top crypto exchange ByBit announces TAMA listing on Thursday, April 27th.

Don’t miss the chance to be part of this revolutionary project. 

Those who join the Tamadoge bandwagon now will be able to make up for the profits they missed out on when TAMA just hit the market!

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Dogecoin Going Down – Your Money Is Safer with Tamadoge, Huge Pumps on the Radar

Even though DOGE started April strong, the price started plummeting in the past two weeks again as Elon Musk, its main endorser, faces problems on multiple business fronts. 

DOGE’s price fell to $0.077 from the high of $0.093 and most analysts aren’t optimistic about its future as there’s little chance for bigger positive trends in 2023. 

The value of DOGE is still a rollercoaster ride paired with low potential rewards from trading, This is why so many seasoned traders suggest that it’s time to cash out and move somewhere else.

With so many interesting things happening with TAMA, it is much safer and profitable to invest in this project ahead of its “meme pump”. 

Let’s check out the details.

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Massive Liquidity Injection with Big CEX Listings Lined Up – TAMA Is Ready For Another Bull Run

With new planned partnerships, TAMA will experience a significant surge in trading volume and it’s currently the 6th highest-trading meme coin with over $7.9 M in circulation.

ByBit’s listing announcement put this popular meme coin in the spotlight once more, but this isn’t the only exchange that’s in the pipeline. 

Tamadoge has announced plans to partner with several other major exchanges over the next few months, including Huobi, Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and Kucoin. These listings will only further increase TAMA’s exposure and trading volume.

With all of these positive steps in the works, now is the perfect time to get in on the action. 

According to crypto influencers and industry experts, the price of TAMA won’t be this low again in 2023 (and potentially ever). 

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Jon Bishop Bringing Next-Level Innovation as the CEO of Tamadoge

While everyone is already familiar with Tamadoge’s ground-breaking blockchain technology, we should also take a moment to appreciate the quality team behind it. 

One key factor that sets Tamadoge apart is that it has an industry veteran, Jon Bishop, as CEO. Bishop’s extensive experience in fintech, crypto, and the gaming industry has made waves in the community and caught the attention of many investors.

Before joining Tamadoge, Bishop held senior positions in notable companies such as eBay, PayPal, and Outright Games – where he successfully led the team in developing and launching revolutionary mobile games.

With Bishop at the helm, the future of TAMA has never been brighter, and the upcoming profits will reflect that. 

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Arcade Games Guarantee Mass Market Adoption – The App Coming Out in May with Player Excitement at an All-Time High

Over the last few months, five arcade games were launched and a new onboarding system was introduced in Tamadoge. This makes it super easy to get started  with just an e-mail or a Facebook account for users that want a taste of the excitement. 

In May, users will be able to download the smartphone app accompanied by the Tamadoge Pet Store, both game-changers in the P2E sphere. 

On top of everything we’ve mentioned, Tamadoge is creating a notable bridge between Web2 and Web3, and investors who’ve been in the game long enough that this is a huge “profit” signal that shouldn’t be ignored.

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Investing in Dogecoin has been a wild and unpredictable ride, and even its biggest fans are getting tired of it.  

Everyone’s been waiting on huge gains for long enough… but you can take a shortcut by investing in Tamadoge, the most profitable meme coin of 2023. 

Tamadoge has already shown investors what it can do in 2022 when it exploded post-presale, and now, it’s looking to replicate that success. 

With new major listings and huge developments taking place, many analysts consider it as “the most reliable 30x gain investment” of the year. 

But hurry up – the price won’t stay this low for much longer.