With climate change persisting and rising over the years, there’s an ever-growing demand for a solution to help incentivize individuals and businesses to do as much as they can to aid in slowing down the process of polluting the environment. Fortunately, this is where EcoTerra kicks in and shines.

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EcoTerra is the first Recycle-to-Earn blockchain-based ecosystem developed to reward users and empower companies while taking action against climate change.

The platform incorporates various applications and marketplaces, building a strong and unified system to encourage stakeholders in their combat against climate change.

By scanning items on the EcoTerra app, users can earn $ECOTERRA while recycling items. Once earned, app users can hold, stake, or spend $ECOTERRA on ecological activities.

Let’s see why this eco-crypto project has a massive potential of offering 300% gains for investors in 2023.

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EcoTerra – Overview

Although many climate enterprises have come forward to build awareness around environmental changes and their consequences, only some have captured mainstream attention.

However, we need more than just a few numbers, notifications, and pics to contribute to climate action.

In short, Ecoterra is a blockchain-based platform that individuals and companies can use to contribute to the struggle against climate change.

The Ecoterra’s team wants the public to see the significance of recycling through green education initiatives and incentivize them to participate actively in recycling. For example, users of the Ecoterra app will be rewarded every time they recycle. For this, they receive Ecoterra tokens through the Recycle2Earn system.

Ecoterra aims to enable recycling and product companies to interact with each other and stimulate a circular product life cycle. In order to achieve this, the platform will provide a shared marketplace where recycling companies can trade raw materials, and product companies can buy them to make new goods.

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EcoTerra – The Structure of Its Ecosystem

The EcoTerra project consists of four fundamental components.

Recycle2Earn application

You can earn Ecoterra tokens for each item you recycle. As a result, you can either hold, stake, or spend tokens on various ecological activities, such as ocean or beach cleanups, tree planting, or supporting green energy projects worldwide.

The platform tracks all climate actions and adds them to the user’s profile, which yields achievements and NFTs.

Carbon offset marketplace

The carbon-offset marketplace allows users and companies to offset carbon through projects using Ecoterra tokens. For each ton of carbon you offset, an individual or a company will earn points added to their impact profile as achievements.

Later, one can convert those achievements into NFTs once a target is reached.

Recycled materials marketplace

Ecoterra joins companies and recyclers together through the Ecoterra recycled marketplace. 

In this marketplace, companies can search for the recycled materials they need, such as plastic, aluminum, or glass. In addition, they can also connect with recyclers, place orders, and make payments using Ecoterra tokens.

Impact trackable profile

Companies can use impact trackable profiles to purchase impact packages consisting of different types of materials from users to mitigate the adverse effects of production. 

It increases companies’ exposure by showcasing their actions in their impact profile and obtains valuable data about user profiles and behavior.

You can track your impact profile using a link or QR code.

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What Makes EcoTerra Different from Other Similar Eco Projects? 

Regardless of where you live, EcoTerra is open to more than just a few countries. Moreover, as long as the country utilizes Reverse Vending Machines, its Recycle2Earn system will be compatible.

For businesses who would like to embrace the circular economy, EcoTerra provides:

  • crucial data about user behavior
  • tracks all their sustainable actions within the ecosystem and showcases them through their distinct profile.

Ecoterra has also partnered with Delhaize (Lion), one of the largest supermarket chains operating in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Ecoterra also gladly welcomes all types of businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises, or large corporations. Many companies are pledging to fight climate change and advocate for climate justice.

Users have the option to purchase EcoTerra’s token using both crypto and fiat, with the future ability to stake and earn.

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The EcoTerra Presale is Live

The presale is currently in the first stage, providing you with the perfect opportunity to get in at what could be the lowest prices possible.

The presale is selling the Ecoterra token for a price of 0.004$. Once the presale hits stage two, the price will increase to 0.00475$.

The native token, $ECOTERRA, will be the platform’s primary transaction and reward token and will be used in all of the products in the ecosystem.

This project is still in the very early stages, meaning that there is a lot to look forward to, and you can grab it at a lower price. 

After the first presale stage, the team will focus on marketing and advertising, registration for Recycle2Earn, the development of its carbon offset marketplace, and more.

The platform’s smart contracts have undergone security and KYC checks by CertiK and are 100% secure and verified.

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Wrap up

EcoTerra is demonstrating to the industry how decentralized technology can be utilized to enhance the world and serve as a model for teams.

Projects and platforms like Ecoterra will undoubtedly play a huge role in how this trend develops. Therefore, crypto enthusiasts should look to the project and its presale to get in early on this new potential eco-crypto project.

EcoTerra is a serious crypto project with real-life utility and use case, which is based on Web 3 technology and the Recycle2Earn system. 

It has morphed the GameFi concept into a Recycle2Earn product which steers the world in a more environmentally sustainable direction. 

Considering that EcoTerra is still in the very early stages, we can expect big things to come out of this project soon as the project evolves and becomes more popular. However, the sooner you join in, the cheaper you can get $ECOTERRA. 

Therefore, don’t miss out on this great opportunity because this new eco-crypto project is set for 300% gains in 2023.