C+Charge, the P2P blockchain payment system for EV drivers, has raised over $3.35 million during its presale in record time, with only three days left to participate.

Investors are rushing to fill their portfolios with CCHG, especially after the latest news that the platform has partnered with The Recharge, one of South Korea’s leading electric charging networks.

This will further improve C+Charge’s payment system and it will have a significant impact on its post-presale price, with some analysts expecting over 50x gains.

Let’s get into the details.

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Staking Partnership with The Recharge Opens Up South Korea Charging Market Opportunities

Due to these recent developments, CCHG holders will be able to stake tokens by leveraging carbon credit swaps, while The Recharge will also give the platform access to Korea’s robust charging infrastructure.

South Korea’s charging infrastructure is one of the leaders in technology adoption and they have influence in many areas aside from electric vehicles, allowing C+Charge to also enter new market segments.

Notably, The Recharge utilizes several advanced blockchains – from Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to Solana and HiobiEco. The Recharge’s native token can be found on BitMart, Digifinex, KuSwap, and MEXC.

What’s also important is that The Recharge shares C+Charge’s noble mission of helping the environment and reducing carbon footprints. One of its recent initiatives was minting an NFT collection “Neon Car”, that should help C+Charge’s sustainability in the future EV space.

C+Charge’s spokesperson talked about the partnership and said that “our partnership with The Recharge is very strategic for the platform, as it achieves our goal of supporting staking before our launch on March 31st. 

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“The added benefit and one that is synergistic for C+Charge is that The Recharge incorporates carbon credit earnings into its staking program, aligning with our vision and providing token holders the opportunity to earn extra sustainable rewards.”

He goes on to explain that Recharge’s large Korean network is another step forward in making C+Charge a global eco solution.

The spokesperson ended the statement by mentioning that the “C+Charge team is working overtime towards securing as many partnerships as possible, and we look forward to sharing more updates as we approach the big day on the 31st!”

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Less Than 3 Days Left Until the Presale Ends – Get CCHG on a Discount

C+Charge functions as a P2P crypto payment system that leverages carbon credits and its native CCHG token. The CCHG token will be used as a primary form of payment for EV drivers. CCHG runs on the BNB Smart Chain and is a BEP20 token.

Because the token utilizes a proof-of-stake (POS) system, it has a drastically smaller energy footprint and doesn’t have to rely on disastrous computational work to verify blocks and transactions.

There’s also a mobile app in progress that EV owners can use to find the nearest CCHG stations and see whether there’s a waiting line.

When they charge their vehicles, the drivers will be rewarded with carbon credits that can later be transformed into NFTs or spent in eco-fashion. This is the first-ever system that works like this.

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We are currently in the eighth and final presale stage, with CCHG priced at $0.0235. According to industry analysts, this is probably the last time we’ll see it priced this low.

Investors are rapidly purchasing the last remaining tokens to maximize their profit potential before CCHG gets listed on the BitMart exchange on March 31st.

And there’s more good news – the burning event will take place after the presale is over for the unsold token amount (appx. 80 million) in stages 4 to 7. This will have a huge impact on CCHG scarcity and affect the project’s long-term price.

When the presale initially began at the start of February, C+Charge disclosed a total supply of 1 billion tokens. As a reminder, presale buyers won’t face any vesting periods.

If you bought CCHG at $0.013 during the first stage, your holdings will be valued at a premium of 80% once the presale ends, even before the BitMart listing.

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The Verdict

Despite the rough economic landscape around the globe, one of the industries that are still relentlessly growing is the eco industry.

C+Charge is looking to capitalize on this by creating a state-of-the-art payment platform that incentivizes EV drivers and democratizes the entire carbon market.

Due to its noble goals and huge positive influence on the environment, eco-organizations worldwide are supporting it, while investor confidence is at an all-time high.

If you want to be among the early investors that see major profits (30-50x) once the presale ends, there’s not much time to waste – get in now and profit later!