The crypto is dead accusations have been unfounded in the past and it looks like they will be unfounded in the present and future too. Crypto will always have enemies due to its unregulated nature and its threat to the establishment, however, those saying it is dead could not be more wrong as the market is having a superb year.

Just look at Bitcoin’s performance in the last week and the year as a whole. In the last week, the price has jumped by nearly 6% which has finally returned Bitcoin over the $30,000 threshold, and now looks like it will continue growing after this crucial checkpoint. In another week Bitcoin could clear the $32,000 mark which would see a 100 percent price increase since the tune of the year. As Bitcoin is the canary in the coal mine for the market in general it really shows how ridiculous it is to think that crypto could be dead.

While the growth of Bitcoin is well and good for long-time investors, its high price means it may not be the best option for people wishing to get involved now. Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO) on the other hand are five exciting coins going through presale. Their qualities indicate they will pump once they are listed on exchanges so they could be the perfect options to buy now for the best return on investment. 

Love Hate Inu- The meme coin experts are in love with 

Even though the presale for Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is barely over a month old it is already within $500,000 of reaching the $4,218,750 goal the project set out to raise. Experts are very high on the coin which is probably contributing to such a hot start, they love the idea behind the first-ever meme coin crossed with a V2E platform.

Future users of the platform will be first greeted by very pleasing emojis and illustrations when they visit the site. They then will be able to vote on the most interesting and pressing matters that are in the news and trending on social media. For example, the site has three polls up now pondering whether people love or hate a certain celebrity, the likeness of each celebrity has been changed into very funny angel and devil versions of them to represent love and hate.

Another reason we think experts are speaking so highly of Love Hate Inu is the details in their white paper that show they are thinking of their future. 90% of the total allocation of LHINU will be sold during presale which ensures the project won’t fall victim to any future rug pulls once the listings begin, and only those with a vested interest will have a say in the future moves Love Hate Inu makes.

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DeeLance- The crypto that will change freelancing

Freelancing is becoming more and more popular as we realize in the post-pandemic world that the traditional office isn’t as much a necessity as we once thought. However, the old legacy sites that platform connections between employers and employees are very outdated and can turn off people from switching to freelancing.

DeeLance (DLANCE) hopes to change all this with its new decentralized platform that will make the lives of both employers and freelancers much easier. Costs, disputes, and ownership are the big three issues they see currently with sites and they have a way to improve on all three.

Its peer-to-peer payment system will allow them to charge much lower fees than sites that currently use third parties to facilitate payments. NFT tokens will symbolize ownership so employers need no longer worry about the technicalities of when actually they own a piece of work. Finally, a dedicated resolution center will be set up by DeeLance so they can help solve arguments and also kick off anyone that is not acting in the best interests of the site. This will surely have every freelancer and employer flocking to DeeLance the second it launches.

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Metropoly- The market’s first real estate-focused crypto 

Metropoly (METRO) will truly be a revolutionary crypto in more ways than one. It will be the first crypto solely dedicated to real estate investment and making a notoriously hard-to-enter market much more accessible. From as little as $100 Metropoly users will be able to get their share of some of the most luxurious properties from around the world. 

How it works is the project will tokenize these fantastic properties into NFTs, and from there they will be fractioned up and then sold on the market. This is really as complicated as it gets for the process, no hidden fees, no cooling off period, and most importantly no mountain of paperwork investors normally have to go through when buying real estate. 

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Ecoterra- Real-life green rewards for recycling 

Even though the market is having a great year it is environmental issues that cloud its future. New studies are showing that the crypto industry isn’t doing enough to cut back their emissions, this is why projects like Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) are so crucial. They give real green rewards for real green acts.

Users will be required to download the app and then log/scan the items they are recycling, they will then be rewarded with an amount of ECOTERRA depending on what the item was. The native currency can then be used to pay for other green-friendly initiatives like beach clean-ups or even courses in eco-friendly topics.  A real winner of a project considering the image change the crypto market currently needs.

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RobotEra- Unlimited revenue opportunities in this P2E game 

One of the more exciting games that will be launched this year is the metaverse game RobotEra (TARO). The latest P2E blockchain game is set on the destroyed planet of Taro and it will be the player’s job to rebuild it. As it is sandbox-like in nature, players will have endless fun just exploring Taro and interacting with their fellow players.

TARO, the native currency, will be used for everything in-game so players will charge other players if they wish to access their land creating a symbiotic community. Of course, this is where the smart players will do the best as the inventors believe the opportunity for revenue will be endless. So, the ones that can think of the best way to monetize their land be it anything from growing crops to building skyscrapers can clean up!

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So to finish up, we think in general the crypto is dead accusations are a load of nonsense. The market is having a wonderful year and we have exciting presales popping up everywhere. The five we have mentioned in this piece in particular are great investment options. Their unique properties indicate they will pump once launched so getting them now at presale prices seems like a no-brainer to us.