Tamadoge ($TAMA) is an ecosystem that has kept attracting attention ever since its presale achieved enormous success. After four arcade games that have already won the hearts of the players, the team behind Tamadoge has one more exciting piece of news – the 5th arcade game has been launched! The goals from the planned roadmap for Tamadoge are slowly becoming a reality. 

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Tama Run – The 5th Tamadoge Arcade Game

Tamadoge just released its new arcade game called Tama Run. While the ghosts, ghouls, and devils haunt them, the players will need to perform the best they can to avoid them. The haunted graveyard will surely give the players many challenges to meet and overcome. 

The sprint will be crucial for saving your life in the metaverse. Success during the game will bring points and help the players to climb up the leaderboard. The higher the place on the leaderboard, the bigger the rewards will be, which is a great incentive for the players to be the best they can be.

The players who want to try out this game can choose free practice mode and then move on to the play2earn version if they want. In this case, the players will need to buy credits. There are three types of NFTs that the players will be able to use: common, rare, and ultra-rare. Each of these NFTs brings various strength attributes and skills, improving the chances of success throughout the game. 

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The success of Tamadoge Arcade Games is enormous

There are four Tamadoge arcade games that are already favorites among players. The success of these games is obvious because the number of purchased credits exceeds 80k. There are more than 17k monthly active users and more than 270k $TAMA paid to the players that climbed up the leaderboard. The CEO of Tamadoge, Jon Bishop, expressed satisfaction with the launch of all the games when planned because it clearly shows how thorough the whole plan is. For the players who missed the news about the launched Tamadoge arcade games, here they are:

  • Tama Blast
  • Rocket Doge
  • To The Moon
  • Super Doge

The players will be able to prepare and explore these games so that they will be completely ready once the Tamadoge AR (augmented reality) app is finished. With AR technology, the players will get to enjoy the full scale of Tamadoge features. This means that the players will get to enjoy nurturing the pets 24/7 and enjoy their company in a mixed reality world. The best thing about this is that the players won’t need a headset to enter the Tamaverse. They will only need an app on their smartphone that they can access anytime.

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How does the Tamadoge ecosystem work?

The Tamadoge team has thought of everything since the ultimate goal is to have satisfied players ready to come back for more. Each one of the games we have mentioned has a prize pool for the players and a leaderboard that will show the best players. The prize pool isn’t fixed – it resets every week. This means that every week there is a chance to win the prize and achieve better results than before. The competitions for the prize pool close every week one minute before midnight on Wednesdays. 

The players will need to own a few credits in order to enter the competition. There are a few packages available to players:

  • 100 credits – 600 TAMA
  • 500 credits – 2400 TAMA
  • 1,500 credits – 6000 TAMA

Regarding the prize pool distribution, half goes to the winners, 10% gets directed to the staking pool, and the rest gets used for game development and marketing. The best thing of all is that every player gets a share, which means that no one will be left out. The distribution is very straightforward, so 40% of the prize pool will be given to the player who ends up first on the leaderboard. The next player will get 20%, while the third will get 10%. On the other hand, landing on places between 4th and 10th will bring 1%, while any places from 11th to 20th means getting 0.5%. The rest will receive equal parts of the remaining 18%. 

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ByBit Listing is confirmed

The listings are the most important after a successful presale. $TAMA is currently listed on fifteen CEX (centralized exchanges) and DEX (decentralized exchanges). Some of the exchanges where investors can find the $TAMA tokens are Uniswap, OKX, Gate.io, and many others. The Tamadoge team has now confirmed the listing on ByBit, the exchange that is currently in 5th place among the other crypto exchanges, according to coinmarketcap.com. 

There is more exciting news because the people who vote for $TAMA on ByBit, sign up for the exchange, or make a deposit for the first time can get $TAMA tokens worth $50. It is important to mention that the deposit must be worth $100 and come in the form of these stablecoins: USDT, USDD, USDC, CUSD, BUSD, and DAI. This prize can be a great way to begin your investing journey, so make sure you make the most of it! 

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As the number of exchanges where $TAMA is listed grows, its exposure will keep increasing. Consequently, we can expect its price to go up, affected by the demand. There will certainly be more exciting news in the days to come, so make sure you get your $TAMA tokens before their price pumps!