Historically speaking, April has always been a great month for Ethereum (ETH), so many crypto investors are deciding to invest in this well-known crypto right now. However, as things stand, even though Ethereum is expected to have a solid development during the spring, there is a  new crypto that threatens to surpass it and give 30x more gains. It is a new, but already extremely popular DeeLance (DLANCE), cryptocurrency with Web 3.0 utility that threatens to become a serious competitor to many cryptocurrencies.

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Ethereum (ETH) or DeeLance (DLANCE): which investment will bring you bigger gains in 2023?

Ethereum (ETH) has been experiencing an upward trend lately, and many investors hope that after the Shapella upgrade, which will allow users to withdraw their staked ETH for the first time, the value of this crypto will increase significantly. However, crypto experts are not entirely optimistic, recalling the fact that Ethereum experienced a drop in support after the previous major upgrade.

Precisely because of the uncertainty brought by the Shapella upgrade, crypto experts are cautious and advise users to wait when it comes to investing in ETH, and to rather opt for investing in new crypto that is expected to have much higher gains in the near future: DeeLance (DLANCE). DeeLance (DLANCE) seems to be a significantly better choice at this moment because it promises extremely big gains, up to 30x more compared to ETH.

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DeeLance (DLANCE): a platform that brings a handful of benefits.

If you are wondering how crypto experts can position DeeLance (DLANCE) above the well-known Ethereum, there are several reasons for that. First of all, it is because DeeLance, as the best freelance and recruitment platform, has so far, in an extremely short time, managed to raise more than $88,000, which is a presale success that hardly any crypto project can boast of! It is not so often that a specific crypto project is immediately recognized by users, but DeeLance obviously offers something new, and something that was very much needed.

The DeeLance platform recognized an obvious problem and offered an ideal solution. In a world in which the percentage of freelancers is increasing, and in which more and more employers are looking for workers online, logically, there is a need for a comprehensive platform that not only facilitates the process of offering and searching for jobs but also provides good conditions to users (both freelancers and employers)! Now you might be wondering, “What about Fiverr, Upwork, and similar platforms, don’t they already offer the same thing?”. Yes, we agree that there are already freelance and recruitment platforms, but DeeLance offers both parties incomparably better conditions, and that’s why we witness its huge popularity.

This platform intends to solve the problems of the freelance industry through several segments, the most important of which is certainly enabling very fast payments and much lower commissions. If you compare DeeLance with similar platforms, you will see that there are no long payment cycles, which means that the freelancer is instantly paid for his work. Likewise, if you compare this and similar platforms, you will see that the fees are significantly lower. At DeeLance, the client fee is only 2%, the freelancer fee is 10%, and there are no withdrawal costs. These are significantly more favorable commissions than those on similar platforms, where, for example, a freelancer has a 20% fee! So, it becomes clearer why both freelancers and employers are increasingly joining DeeLance!

One more important reason that influenced the lightning popularity of this platform is the fact that DeeLance allows freelancers complete ownership over their work, allowing them to tokenize their work into NFTs.

All these are basic reasons why users are delighted with the DeeLance platform. But, in addition to the reasons we have stated, the current very good presale price, as well as great price predictions for this coin, are certainly responsible for such a high demand for DLANCE tokens!

Crypto experts and crypto influencers announce a serious increase in the value of the DLANCE token through the year 2023, which leads us to the conclusion that joining the DeeLance presale is an excellent decision at this moment!

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Join the DeeLance (DLANCE) presale on time!

If you would like to get the most out of the DeeLance platform, the wise thing to do is to grab the native DLANCE token ASAP, while the price is still this good. Right now, you can buy DLANCE at a presale price of only 0.025 USDT per coin! As the presale progresses, the price of the DLANCE token will increase, so already in the next presale stage, you will be able to buy this coin for 0.029 USDT. So hurry up, take advantage of the opportunity, and become an early investor of this promising crypto, which, as things stand, will bring you huge gains already during this year!

By investing in DLANCE, you have a chance to achieve huge gains, and you can do that in a few simple steps by using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), or a credit card. Join the DeeLance (DLANCE) presale and take advantage of a presale price that will never be this good again!

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Until the situation with Ethereum is clarified, that is, until the effect of the Shapella upgrade on ETH can be seen a little more clearly, it would be wise to invest in some other crypto. Perhaps the wisest thing would be to opt for DeeLance (DLANCE), a new Web 3.0 cryptocurrency, that in 2023 shows the chance for even 30x more gains than ETH! If you are considering investing in DLANCE, we advise you to take that step as soon as possible, to take advantage of the opportunity and buy this promising crypto at the best price!