Binance Coin (BNB) is currently on its recovery track and has recently crossed the $300 mark. At the same time, BTC has also crossed the $30k barrier that investors have been anticipating for months. 

However, despite the recent growth in the crypto market, there is still no assurance whether BNB will continue with its bullish trend or might fall prey to a bearish reversal due to the current regulatory uncertainties. 

In such a scenario in the crypto market, many investors are inclining towards the latest crypto projects that are doing exceptionally well in their presale phases. DeeLance (DLANCE) is one such example that has taken the crypto community by storm lately. 

Why? It is because of the innovative features and revolutionary step taken to bridge the gap of the freelancing sector and Web3 platforms. 

Thanks to its unique approach and state-of-the-art ecosystem, DLANCE has already raised more than $120,000, which demonstrates the demand and future potential of the Web3-based freelancing platform, which may get a massive 300% price pump.  

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BNB is a Good Choice, But Don’t Miss the Emerging New Alternative

Let’s get to the details. 

But first, we will take a look at how BNB is performing, whether it is worth investing in right now, and what the best alternative investment option is for BNB. 

The price of BNB has been going upward since the beginning of this year and soon crossed the $300 threshold. However, it is way too soon to go with the bullish trend, as BNB has faced quite a downturn recently because of the Binance CFTC lawsuit. 

What exactly happened? On April 3, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) reported a lawsuit against the CEO of Binance, Changpeng “CZ” Zhao. This announcement led to a week-long downturn for BNB, the native token of Binance, that eventually ended up in a drop of around 6% after the statement. 

Although things have significantly improved over the past few days as the Binance team has tried to minimize any significant delays, regulatory uncertainty is still a reason to be worried for investors. It is still unclear in which direction BNB will be heading until we get more information about the lawsuit. 

And given the level of ambiguity surrounding it, many investors are considering it a preferable choice to look for alternative tokens that now have a far higher possibility of profitability. Now, talking about “choosing a superior alternative,” a part of the crypto community has been inclining toward newer projects like DeeLance. 

DeeLance not only has massive potential to offer gains but is also proving itself a worthy competitor, even in the recovery phase of 2023.  

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Why DeeLance? A Step Forward in the Web3 Freelance World 

By leveraging the power of NFT technology and Web3, DeeLance taps into the $1.5 trillion industry to make up for where Web2 freelancing platforms are slacking. 

With DeeLance, users can eliminate intermediaries and centralized corporations. Freelancers will now have the option to get full ownership of their services and work since DeeLance is based on the decentralized Web3 technology. 

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The popular companies like Upwork and Fiverr are capitalizing on the Web2 space. However, where DeeLance stands out from these companies is its innovative approach to creating micro-communities in the metaverse that bring together clients and freelancers to exchange ideas, network, and build relationships.

Since DeeLance is built on the Ethereum blockchain, it not only assures safe handling of money but also a decentralized system using smart contracts to ensure transparency. 

All the payments made on the platform are done using DLANCE, the native token of the platform. But DeeLance guarantees there will be more supported coins soon. 

DeeLance stands out as a project that will have a lasting impact while providing early investors a chance to boost their profits, despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is continuously shifting. 

When it comes to blockchain utility with the benefit of NFT and the metaverse, there is hardly any better option than DeeLance right now. 

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The X factor of DeeLance: A Metaverse Up its Sleeve 

DeeLance is set to introduce an innovative concept of metaverse technology that helps you land and build workspaces to work remotely. 

The virtual space in the DeeLance metaverse is backed by NFTs, allowing freelancers to own their ownerships. 

With DeeLance, you can create your own NFT avatar for participating in the recruitment marketplace, among other tasks. 

Not only this, but what makes DeeLance more interesting is the virtual offices that can be used to conduct job interviews and to advertise expertise and portfolios if you’re a freelancer. 

How DeeLance is making up for the gap that Web2 platforms are responsible for is remarkable and makes this Web3-based freelance platform a way to gain at least 30x profits in the coming months. 

With the growing demand, experts are anticipating that the price of DLANCE could rise exponentially, which means now is the best time for anyone who wants to join this revolution of Web3 freelancing. 

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The presale is live—Why You Should Go for DLANCE?

Since DLANCE is at the core of the platform, it certainly will play a significant role in the platform’s development. 

The presale is on, and DLANCE is currently selling at $0.025 in the first stage and is soon going to increase to $0.027.

DLANCE has already raised more than $100k in record time, and the trend is nowhere near stopping now. 

There is no doubt that for better opportunities, DLANCE can be an ideal alternative to BNB that has immense potential for the future. The increasing funds in the presale say so.

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The price forecast for BNB goes as high as the $500 mark by the end of 2023. However, this new lawsuit might be a hindrance in the way. Judging by all these, BNB at this point can be an unsafe investment. 

If you want to make at least 30x gains by the end of 2023, DLANCE is the way to go. The presale is live, so don’t forget to get DLANCE before the prices go up.