C+Charge (CCHG), the new and robust Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment system for EV charging stations has been making quite a lot of noise in the crypto market ever since its presale started. It’s raised more than $3.2 million as it’s blowing through presale stages on its way to the first CEX listing on Friday, March 31.

Now, there are less than 10 days remaining in the presale before that CEX launch, meaning that there isn’t much time left at all for you to get in on the ground level of this amazingly impressive – and important – crypto project.

As all savvy investors know, the way to make the most money trading is by getting in at the lowest price available. That’s the opportunity that C+Charge is providing investors right now, though it’s obviously not going to last much longer.

If you’re still not convinced that C+Charge is the right investment for you, read below to find out why experts are predicting huge returns.

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Simplifying Payments for EV Charging Stations

As more and more people begin to switch over to Electric Vehicles (EVs), the importance of EV charging stations grows. They are, after all, essential for drivers of these vehicles who want to keep going on the road – just like traditional gas stations are essential for drivers of traditional vehicles.

Yet, until this point, EV charging stations have lacked significant transparency, and it’s hard to pay for service at them. C+Charge is changing all of that.

Through the C+Charge app, users will be able to see the price at a charging station before they actually start to charge their vehicle. Shockingly, this is actually new to the industry. While traditional gas stations post their prices prominently on huge bright signs, EV charging stations don’t do that for drivers. So, drivers often have no choice but to pay whatever it is once they finish charging their vehicle.

In addition, C+Charge is making it easy to actually make the payments. There’s no need for clunky and complicated POS payment systems at the charging station – which helps both EV drivers and the owners of these charging stations. Drivers can simply pay with the $CCHG token, and be on their way.

This is going to be huge as EVs become even more prevalent and people travel with them far distances and across borders. C+Charge removes the challenges that exchanging currency would provide, as well as having potential purchases on debit/credit cards declined.

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Rewarding EV Drivers

Another huge aspect of C+Charge is the fact that it’s rewarding EV drivers for paying through the app, which ultimately will encourage more people to change over to the eco-friendly vehicle. Users who pay with the $CCHG token are able to earn carbon credits. These hold significant value today, but have really only been available to the very wealthy or big businesses.

Now, EV drivers can earn this amazing asset just for paying for their EV charging with the C+Charge app. In many cases, EV drivers are doing a lot of the “heavy lifting” in terms of reducing their carbon footprint. Yet, they haven’t been compensated for all the good they’re doing for the environment. Governments may have provided them with tax incentives or rebates when they bought the vehicle, but that only helped to slightly compensate them for the premium they paid for the EV when they purchased it.

Now, things have changed with C+Charge. EV drivers can continually earn rewards for driving an eco-friendly vehicle. And this is only going to serve as further incentive for more people to convert to EVs in the future.

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Huge Utility for the $CCHG Token

One of the main reasons why C+Charge is grabbing the attention of crypto investors everywhere is the fact that there’s huge utility for the $CCHG token. It’s not just a fun new game or chasing a fad. It literally has the power to change the way that a thriving industry works from start to finish.

The EV market is huge. In the first quarter of fiscal year 2022, for instance, Tesla was able to generate $679 million in revenue. That’s just one company and just one quarter of earnings one year ago. Not only is Tesla expected to grow its revenue in coming years, but so are other manufacturers. Much of this is because governments all across the world are mandating carbon reductions in multiple industries – and the auto industry is one of the biggest focuses.

All of these additional EVs on the road will naturally lead to a spike in demand for EV charging stations, which will inevitably lead to issues and problems if the current market for these stations isn’t changed. C+Charge is the solution to those problems, and it’s being launched at a time when there’s still plenty of time for drivers and manufacturers to adjust.

All of this is also tied into the carbon credit market as a whole, which is expected to be worth $2.4 trillion by 2027. With carbon credits being the incentive that C+Charge users are given for using the $CCHG token, it’s no shock to see why it has such amazing utility. This reward could end up being the most sought-after reward for any cryptocurrency project ever.

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Buy C+Charge Now Before You Miss Out on the Presale

Investors are clearly taking notice of C+Charge and its potential to literally change the EV charging station industry. That’s why they’ve gobbled up $CCGH tokens at a rapid pace, and why the project has been able to raise more than $3.2 million thus far.

Now, there are less than 10 days remaining until the presale ends for C+Charge, before its first CEX listing on BitMart goes live on Friday, March 31st. So, if you want to get in on the ground level of this impressive and lucrative crypto project, you better act now.

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