In the history of cryptocurrencies, very few projects have caused a stir during their presale phase like Fight Out has. Since day one, this unique play-to-earn (P2E) project has been on the radar of both new and veteran crypto investors. Once the presale launched, a majority of P2E fans and crypto enthusiasts flocked to support Fight Out and bought FGHT via presale.

But now that this presale is in its final stage, the race to buy more FGHT is fiercer than ever. On March 31, the Fight Out presale will be over, and the preparations for the first CEX listing will begin. As of the time of writing, Fight Out has managed to raise more than $5.8 million to bring a revolution to Web 3.0 gaming. 

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Why Should You Buy Fight Out (FGHT) before Presale Ends?

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The Fight Out presale has been no less than an experience in a long time for novice and experienced crypto investors. Fight Out is the only play-to-earn crypto project to allow users to compete and earn rewards in the Fight Out gaming ecosystem. But the core concept of Fight Out is not the only reason people are buying it. Here are a few reasons why you should buy FGHT before the presale ends.

  • Preparing Web 2 players for Web 3 games:

The team behind Fight Out has a dream of giving Web 2 players the opportunity to access Web 3 games. The technical hindrance separating Web 2 users and Web 3 projects is huge. Therefore, the Fight Out gaming ecosystem was built to mend the situation and serve as a bridge. With Fight Out, Web 3 games may realize mass market adoption.

  • Prioritizes active training and real-life achievement

Despite generating a profitable passive income, P2E projects have suffered a negative stigma that it affects players’ health. Perhaps this is why Fight Out is built around a training model and features a fun and rewarding game that promotes a healthy lifestyle for users. The platform isn’t only a bridge between Web 2 players and Web 3 games but also a training ground.

  • The Fight Out play-to-earn gaming ecosystem

The entire ecosystem of Fight Out is built around rewarding players for their hard work because the core team believes in such experiences. Anything such as winning achievements and making contributions in the community can incentivize you in the Fight Out ecosystem. This game continues to motivate players to properly train and unlock rewards through the gaming experience.

  • A wide range of incentives for users

When you train within the game of Fight Out, the in-game currency you receive is REPS. This particular currency is only earned by completing an achievement and can be used to upgrade your avatar’s stats and appearance. Furthermore, the native token FGHT which is being sold via presale, has multiple use cases both inside and outside of the Fight Out gaming ecosystem.

  • NFT aspect of Fight Out with Souldband avatar

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

What makes Fight Out a brilliant investment opportunity in the crypto market is its NFT aspect, which takes the form of NFT avatars. Fight Out allows the participants of this ecosystem to mint their own NFT avatar when they create an account. This is not a digital avatar that mimics one’s appearance but a soulbound character that represents the user’s progress and achievements.

  • $FGHT Utility and Unique Tokenomics

Fight Out tokenomics as it splits the total number of $FGHT into four separate pools, totaling 10 billion tokens. During the ongoing presale, the project will sell a total of 13.5% of FGHT tokens, some of it will be rewarded to early purchasers. After raising a total of $15m during the presale, Fight Out will launch its first game.

  • Presale bonuses of purchasing before listing

The best reason to buy a FGHT token while its presale is still underway is to benefit from a 67% presale bonus. This means that any early purchaser who bought even a single FGHT token can receive up to 67% of their purchase. According to the official Fight Out whitepaper, there will be a vesting period for FGHT tokens as well. During this, users who vest their tokens for 3 months or more to receive up to 42% bonus

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FGHT Presale Ending this Week – What to Expect?

Due to the aforementioned reasons, we can see a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) taking control of the market. To avoid this, it is safer to purchase FGHT tokens before the last day of presale is upon us. Apart from the benefits we have discussed, what’s driving crypto investors to rush into the FGHT presale is the upcoming CEX listing campaign.

As we know, Fight Out has already found substantial supporters in the form of LBank Labs and FireBlocks, and CEX listings are imminent. Once FGHT tokens are sold out from the presale, their individual prices will skyrocket when they list on a well-known CEX. This is why it’s so important to buy FGHT right now to see a 10x or even 100x ROI.

This is most likely the last chance to buy a FGHT token at such a low price. Because once this token secures a listing on a centralized exchange and becomes available for buying/selling, then it will never be this affordable again. Crypto experts are eyeing an even better forecast for P2E projects in the near future. In light of all this, the success of Fight Out is forthcoming, and buying now would ensure that early purchasers get the most benefit out of the CEX listing that happens next week.

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Bottom line

In the crypto market, nobody can predict the future and make a safe choice based on it. This is why it’s better to focus on cryptos in presale that are making waves in the present and have a bright future. Fight Out is one such P2E crypto whose presale is ending in less than 3 days, giving you plenty of time to buy now and receive various benefits.