One glance at the numbers, and you instantly see just how difficult it is to get ahead on YouTube. Buying social signals can be one of the quickest and easiest ways to build a successful presence if you get it right. The question is – which are the best sites to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers? Which are as safe and effective as the real thing?

Making your voice heard among 2.2 billion active YouTube users isn’t easy. YouTube isn’t just one of the world’s most influential social media platforms. It is also the second biggest search engine on Earth, handling almost as many queries each day as Google. Hence, anyone looking to make things happen on YouTube needs to find a viable way to stand out from the crowd.

This is where buying views, likes, and subscribers could give you the upper hand. In order to become popular on YouTube, you need to look popular in the first place. Something that can be achieved quickly and affordably with social signals like these.

But which YouTube engagement specialists can you trust to set you up with 100% authentic social signals?

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views, Likes, and Subscribers

Having put a long list of YT engagement brands through their paces, we’ve compiled a shortlist of the three best in the business.

Each of the following came through where it mattered most, in terms of product quality, value for money, and general all-round performance:

1. Media Mister

First up, Media Mister has been a renowned name on the YouTube engagement scene for over a decade. By far the best site to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers that are 100% real, Media Mister covers all sales with a reassuring money-back guarantee. You also get the promise of non-drop products with a high retention rate, backed by a 60-day initial retention warranty.

If you aim your content at a defined target audience in a specific region, Media Mister offers real views from more than 50 geo-targeted regions worldwide. Just a few examples of which include the USA, the UK, Arab countries, France, Germany, Egypt & Morocco, Nigeria & Ghana, and views from an evenly distributed worldwide audience. You can also buy YouTube likes from a list of geo-targeted markets, covering the full spectrum of likes on YouTube – Video likes, Comment likes, Community Post likes, and so on.

The various types of YouTube views available at Media Mister include but are not limited to Normal Views, High Retention Views, YouTube Premier Waiting Hours Views, Livestream Views, Shorts Views, Google AdSense Views, and more.

Price-wise, the cheapest packages available at Media Mister start from less than $5.00. You can pick up 1,000 guaranteed authentic views for as little as $16.00, while 5,000 will set you back less than $80.00. A package of 500 likes is priced at a low $77.00, while 100 real subscribers (active and authentic) can be added to your channel for less than $20.00.

All in all, unbeatable value for money and by far the most authentic social signal available on the web right now.


  • Active YouTube Subscribers
  • Views and Likes from Real Users
  • Country Targeted Option
  • Drip Feed Delivery Time
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Responsive Customer Support
  • Secure Website


  • No Free Trial Available

Buy YouTube Subscribers From

2. GetAFollower

Another great place to head for legit social signals, GetAFollower offers an equally broad range of real and active engagement boosters for YouTube. Arguably the best place to buy YouTube likes from real people, GetAFollower combines low prices with fast delivery and a 60-day refill guarantee. Just a few of the different types of likes you can buy at GetAFollower include Video likes, comment likes, Shorts likes, and many more besides.

Anyone looking to buy YouTube subscribers  from real and active users will find plenty on offer at GetAFollower, with a wide variety of bundles available to suit all budgets. Prices start from less than $20.00, and there are affordable options available right up to a massive 1 million YouTube views. 50 likes will set you back as little as $9.00, or you can boost your channel with 50 active subscribers for just $10.00. They even offer specialist followers within the NFT niche at equally low prices.

Coupled with outstanding customer support and a refund guarantee on every order, GetAFollower sets a high standard on the YouTube engagement scene. A great place to buy YouTube subscribers, views, and likes in complete confidence, with high-quality services and rock-bottom prices guaranteed.


  • High Quality Views, Likes and Subscribers
  • Wide Range of Options
  • Refill Guarantee
  • No Password Required
  • Live Chat Support


  • No 24/7 Customer Support

3. Buy Real Media

Last but not least comes Buy Real Media – perhaps the best place to buy YouTube subscribers (and other services) is looking to spend as little as possible. You can buy legit YouTube views, likes, and so much more at Buy Real Media, starting from an insanely low $2.00. This is just about as cheap as real and active social signals get, which also come with the promise of a high retention rate and a sensible delivery speed.

Buy Real Media offers a particularly long list of geo-targeted social signals, which can be great for influencing audiences in specific global territories. You can purchase YouTube subscribers, likes, and views from dozens of major global markets, which are just as cheap as their standard social signals.

