Over the past few years, a new class of cryptocurrencies known as green cryptocurrencies have emerged. As more critics slammed the traditional mining process of cryptocurrencies as being harmful to the environment, these new crypto projects started to attract the attention of environmentally-conscious investors. Among all the different options that have flooded the market in recent times, one project has shown immense potential for long-term growth – Ecoterra

Let’s dive into this project and check out the reasons why it’s poised to hit 50x gains in 2023.

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What is Ecoterra? 


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Ecoterra is a newly launched Recycle-to-earn platform that uses blockchain technology and carbon credits to encourage eco-friendly behaviour amongst its users. The main function of the platform is to incentivize activities related to recycling and reward participants with ECOTERRA tokens. The platform runs on the RVM (Reverse Vending Machine) model, where users have to upload their RVM receipts to get the tokens. 

The experienced and skilled team behind Ecoterra has already secured partnerships with major brands such as Dr Pepper, Heineken, San Pellegrino, Vittel and Delhaize. Off these, supermarket chain Delhaize will add RVM infrastructure to their stores to make RVMs more accessible to the general public. 

Additionally, it has also plans to integrate a recycling marketplace that will facilitate the exchange of waste materials between businesses and eco-organizations. In other words, it will enable recyclers to put processed waste offers on the market in the form of raw materials, which businesses can purchase. 

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Ecoterra – Mission Statement

Ecoterra has climbed the charts and joined the list of the hottest cryptocurrencies in just a few weeks since its launch.  It is ideal for those participants in the crypto industry who have to achieve their sustainability goals. This has grown in recent years as crypto enthusiasts have realised the kind of impact that traditional crypto mining has on the planet. 

The project aims to make the tedious task of recycling more enjoyable and profitable for participants by streamlining transactions between eco-organizations and businesses. Businesses can even request materials in advance and use different payment options besides ECOTERRA tokens, such as Fiat money (USD) and Bitcoin (BTC). 

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Ecoterra’s Recycling Marketplace

Ecoterra encourages its affiliated companies to embrace a circular product life cycle as opposed to a linear one. To achieve this, Ecoterra has developed a recycling marketplace that serves as a secure digital platform connecting businesses with recycling companies. This platform allows for quick and transparent transactions where recyclers can sell the raw materials they obtain after converting waste.

Companies can purchase available raw materials on the platform or request a new material that’s not yet available. The company must specify the type, quantity, frequency, and quality of the material required. Once a recycler has the desired material, they will respond to the company’s request. The available payment options include fiat money, stable coins (USDT), Bitcoin, and ECOTERRA tokens. 

Opting to pay using Ecoterra comes with lower transaction fees for the companies. Recycling companies will receive Ecoterra tokens as rewards based on the number of completed transactions.

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How does Ecoterra leverage Carbon Credits? 

As mentioned before, the Ecoterra app is on its way to encouraging individual users as well as large businesses to reduce their carbon emissions. How does it do this? – by harnessing the power of carbon credits and democratizing this market.  The existing carbon market is made up of mandatory (MCMs), which are regular reports required by law and voluntary (VCMs), which allow partial participation. 

While there wasn’t any system that allows secure transactions of carbon credits between the two categories, Ecoterra solved this problem by using its proprietary blockchain network. Users can also purchase extra carbon credits if they so wish. Thus no one has any excuse not to contribute towards pollution control when they are with Ecoterra. 

Ecoterra has also devised several recycling plans for businesses, which can vary in size and price according to the quantity and type of recyclables. This depends on what the company wants to be recycled.  For instance, one company can choose a plan that targets 200 tonnes of PET bottles recovered, while another can opt for a more modest plan targeting a hundred aluminium cans. The money received from these businesses is allocated as a reward to the Ecoterra users. 

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Ecoterra’s Educational Program

Ecoterra has plans to implement its very own education program to induce individuals to shift their daily habits to improve the quality of life and help the environment. Ecoterra believes in educating its users about climate change and global warming rather than issuing directives. 

Ecoterra has immense plans to roll out its educational platform as soon as possible and make them accessible to all users. It has plans to prepare a collection of interactive and reliable content for any individuals or businesses that hope to support the project’s initiative. 

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Ecoterra- Presale Details

While much time hasn’t elapsed since Ecoterra’s presale first began, it has already garnered quite the attention and investment. With a listing price of $0.01, ECOTERRA tokens are currently available for $0.01 each before the price again increases. To date, it has raised more than $350,000 in USDT. 

Ecoterra hopes to be a revolutionary eco-crypto project which is challenging the global recycling market, one which is expected to be $700 million by 2027 according to many sources. The presale is still in the first place, with the token price expected to increase after every stage. This makes it the right time to buy ECOTERRA tokens at the lowest price possible. 


While there are only some effects of climate change that are readily available, they are sufficient clues to make us understand that the distant future is no longer distant and immediate climate action is required. 

While there have been many eco-friendly cryptocurrencies launched, none of them has actively helped both businesses and individuals as much as Ecoterra promises to. This makes Ecoterra one of the hottest cryptocurrencies at the moment for investors.