It is clear that 2023 has a much brighter prognosis for the crypto market compared to the previous chilly seasons. With the price increase of BTC and ETH in the last couple of days, many experts believe the next big bull run is around the corner. Many new projects like Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO) have also caught up the eye of many crypto enthusiasts as their presales are going exceptionally well. But does this mean the crypto market will boom again? Let’s find out why these projects show such potential and have earned the trust of crypto enthusiasts.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) Is a New Meme Coin That Can Beat Dogecoin

Aside from BTC and ETH price rise, we could see the price increase in Dogecoin in the last couple of weeks. And even though the Dogecoin price increase can be explained by the news tweets from Elon Musk, the crypto community didn’t give up on meme coins. On the contrary, many crypto traders started to invest and look for new promising meme coins that show better features and characteristics than most popular meme coins on the market.

Love Hate Inu is one of the projects that shows huge potential. This project is not only fun and cool but also has a coin with a strong use case. The Love Hate Inu is a blockchain-based platform where users can create various polls and surveys and express their opinions on various topics. It is a vote-to-earn crypto that has tapped into the survey industry that shows exponential growth each year.

This change of perspective in the creation of meme coins is what drew the interest of traders. Love Hate Inu connects the fun and cool social aspect of people’s desire to express their opinions online with the survey industry. The presale of the coin has become viral in a couple of hours, and considering almost all the coins (90% of them) will be sold in the presale, you might want to jump in and buy some yourself.

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DeeLance (DLANCE) – Crypto Project for Freelancers

One of the new trends in the crypto market we can see is the creation of coins that are intertwined with other industries. New crypto projects are finding new ways to bring value to the world and crypto users. DeeLance (DLANCE) is such a project. DeeLance is a Web3 blockchain-based marketplace made for freelancers. In essence, DeeLance is an improved Web3 version of Upwork and Fever, but with a huge difference – everything on DeeLance will be decentralized and transparent. 

DeeLance will also have lower fees and faster and safer transactions. By using NFTs, DeeLance will solve intellectual rights problems many freelancers had on other platforms. It will also have a metaverse where freelancers and employers will be able to advertise and talk to each other. DeeLance native coin DLANCE is now on presale, so now is the best time to buy one.

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Metropoly (METRO) Connects Crypto With the Real Estate Industry

Another industry that has a huge market cap is real estate, and Metropoly (METRO) is a crypto project that provides an opportunity to invest in this industry for a small amount of money. With Metropoly, companies and individuals will be able to invest in real estate in fractions similar to shares or bonds. 

Once users purchase a share of real estate, they will receive an NFT as proof of ownership. Metropoly is a promising coin because it is connected to the industry that is on the rise. The native coin of the project METRO is currently on presale for an all-time low price, so now is the best time to invest.

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Green Cryptos Are on the Rise, and Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) Is One of the Best 

Fighting climate change has become mandatory and a priority for many states and companies, and the crypto market has followed this trend with many green crypto projects. Ecoterra is one of the best projects on the market currently. It is a recycle-earn-crypto project, where individuals will earn rewards in ECOTERRA coins for every item they recycle. 

Everything this project provides will be available on an all-in-one app, where users can post their recycled items and also participate in various green actions and initiatives. This project will become popular not only among people who are currently recycling but also among new users who will start doing so as they can earn rewards.

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RobotEra (TARO) Connects Gaming Industry With Crypto

Yet another industry that has a huge market cap is the gaming industry, and connection to the crypto world is not a new thing. Play-to-earn games have become more and more popular as new users approach this field. RobotEra is one of the most popular P2E games that are similar to Decentraland, but it has many improvements that enhance user experience.

In the game, players act as robot avatars, rebuild the planet and earn various rewards as they make progress. All avatar upgrades are in the ownership of players, and they can be sold at any time. TARO is the native coin that will be used in games for purchasing NFTs and other features. It is now on presale, and many investors believe that the price will soar shortly after the presale is over. 

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Crypto Market Is Changing, but It Is Here to Stay

Even though news of BTC and ETH price increases are great indicators that stability and booming on the crypto market is on the horizon, the crypto market is changing perspective, and we can see that new trends where crypto coins are made to have strong use cases in real life are gaining popularity. It’s obvious that coins like LHINU, DLANCE, METRO, ECOTERRA, and TARO, which have strong connections to the industries that are also strong, will be the next big thing.