The altcoin season is imminent, as altcoins continue to dominate the market while delivering excellent use cases and marginal profits to traders and investors. Ethereum, altcoins’ forerunner, has become a potent force to reckon with as it provides remarkable price gains.

With Ethereum’s foot on the pedal, there is no doubt other altcoins will deliver better promises in the market. One altcoin that has caught investors’ attention is DeeLance, a revolutionary freelancing platform set to disrupt the recruitment industry. 

Despite being in its early stages, DeeLance has raised over $230,000 in its ongoing presale event. Indeed, these figures are staggering, and investors are buying this coin massively as it’s set to deliver excellent utility while providing outstanding profits to them. 

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Overview of Ethereum

Ethereum continues to show strong demand after its anticipated Shanghai upgrade. This upgrade allowed ETH stakers to withdraw their ETH deposits. Despite earlier skepticism, Ethereum continues its upward trend, trading at over $2,000 per token. Crypto analysts predict Ethereum could reach $5,000 before the year ends.

This upward swing in price points to a bullish season for altcoins, and investors cannot wait to experience more gains. Apart from Ethereum, a new platform, DeeLance is on the horizon, capable of providing similar gains. Let’s consider this crypto project now.

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DeeLance Overview and Exciting Features: An Excellent Web 3.0 Freelancing Platform

Web 3.0, aka the decentralized internet, fascinates many global sectors, especially the crypto industry. DeeLance is a new decentralized platform that implements web 3.0 technology in providing freelancing services to its users.

Several freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and more exist today to connect recruiters and freelancers. However, problems plagued these platforms from providing the best services to their user base. Some of these problems include withdrawal delays, inconsistent employment, high intermediary fees, and location-based restrictions.

DeeLance aims to combat these problems via Web 3.0 and blockchain technology. It provides a neutral ground where recruiters can meet and collaborate with potential freelancers worldwide. DeeLance operates on security, efficiency, and ease of access, which are lacking among conventional platforms.

Let’s consider a few features that make DeeLance a worthy crypto to get involved with before the year ends.

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DeeLance Employs Web 3.0 Technology

To achieve its goal of toppling other platforms, DeeLance creates a metaverse where freelancers can meet with employers in real time virtually and collaborate with them. According to its whitepaper, its users can socialize with other members in the lobby area and conduct meetings for productive collaboration.

Also, DeeLance introduces NFTs, where employers can completely own their work. This feature reduces copyright issues and provides transparency in the DeeLance ecosystem. 

DeeLance Offers Industry-leading Freelance Fees

Like traditional freelance platforms, DeeLance makes money from both recruiters and employers. This feature ensures the long-term viability and sustainability of the platform as it provides value for its users.

However, DeeLance offers a reduced fee, charging recruiters 2% when searching for freelancers. In addition, this platform charges freelancers just 10% of their paid income after job approval. These fees are comparatively lesser than other freelancing platforms, thus making DeeLance a revolutionary freelancing platform to consider.

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DeeLance Offers Fast Payouts

One of the ills that plague Upwork and Fiverr is slow payouts. Freelancers usually wait several days before they can withdraw their earnings. However, this is not the case with DeeLance, as all payouts are in cryptocurrency and backed by smart contracts. As such, freelancers get paid instantly when their clients approve their work. They can also process withdrawals immediately without waiting extra days.

However, the only exception to payment delay is if there is a job dispute between a recruiter and a freelancer. The funds will be held in escrow service until the issue is resolved, thereby ensuring a transparent and fair ecosystem.

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DeeLance Has Robust Tokenomics

A project’s tokenomics are essential to its growth, and DeeLance is not lacking in its tokenomics. $DLANCE is DeeLance’s native token, which powers its ecosystem. You can utilize its token in payments and transactions within the DeeLance platform. In DeeLance’s metaverse, you can own office space or buy a plot of land and rent to earn passive income. 

The total supply of DeeLance tokens is 2 billion and has about 30%  up for grabs in its presale. By being part of its early-stage investment, you can record up to a 47% price increase before it lists on exchanges. Crypto experts believe it can potentially explode more than 50x after exchange listings and fully launch its products. Thus, this is the best time to be involved in this fascinating freelancing platform and experience the best gains.

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Final Thoughts: Prepare For Bullish Gains With DeeLance

Indeed, altcoins have been recording bullish gains since the beginning of the year, and they continue to delight their holders and investors. DeeLance, a web 3,0 platform, is poised to be a part of this growing momentum through its remarkable features.

Following Ethereum’s footsteps, DeeLance is ready to achieve and hit higher milestones in its presale as investors actively demand its token. It is beneficial to participate in its ongoing presale event to avoid missing out on the best gains in 2023. Grab some DeeLance tokens today and enjoy fantastic investment returns.