There is growing excitement in the meme coin space, captivating crypto fans and traders worldwide. Love Hate Inu, a new meme coin, is poised to become the next best coin to invest in the market in 2023.

Since its entry in mid-March 2023, Love Hate Inu has raised over $2 million in its presale event, with more milestones to smash in the coming weeks. This success has not skipped the notice of crypto investors as they anticipate more price gains in the future.

This post provides interesting details regarding Love Hate Inu, a new voting platform. Thus, it will spur you to invest in this top meme coin and enjoy massive gains in the future.

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Love Hate Inu: A Top Contender Ahead of Dogecoin and Shiba Inu

Likely you have heard about meme coins, especially Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. These meme coins have gained popularity through past bull/bear cycles and have earned their spots in the top 20 cryptos.

Despite their successes, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are not backed by real-world utilities which can offer more price gains and market dominance. Instead, they thrive on community support, celebrity hypes, and an eventual bull run.

Well, greener times are here, sure to provide better gains and utility. Love hate Inu is the new meme coin in town, ready to offer the best utility in the space. This feature will undoubtedly rank it higher than other meme coins in the market.

Love Hate Inu combines fun and real-world use cases into one convenient package so that users can have the best experience on the platform. Let’s consider features of Love Hate Inu that are not worth missing out on.

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Love Hate Inu is The World’s First Vote-To-Earn Crypto Platform

In setting a pace from the rest of the meme coins, Love Hate Inu is a decentralized platform that invites users to share their views and opinions about any societal issue. By implementing vote-to-earn in its platform, users can express their views through voting and get paid in crypto for doing so.

Love Hate Inu is set to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar survey industry by utilizing blockchain technology on its voting platforms. Blockchain technology ensures that the voting process is tamper-proof and secure. It also provides anonymity while ensuring fair rewards distribution among users.

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Love Hate Inu’s Voting Mechanism

The platform allows you to participate in polls, in which you can vote anonymously and share opinions freely without fear or prejudice. To fully participate in these polls, you must stake Love Hate Inu’s native tokens, $LHINU, for at least 30 days on the platform.

This staking mechanism secures the system against spammers or cyber criminals seeking to alter the results. After the 30-day staking period, you earn voting power to participate in polls and earn rewards. You can make more voting power when you stake longer and increase your token holdings.

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Love Hate Inu Puts The Community First In Its Tokenomics

Great tokenomics make for viable projects, and Love Hate Inu aims to follow that path. Love Hate Inu has a fixed mass supply of 100 billion LHINU tokens, significantly less than Dogecoin and Shiba Inu.

Interestingly, it supplies 90% of its tokens to the community via presale. This fair distribution of 90 billion for the community eliminates the possibility of a rug pull, where developers run off with funds and dump tokens on its investors. The remaining 10% will serve as voting rewards.

Also, the community will have access to their funds and have a share in creating polls and voting on them to earn rewards. Love Hate Inu is certainly community-centric as it aims to be the future of polling.

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Love Hate Inu Presale Event is Live

Love Hate Inu has been impressive so far in the crypto space, and its presale attests to that. It runs its presale event in eight stages and has raised over $2 million. Each stage offers an increment of $0.000005 and allocates 12.5% of its 90 billion tokens.

However, as it is halfway through, more investors hope to partake in the Love Hate Inu presale. Later, there will be possible exchange announcements by the LHINU team. Thus, it will spur investors to get involved in this simple voting project and enjoy better price gains.

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Final Thoughts: Join the Future of Polling by Investing in Love Hate Inu

Many crypto experts dub Love Hate Inu as the king of meme coins, surpassing the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and others. It delivers a novelty approach to earning, employs blockchain technology and staking mechanism against spam attacks, and puts its community first.

These features will undoubtedly make Love Hate Inu excel in the market this year and subsequent ones. So, it would be best not to miss out on its cheap token sales in its ongoing presale. You can purchase Love Hate Inu using Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Binance Coin (BNB).

Do not let this lifetime opportunity pass you by; join the Love Hate Inu investment train and prepare for greener times.