As for pricing, you can pick up 500 authentic YouTube subscribers for just $90.00, while their country-targeted subscribers start from as little as $5.00. As mentioned above, you can also put them to the test with an order for 10 YouTube comment likes for just $2.00 if you are looking to see how they perform when put to the test.

Topped off with fantastic customer support, Buy Real Media is a great place to head for an affordable yet permanent YouTube performance boost.


  • Legit YouTube Engagements
  • Wide Range of Likes Options
  • Easy to Use Website
  • Affordable Prices
  • 60 Days Retention Guarantee


  • New to the Field

The Benefits of Buying YouTube Engagements

Buying YouTube likes, views, and subscribers enables you to fast-track the benefits of accumulating them organically. These are the kinds of social signals you need (and in high numbers) to make things happen on YouTube.

When you check out a channel or video on YouTube, what’s the first thing you look for? The answer is, of course, evidence of popularity, engagement, and appeal. You look at how many people have watched the video, how many likes it has earned, and how many subscribers its creator has. Unless the numbers paint a positive picture, you’re unlikely to be hooked by what’s on offer.

To purchase social signals is to make an important investment in the credibility and appeal of everything you do on YouTube. When you buy YouTube likes, views, and subscribers, you completely transform the way your content and your channel look to other users.

Importantly, social signals also carry major weight with the YouTube algorithm. If you want people to find your content (and your channel) in the first place, you need to show YouTube that you are worth recommending. The more likes, views, and subscribers you have, the more visibility you benefit from on YouTube.

How to Buy YouTube Views, Likes, and Subscribers?

Placing an order for YouTube views, likes, and subscribers is pretty straightforward. After verifying the quality and authenticity of what’s on offer, you simply need to select the product you need and the quantity you would like to order and submit the URL of your video/channel when prompted.

You may also have the option of choosing from a range of geo-targeted markets, which can be useful if looking to influence a specific global audience with your content.

Under no circumstances should you be asked to share any of your passwords or log in credentials, as they are not necessary to deliver products like these. After receiving confirmation of your order, you should begin seeing the first of your social signals being delivered within a few hours.

How Can I Monetize My YouTube Channel Faster?

It is practically impossible to make money on YouTube without a decent number of subscribers and plenty of viewers. 

If your goal is to join the YouTube Partner Program, you will need a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 public watch hours in the last 12 months. Both of these can be purchased at an affordable price from a reputable YouTube engagement specialists mentioned above.

Once your channel has been monetized, the amount of money you can make will be directly tied to the size of your audience and how many real people watch your videos. Purchasing social signals can be great for kick-starting your YouTube journey, but you will still need to work on the quality of your output to generate meaningful revenues.


Tracking down the best sites to buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers can be surprisingly straightforward. You simply need to focus on what matters most when shopping for social signals online.

Product quality, authenticity, safety, discretion, privacy, and value for money – are all equally important when purchasing engagement products for YouTube.

You should avoid the fake social signals from spam (bot) accounts. The only safe and effective social signals you can buy are those that are 100% legit. Either they are identical to organic social signals, or they are not worth buying – it really is as simple as that.

Each of the three sellers outlined above guarantees nothing but 100% legit products from real people with active and authentic YouTube accounts. All three come highly recommended, having built equally strong track records over the course of several years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Buy Subscribers on YouTube?

Yes, you can buy as many YouTube subscribers as you need to boost your channel from the three sellers outlined above. Each of which guarantees nothing but 100% real and active YouTube subscribers, which are identical to the real thing. Along with boosting the credibility of your channel, buying subscribers can be a great way to influence the YouTube algorithm.

Is It Illegal to Buy YouTube Views and Subscribers?

No – it is not illegal to buy YouTube views, subscribers and any other social signals. If the promotional products you buy are real (sourced from active and authentic members of the YouTube community), they are perfectly safe and permitted. YouTube simply prohibits the use of fake (bot) accounts to generate spam social signals.

Where Can I Buy Real YouTube Views?

All three of the social media engagement specialists detailed above guarantee 100% real YouTube views. This means that every view comes from a real and active user in a normal way, making them identical to organic views. Buying views can instantly and permanently enhance the appeal of your content, making it much easier to build a successful presence on YouTube.

Can YouTube Detect Fake Views?

Yes, which is why it is essential to avoid fake views at all costs. Fake views from spam accounts (bots) are easy to detect and could lead to the suspension of your channel. The only views that are safe to buy are those that come from real people and are performed in the normal way. Authentic views like these are just as safe and effective as the real thing.