The Swords of Blood presale is finally underway, allowing investors to get exposure to the AAA-rated hack-and-slash role-playing game ready to change the dynamics of the play-to-earn sector forever. 

Swords of Blood Presale is Finally Underway

The Swords of Blood presale is open, with the first stage of the presale selling the native token, $SWDTKN, for a price of 0.054 USDT. This is the best time to get involved in the presale, as the first stage presents the lowest price possible to invest. Furthermore, those that invest in these stages are more than likely going to exit the presale with profit to the bank once the token launches on tier-1 exchanges. 

The $SWDTKN will be the fuel that drives the Swords of Blood economy. It will be used to pay for all the platform’s fines, fees, and rewards. Adding further to its utility, $SWDTKN will also be required by players to get past certain hero levels and advance further in the game. Players can also use the token to trade commodities, characters, and skins on the marketplace. 

Hack-and-Slash RPG Bringing Something Different to Crypto

Swords of Blood is an AAA-quality hack-and-slash role-playing game ready to ignite the GameFi sector with a new earning mechanism called Play-to-Own. Instead of attracting players looking to earn, the team wants to attract players there because they genuinely enjoy the game. The immersive game can boast flashy combat mechanics, impressive graphics, and various game modes to make it appealing to most gamers. 

The game takes a similar theme to the legendary Diablo franchise. In the game, players can become fearless dungeon crawlers, bounty-hunting battle mages, or mighty warriors as they embark on a quest to grind for loot and rare equipment. In addition, players are able to craft epic gear for weapons of magic and iron and master a wide variety of weapons as they build devastating attack combinations in the hack-and-slash experience. 

The team is on a mission to be a gateway into Web3 gaming for traditional gamers. They want to make the platform as accessible to everybody as possible by removing all of the hurdles players have to go through to get started with Web3 gaming. For example, when a user signs up for the game, the platform creates a custodial wallet through Stardust, allowing them to buy and sell tokens. Therefore, players do not need to create their own wallets outside the game. 

Surrounded by an In-Depth Lore and Huge Player Base

The game is surrounded by incredible in-depth lore, which is set in the World of Ezura. Unfortunately, the world has become a place of violence, betrayal, and cunning evil ever since the Dragon Betrayer waged war and eliminated the Bladebound Order sworn to protect Ezura. 

After 1000 years of darkness, the eternal goddess, Sentinel, revived the last of the Bladebound Order in an attempt to bring peace back to Ezura. It’s up to the players to ensure the Dragon Betrayer is defeated to restore stability to the world. 

The great thing about Swords of Blood is that it expands on the Intellectual Property of a game released in 2018 by Artifex Mundi. The previous Web2 game managed to attract over four million downloads and still has an excellent retention rate.

Hit Box Games LLC recently bought the rights to publish the game with additional new blockchain features. Now, they can integrate play-to-own and play-to-win mechanics, introduce an eSports tournament, and release a 150-hour expansion pack written by team members from Cyberpunk, The Witcher, and Command and Conquer. 

Furthermore, the game is backed by some heavyweight angel investors in crypto. Fundamental Labs, Solana Ventures, Master Ventures, and Labs have all invested in the success of Swords of Blood. In addition, the project is being led by a veteran CEO, James Seaman, who has well over 35 years of experience in the gaming sector. 

MVP Already Live

One of the best reasons to invest in Swords of Blood is that the game is already playable in an MVP version, which lets players test many game modes, including;

  • The main campaign – in three difficulty modes.
  • The Monster Hunt Dungeons to fight off waves of increasingly difficult monsters.
  • The Boss Fortress, allowing players to team up with 4 other players to fight bosses.
  • Player-vs-player to compete against each other to rank in a leaderboard for prizes.
  • Daily Dungeons, allowing players to enter a special rift to play a daily selection of dungeons with special rewards.

Overall, Swords of Blood aims to become a community-centric MMORPG as the team continues to add more multiplayer features. 

Early Stages Best Time for Investment

With the presale underway, you can purchase the native token behind the platform at the lowest 

possible prices. Currently, you can purchase $SWDTKN for a price of 0.054 USDT. However, once the second stage of the presale begins, the price for the native token will increase to $0.056. 

The price will continue to increase during each subsequent stage of the presale, meaning those that invest earlier stand to benefit the most once the token goes live on tier-1 exchanges across the industry. 

Overall, Swords of Blood is ready to change the dynamics of the current Web3 gaming sector by introducing a wave of new earning mechanisms and delivering a AAA-quality RPG that can attract a wave of newcomers to the industry. 

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