The use of electric vehicles is on the rise, and the number of electric car models will surely expand in the following period. Not only is it a sustainable way of driving, but it is also exciting. C+Charge is here to help out EV (electric vehicle) drivers by providing them with a unique charging ecosystem that will involve a simple app that can be used for paying and tracking data. The presale of its native CCGH token is now in the final days of the presale, which means that the excitement is at its max. If you are still wondering why this project could be good for you, let’s dive in!

C+Charge aims to democratize the carbon credit market

Emiting carbon dioxide and various other greenhouse gasses demands a permit called carbon credit. The carbon credits were in the hands of large corporations long enough, and now the use of blockchain brings more freedom to the table. 

To put things into perspective – Tesla is currently the largest EV manufacturer, and it has earned $679 million in revenue during the first three months of 2022, which is an outstanding figure. The total carbon credit value was around $851 billion in 2022. The carbon credit industry is expected to reach $2,4 trillion by the end of 2027, showing just how vast the room for growth in this area is.

C+Charge is a crypto project directed towards developing an ecosystem that will be easy to use and bring carbon credits to the users as a reward. The transparency and the reward system will surely inspire many people to start using an electric vehicle instead of the regular one, which will be good for the planet, but also for the users’ wallets. 

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How does C+Charge work?

The goal behind C+Charge is to create a P2P (peer-to-peer) payment system that will be connected to charging stations built for electric vehicles. The charging stations will be built on blockchain technology, which means that each user will have an electronic wallet. The wallet will be used for paying for charging at charging stations across the world. The C+Charge payment system will be powered by its CCGH token. Paying for the charge with the CCGH token and using a C+Charge payment system will bring carbon credits as a reward, and they will be stored in the wallet of the user. 

The app will also store other information that the users will need, such as the location of the EV charging stations, which will make planning significantly easier. It will also include the wait time, which is very important for people who are always on the run and don’t want to waste time. The app will include the merch shop and the rewards that the users will accumulate over time. 

C+Charge has partnered up with Flowcarbon, which is a climate tech company pioneering in making carbon credits available to all. As one type of carbon credit, charging can be rewarded by a Goodness Native Token. One carbon credit equals 1 ton of greenhouse gases. The system of C+Charge is a key tool in helping to bring attention back to the true goal of trading carbon credits, which is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The collaboration between these companies will go towards bringing attention to the preservation of our planet and ways that the users can contribute and earn at the same time. 

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C+Charge tokens are nearly sold out 

The presale of the CCGH tokens is now very close to the end. Its success is undeniable. At the start of the presale, there were 1 billion CCGH tokens. The tokens left out in each presale stage have been burned, which means that the number of tokens will not remain constant. The burning of the tokens was initiated with the goal of increasing the value of the tokens over time. 

This project is all about helping people to reduce their carbon footprint and ensuring that the environment is left in a better condition than before. All industries are increasingly embracing these kinds of sustainable projects, which is why incorporating blockchain into it can make significant changes. 

As C+Charge advanced through its presale stages, investors’ interest and demand increased, and now while the presale is coming to an end, it seems that the interest in C+Charge is growing even more. So if you want to invest, grab this opportunity and make your life easier and the planet better!

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The confirmed CEX listings

The way that the presale progresses is the first sign of success. Right after goes the question about the confirmed CEX (centralized exchange) listings. 

The team behind C+Charge has confirmed that the CCGH tokens will be listed on Bitmart exchange, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko on March 31st. 

The listings will surely increase the exposure of this token and drive its price, so make sure you get the CCGH tokens now before the presale ends and the price pumps!

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Get a chance to win $50k

C+Charge is offering $50k worth of CCGH tokens to one lucky person as a way to celebrate the presale. To be eligible, visit the C+Charge website, join the C+Charge Discord Community, or perform any other of the available tasks. 

There are nine tasks in total that you can complete in order to gain multiple entries. Doing them will take a few moments and will bring you a chance to get this amazing reward, so make sure you hurry!

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The need to do something about the preservation of our planet is undoubtedly emphasized now more than ever. The C+Charge project is vital because it is easy to use and comprehend, which is one of the first things that the users want to see. If you are an electric car driver, make sure you get your C+Charge tokens while they are available at a discounted price!