Bitcoin (BTC) has been enjoying a very profitable start to the year so far. Of course, this is very welcome after the disastrous end of last year. Q1 started off with a market-wide bull run that helped Bitcoin regain a lot of ground it had lost the November before due to the FTX scandal. Now the shoe is on the other foot and the run on the banks has caused the crypto market to grow again. 

The 40% growth that Bitcoin has enjoyed can be attributed to people no longer trusting traditional banks and turning towards Bitcoin and other cryptos as a safer alternative for their money. While Bitcoin is enjoying a nice period of growth, coins like Love Hate Inu (LHINU), Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), Metropoly (METRO), and RobotEra (TARO) have the potential to outgain the traditional crypto giant by 100x. 

Before looking at these hot new coins let’s take a look at how Bitcoin will perform for the rest of 2023.

Bitcoin price prediction

As we can see from the above graph Bitcoin has enjoyed a remarkably successful run. What is most important to note here though is the price is going straight up. What is most important here is today’s price, at the time of writing it has gone from opening at $27,990 all the way to $28,700.

The movement today is particularly important as the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is meeting to discuss whether to raise interest rates or not. The mood at the moment is they won’t and as Biotcoin has jumped so much in price it looks like that will turn out to be accurate.

Price predictions vary for the rest of the year but the most common consensus is the minimum price could be around $30,000 and the maximum around $35,000. However, if interest rates stay the same on top of everything going on in the traditional banking sphere we are thinking Bitcoin could even rally as much to close in on the $40,000 mark once again.

While this is impressive we have five coins to tell you about that are set for 100x more gains than Bitcoin so let’s get into them now.

Love Hate Inu- The meme coin ready to take over 2023

This meme coin has already raised close to $1.5 million even though it is only weeks into its presale, but it is so much more than just a fun meme. It is also a V2E platform where people can go to vote on the most topical issues that are trending in the news and on social media.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) has made safety and security a focal point of their white paper. 90% of the total allocation of LHINU will be sold during the presale, this ensures the coin’s long-term future and prevents any rug pulls once it is listed on exchanges. 

The project will also employ a stake-to-vote rule that will mean voters must stake LUINU for 30 days before they can begin voting. This is for the voter’s own good as it ensures their anonymity and also makes sure polls can’t be rigged or spammed by users 

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Fight Out- The hottest P2E coin on the market

Fight Out (FGHT) is just about to hit the last week of its presale but potential investors can still have a chance to purchase FGHT tokens with a 67 percent presale bonus. They really should be looking to get involved too as Fight Out is a coin that might revolutionize the fitness industry.

Its main selling point is its app which will use smart technology to track its user’s information. From here, clients will get personalized workouts that suit their needs but also challenges them to better themselves. That is where the P2E nature comes in, players will be challenged to complete their own goals but can also go up against other users in weekly and monthly competitions to try to win great prizes.

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C+Charge- The crypto leading the green charge in 2023

Green projects are going to be valuable to the crypto community as we move forward. The previous bad press that the market received for practices that are bad for the environment can be transformed thanks to projects like C+Charge (CCHG). They will be hoping to lure more drivers to change to electric vehicles (EVs) with their great incentives.

The green initiative will reward EV drivers with carbon credits every time they pay for a charging station using CCHG via their peer-to-peer payment system. These credits are a hot commodity so they are sure to attract new drivers to the market. C+Charge will also have an app with lots of useful features like a map that shows a driver all the nearby charging stations and an update that will let the driver know if their car needs a service.

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Metropoly- Experts love this new real estate crypto 

Real estate is one of the oldest and most profitable forms of investment. However, there are significant barriers for most people when it comes to real estate, Finance being the main one but even for people who can afford it buying properties outside your own country can throw up a whole new set of regulations and problems.

All this red tape will be a thing of the past with Metropoly (METRO). They have secured some of the nicest properties from around the world to sell to their users for as little as $100. How it works is they will tokenize the properties into NFTs and then divide these up for sale. Buyers will then have the chance to earn money from rent and appreciation just like if they owned the physical location.

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RobotEra- Unlimited revenue opportunities in this game 

This Metaverse game will require its players to buy plots of land on the fictional planet of Taro. They must then use their NFT robot sidekick to explore and help rebuild the planet which has been destroyed by an apocalyptic event.

What you decide to do with your plot of land in RobotEra (TARO) is crucial as it is how you will earn TARO. Other players will want to spend crypto on activities that are entertaining or maybe even necessary. You could build apartment buildings, concert halls, shopping malls, really whatever you can think of that might make you revenue. 

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Bitcoin may be on the up but there are some decisions to be made outside its control that could affect it positively or negatively. While Bitcoin’s future is up in the air the 5 cryptos we have discussed above have a much clearer path ahead. They will all leave presale and likely pump a tremendous amount this year as experts and influencers can’t stop singing their praises, and rightly too!