Fight Out, the sports Play-2-Earn metaverse game will wrap up its mega-successful presale in 2 days.

Fight Out has so far raised over $5.9 million in its presale, and less than six days remain before this train-2-earn crypto hits the first exchanges.  

On April 5th, at 9:00 AM UTC, Fight Out will list at LBANK Exchange. Moreover, listings at BKEX Global, XT, and Uniswap will happen simultaneously.

Fight Out currently offers a 67% of bonus when you join the presale and buy the FGHT tokens. So hurry up and grab some tokens for yourself as experts believe Fight Out will be one of the most successful P2E games because of its unique approach to sports and fitness. 

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The best Train-2-Earn game in the niche

Train-2-Earn games have been available on the market for a while but only gained popularity with the release of Fight Out.

Unlike other cryptos in the niche, Fight Out focuses on rewarding users with great rewards. Fitness enthusiasts can buy fitness or nutritional courses or even home gym equipment with the rewards they get from Fight Out. Other prizes include cosmetics for avatars, consultations with personal trainers, subscriptions, and more.

Also, Fight Out does not focus on counting your steps like other Train-2-Earn cryptos. Instead, the project focuses on various training and challenges to help you stay fit and improve your physicality. 

One of the core strengths of Fight Out is the community platform where users can share their progress and achievements. They can also track the progress of their peers, engage in conversations, share and receive advice, and more.

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The perfect combination of the metaverse, Play-2-Earn, and Train-2-Earn

Fight Out is more than a sports Play 2 Earn game. With the perfect combination of the metaverse, Train-2-Earn, and Play-2-Earn, Fight Out gives you everything you need to stay healthy and improve your avatar.

When you register to the Fight Out platform, you get an avatar that is your representation in the digital world. The avatars are the core of Fight Out, as they represent users’ progress in real life and open a whole level of new possibilities in the digital world. When you compete and complete challenges, your avatar will improve and earn rewards.

Here is how the process works:

  1. Train to earn REPS or rewards
  2. Use REPS to upgrade your avatar stats
  3. Compete with your avatar in the metaverse and earn FGHT tokens
  4. Exchange FGHT tokens for fiat currency, or use them to buy rewards.

Many games are available for users, including solo, team PvP, leagues, tournaments, and more.

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What is next for Fight Out?

After the presale, Fight Out will launch the limited edition of the fighter NFTs, the website, and the FGHT staking platform. Q2 of 2023 is reserved for the app launch, NFT avatar, and the first pro-fighter workout launches.

The second half of 2023 is reserved for the launches of the first NFT cosmetics, more content, and in-app features. Lastly, Fight Out plans to develop the gaming ecosystem further with the releases of the in-app marketplace, challenges for REPS, PVP contests, and the P2E ecosystem.

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Fight Out Price Prediction 2023-2030

Experts predict Fight Out could pump to $0.02 after going live on exchanges. By the end of the year, the FGHT token could trade at around $0.5.

One of the crucial factors that will impact Fight Out’s price prediction is the adoption of the project. If Fight Out manages to create demand and attract users, it can pump exponentially by 2025. Taking this into consideration, Fight Out should trade between $1 and $1.5 by 2025.

When looking long-term, Fight Out’s success will mostly depend on the situation in the broader crypto market. If the project adapts to the changes, the FGHT price could go up to $3.80.

Here is an overview of the potential highs and lows Fight Out could reach.

YearPotential HighPotential Low

To sum up, here is what impacts the Fight Out price:

  • Mass adoption of the Fight Out platform 
  • Updates to the project, news, and announcements related to Fight Out
  • The performance on the broader crypto market and investors’ sentiment toward crypto.
  • Community support for the project.
  • Project roadmap and the Fight Out team’s ability to execute the project’s vision. 

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Buy Fight Out at a lower price while you still can!

Without any doubt, Fight Out is one of the best metaverse Play 2 Earn projects you can invest in now. The project has terrific price predictions and a bright future. Experts agree Fight Out will pump exponentially after the CEX listings. 

Early investors already see gains from their investments, but their rewards will be higher when Fight Out hits exchanges.

And you can earn great rewards as well if you visit the Fight Out website and invest in the project before it hits exchanges in two days!

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