The current cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bullish trend, with a growing sentiment that it may be the perfect time for altcoins to surge. However, not all altcoins are so lucky. Polkadot, which is one of the more prominent cryptocurrencies, experienced volatility for quite some time. However, it is now experiencing slow gains, which have deterred investors. This has led them to look at another project that is poised for massive growth – DeeLance (DLANCE).

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Polkadot growth is sluggish – Time to Buy DeeLance? 

When it started, Polkadot was one of the most ambitious projects, aiming to create a decentralized web of interoperable blockchains. However, the altcoin has been struggling to gain momentum owing to a number of different factors. Issues such as lack of adoption and awareness have led to the project lagging behind in terms of active users, dApps, and transactions on its network.  

While it seems like Polkadot’s best days are behind it, investors are searching for other options. They can instead look at DeeLance, which is set to disrupt the traditional freelance market.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at what makes DeeLance so special. 

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DeeLance – The Web3 freelancing project that has raised over 300K

DeeLance is one of the new projects that is promising 100x gains after its presale. As a Web3 crypto project has already raised more than $500,000 in the initial stages of the presale. Unlike Polkadot, DeeLance is a relatively new project in the market. 

It is clear that DeeLance has a lot of room for growth, both in terms of value and the community. Perhaps the biggest advantage of this project is its presale price, which is affordable for many participants. 

DeeLance is not for monetary use but rather for solving a problem. Traditional freelance markets suffer from a number of issues, ranging from low fees to low transparency. DeeLance fixes this by offering a viable Web3 freelancing platform. As a result, freelancers and recruiters can connect with each other without any hassle. 

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DeeLance is disrupting an industry the way Polkadot cannot 

Taking a look at DeeLance’s presale figure would dispel any doubts that one has about its untapped potential to grow. It aims to bridge the gap between the Web3 world and the freelancing market. As mentioned before, DeeLance is fixing the ongoing problems of the traditional freelancing industry. 

DeeLance acts as a platform-as-a-service, or PaaS. It removes a lot of intermediaries and issues that freelancers are facing. All of this makes DeeLance a solid contender for future crypto projects with promise. 

While many cryptocurrencies emerge in the market without providing any real-world utility, DeeLance is different. Let’s take a look at how DeeLance solves existing problems in the traditional freelance space. 

DeeLance Solving Real-World Problems 

Unlike Polkadot, DeeLance is solving a very crucial problem by using Web 3.0 technologies through its decentralized platform. Traditional sites such as Upwork and Fiverr tend to charge a lot of fees for freelancing work. 

This problem is solved by DeeLance by using crypto payments through their P2P payment system. As a result, the site doesn’t have to pay any third parties, which is why it can charge lower fees. 

Payment issues are another problem faced by freelancers and employers. There have been instances where freelancers delivered their work on time, only for the recruiter or employer to disappear without providing them with any remuneration. Employers can also have similar problems with freelancers disappearing before the job is finished. 

DeeLance solves this by using an escrow system where the freelancer doesn’t receive his or her payment before handing the work over to the employer. DeeLance has also set up a resolution center where it will resolve any disputes and discrepancies in its system. 

Finally, DeeLance also solves the problem of ownership of work faced by freelancers. NFTs will be issued to represent ownership of works. All of these features demonstrate the potential of DeeLance which makes it a must-buy.

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Reasons to Invest in DeeLance as Polkadot Struggles

It’s clear that DeeLance has all it takes to produce gains in the future. Let’s take a look at the features that make it a viable investment. 

  • Transparent and secure

The project provides a secure platform for freelancers with utmost transparency and digital ownership via NFTs. Users also do not need KYC, which makes it a faster option. 

  • High-tech recruitment

DeeLance offers a list of potential candidates who have the required skills and portfolios of their work, making the job of recruiters easy. Recruiters can easily post jobs, examine CVs, and hire them directly from the comfort of one platform. 

  • Instant payouts and low fees

DeeLance only charges 10% of the freelancer’s commission, compared to 20% on other sites. It provides instant payouts in cryptocurrencies, which is an advantage over other platforms that take more than 10 days to process payments. 

  • Eliminates the threat of digital theft

DeeLance allows freelancers to convert their work into an NFT. Once the payment is done, it is up to the freelancers to release their side of the rights and provide full access and ownership of their work to the client. 

  • Introducing the Metaverse

The incorporation of Metaverse technology in the field of freelancing can greatly simplify the processes of hiring, scheduling interviews, and finalizing deals for recruiters. The platform will feature a communal lobby accessible to both buyers and freelancers, fostering a free and open environment for interaction. In addition, geographical barriers will be eliminated since participants from all over the world will be involved.

Freelancers can utilize the platform to showcase their portfolios, identify potential clients, and collaborate with other professionals on similar projects. Moreover, numerous resources will be available to facilitate the freelancer’s journey towards success. With the added benefit of attending meetings remotely, the traditional confines of a physical office are rendered obsolete. 

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With the fortunes of Polkadot slowing down, the time is right for investors to consider shifting their attention to other profitable projects, such as DeeLance. DeeLance is backed by a solid concept and is solving a real-world problem. As the whole world embraces the positives of freelancing, it is clear that DeeLance will play a major role in the future by bridging the gap between traditional freelancing and decentralization.