Recently, workplace dynamics have changed around the world to the point where freelancing seems to be the future. However, the existing system suffers from slow payments, inadequate opportunities, high competition, and other problems. Luckily, all of this can be solved by a new Web 3.0-based decentralized freelancing and recruitment platform, DeeLance (DLANCE). 

DeeLance is the first web 3.0-based decentralized freelancing and recruitment platform, solving the problems of its counterparts. With its numerous unique features and ever-growing popularity, it is only a matter of time before DeeLance replaces the current alternatives. If all this is making you curious about how DeeLance will actually do it, then let’s take a deeper look into what it’s all about.

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Work Together in Web 3 Space with DeeLance


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As remote working opportunities grow and freelancing is at its peak, there are a number of platforms that help professionals find appropriate clients. Right now, the only freelancing opportunities that people receive are from Web 2 marketplaces like LinkedIn, Upwork, etc. Not only are these platforms plagued with various performance-related issues, but they also don’t prioritize faster payouts and lower fees. The need for a web3-based freelance and recruitment platform was long felt in the community. Keeping all this in mind, an expert team of Web 3.0 enthusiasts launched DeDeeLance, which is a decentralized freelance marketplace like no other.

The main goal of DeeLance is to provide a Web 3 freelancing platform that doesn’t have the flaws of the traditional systems and platforms that exist today. By that we mean, DeeLance is a –

  • Open to all
  • Safe and secure
  • Decentralized
  • Based on Web 3.0 tech

Metaverse-incorporated freelancing platform where freelancers do not have to deal with middlemen or intermediaries. Instead, DeeLance users will receive complete ownership of their work, lower fees, and instant payment in crypto. But there are many other benefits of switching to DeeLancer Web 3 freelancing platform such as;

  • A chance to sign up without giving any complex information.
  • Complete transparency and security due to being decentralized.
  • Record-low commission rate as compared to other freelancing sites.
  • Entering a unique metaverse where buyers interact with freelancers.
  • 24×7 customer care in the form of artificial intelligence chatbots.
  • Staff recruitment for easy talent hiring procedure.

Now that we have gained familiarity with the DeeLance platform and understand what it aims to do, it’s time to dig deeper. 

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5 Reasons DeeLance will be the leading freelancing platform soon

As a new launch and an ambitious emerging crypto project, investors cannot afford to lose this opportunity to buy in. Below are 5 reasons why losing out on DeeLance right now would be the most expensive mistake you ever make;

  1. Next-generation ecosystem

DeeLance’s ecosystem turns out to be a perfect fit for the next-generation technologies and opportunities. The best thing is that this Web 3 freelancing and recruitment platform is available to existing users. In this ecosystem, everyone can collaborate smartly and benefit from an NFT marketplace and Metaverse technology. Through all these features, the DeeLance ecosystem would revolutionize the way freelancers connect with clients.

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  1. Unique business model (PaaS)

Any crypto project is incomplete without a powerful business model, which is why DeeLance is powered by a unique business model. DeeLance can be described as a platform-as-a-service business whose ecosystem tokens have numerous activities. DeeLance is focusing on the tokenization of freelance products and adding more utilities for DLANCE (its native token), such as platform fees and transaction fees.

  1. Simplified recruitment in Metaverse

Staff recruitment has always been difficult and full of hassles for those involved. But DeeLance has brought a simplified version of it to its staff recruitment procedure. DeeLance gives you access to all job boards in one place, so you can identify the best talent sources. What’s more, you get to communicate with candidates in the metaverse to build mobile careers.

  1. Guaranteed low fees & quick payout

When you compare the client and freelancer fees of all the existing freelancing marketplaces with those of DeeLance, you’ll find that it has the lowest fee. With only 2% client fee and 10% freelancer fee, this web 3 freelancing platform is gaining reputation among interested individuals. Furthermore, to attract more talent to its ecosystem, DeeLance has kept its withdrawals free and instant (in crypto).

  1. Zero fraud staff recruitment

As mentioned earlier, the staff recruitment aspect of DeeLance has never existed before, but what makes this entire platform so great is its security assurance. As a decentralized platform, DeeLance offers on-chain KYC, which helps to avoid bad actors and reduce the number of frauds. No other alternative employs this strategy to keep fraud in check. DeeLance also maintains optimum transparency to facilitate quick crypto payments.

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DeeLance Presale Progress – Buy DLANCE Before It’s Gone

From the aforementioned 5 reasons, we have understood how lucrative it is to invest in DeeLance. But in case you need a little more convincing, take a look at the tremendous pace of its ongoing presale. As of now, the native token of DeeLance, called DLANCE, is available to buy with USDT. 

Investors and future Web3 freelancers have less than 11 days to get DLANCE at the cheapest price. Because once this presale phase is over, the individual price of DLANCE will increase and keep rising till the completion of the presale. The current launch price of the DeeLance token is much less than what it would be in a few days.

Wrapping up

There are numerous reasons for getting interested in and investing in DeeLance. This ambitious project is destined to grow massively by giving global freelancers a decentralized approach to safe, transparent, and unbiased work opportunities. So hurry up and visit the official website to buy DLANCE at the earliest.