With so many different cryptocurrency projects hitting the market everyday, those that are able to succeed are the ones who are taking a different approach to their market. Of course, a unique concept all by itself won’t result in success, but it’s certainly a really good start.

Below, we take a look at 7 cryptos with unique concepts that will explode in 2023. These are all projects that are well worth taking a look at and investing in for big returns this year. The list is led by five new projects that are still in presale – Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (MET), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) and RobotEra (TARO).

7 Cryptos with Unique Concepts That Will Explode in 2023 – Quick Outline

Before we dive into the full details, he’s a quick outline of 7 cryptos with unique concepts that will explode in 2023:

  • Love Hate Inu – Disrupting the online survey market
  • DeeLance — Web3 freelancing and recruitment
  • Metropoly – Own a slice of luxury real estate
  • Ecoterra — Get rewarded for recycling
  • RobotEra — Create new worlds
  • 1inch — Aggregating decentralized exchanges
  • Aave — A leader in crypto lending

1. Love Hate Inu — Disrupting the Online Survey Market

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a new Vote-to-Earn meme coin that’s disrupting the online survey market. On the platform, users will be able to participate in polls about politics, entertainment and social issues, without the fear of being attacked or retaliated against online.

The platform is based on the blockchain, providing a great way to prevent against the polls being manipulated. And since all participants have to stake the $LHINU token to take part, it removes the possibility of spam accounts. Love Hate Inu is currently in presale, so hurry and buy now before another price increase comes with the next stage. 

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2. DeeLance — Web3 Freelancing and Recruitment

DeeLance (DLANCE) is a great new freelancing and recruitment platform that’s based on Web3. As a decentralized platform, it’s revolutionizing how freelancers are able to connect with potential employers. As a result of advanced technology – and the COVID-19 pandemic – freelancing and work-from-home has become a way of the world. But, until DeeLance, the platforms that connected freelancers with employers wasn’t that great.

Through the DLANCE platform, all freelance work is turned into digital NFTs. This helps ensure that recruiters get full ownership of the work they’re paying for, while also avoiding problems such as copyright violations and payments fraud. It’s a platform that’s truly going to change how people work.

DeeLance is in early stages of presale, but don’t rest on your laurels. Buy it now before you miss out on the low price.

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3. Metropoly — Own a Slice of Luxury Real Estate

Real estate has long been one of the best investments in the world, but it’s out of reach for most people … until now, that is. Metropoloy (MET) is a first-of-its-kind NFT marketplace that’s backed by real-world properties.

Through the platform, users can invest as little as $100 to own a slice of luxury real estate properties around the world. This allows them to invest in an asset class that’s long been taken advantage of by the rich and privileged, but now is available to the masses.

The Metropoloy presale is live now, but don’t wait any longer as it won’t be at this low price for much longer. 

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4. Ecoterra — Get Rewarded for Recycling

Ecoterra (ECOTERRA) is a new blockchain ecosystem that provides user rewards and company action on climate change. The all-in-one Recycle2Earn app features recycling tokens and ecology actions. It makes it rewarding for people to recycle, while also making it easier for manufacturers to connect with providers of recycled materials.

All around, Ecoterra is making the world a better place to live by incentivizing both sides of the recycling chain. It’s in presale now, but won’t be for much longer, with a price increase at each new stage. So, hurry and buy before you miss out.

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5. RobotEra — Create New Worlds

Users on RobotEra (TARO) can create entirely new worlds on the sandbox-like, planet-rebuilding metaverse. The truly immersive P2E gaming experience will be loads of fun for all users, and will give people complete control over the future of the platform.

By focusing on the quality of the game itself and not just the earning mechanics, the developers of RobotEra are separating it from other P2E games in the market. It’s currently in stage 2 of presale, so don’t delay any longer to invest in this unique metaverse crypto.

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6. 1inch — Aggregating Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are very popular, as they allow people to swap various cryptocurrencies for each other by connecting their crypto wallet. You don’t need to register an account, and there’s no one central authority managing the process.

1inch (1INCH) is an aggregator of these DEXs, allowing users to get the most out of your crypto. You can compare the price of hundreds of platforms instantly so you can make sure you get the best rate. They also have a program where you can earn interest by depositing into a liquidity pool.

7. Aave — A Leader in Crypto Lending

On Aave (AAVE), users are able to both lend and borrow cryptocurrency. By depositing on the platform, you can receive interest when you lend out your funds. There are many unique features to the platform, including the ability for borrowers to switch from variable to fixed interest rates, and vice versa. 

They offer what they call FlashLoans, where people can borrow money without collateral. It’s also a governance token, allowing holders to vote on the future of it.

Buy These Cryptos with Unique Concepts Now

The seven cryptos above all have unique concepts that will help fuel their explosive growth in 2023, helping to set them apart from the competition. The best of the lot are Love Hate Inu, DeeLance, Metropoly, Ecoterra and RobotEra.

It’s important you hurry and buy now, though, as all five of those crypto projects are currently in presale. They won’t be there for long, so don’t wait any longer or you’ll miss out on the best price.