Fight Out (FGHT) is currently experiencing one of the most successful presales of 2023. It has already surpassed the $5.5 million raised point as it hurtles towards its presale end date which is the 31st of March. Interested investors need not panic though as there is still time to get involved at a low price before the play-2-earn and train-2-earn crypto goes live.

Investors have just under a week to get their hands on Fight Out for $0.03090 before it reaches its final price of $0.0333 which will also be the price it will be listed at on exchanges. Now, this might seem like a small difference but there are reasons why it could become very valuable in the future.

First of all, there is a presale bonus of up to 67% available to buyers who purchase the coin before the end of the month, the bonus is calculated by the amount you buy and the length of time you lock your purchase in for. This is the first step Fight Out has taken to prevent future rug pulls.

Secondly, as both a way to show customers they are valued and to help with the price in the future, Fight Out has a 4 tiered membership plan that has great rewards but also requires investors to purchase a certain amount of coins and hold onto them for a specified length of time.

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

Why should you buy Fight Out?

The Train2Earn sector of crypto has been relatively successful so far but nothing will come close to what Fight Out (FGHT) is going to bring to the table. Its main competitors tend to focus on one aspect of fitness, for example, steps. Whereas Fight Out will not only be a complete fitness experience but could even revolutionize the fitness industry.

The Fight Out App

Herein lies the genius of Fight Out. Their app, which will be available on android and IOS will utilize the latest smart technology to track their clients and form accurate representations of them in order to create personalized workouts. The app will track everything from movement, strain, nutrition, and sleep, and will even consider its user’s strengths and what equipment they have available.

The workouts are planned by elite trainers and as they are personalized it means they will fit into each user’s schedule. Maybe you don’t have time in your day to visit a gym? That’s okay, Fight Out will give you exercises you can do no matter where you are.

Of course, Fight Out is an train-2-earn and move-2-earn coin so users can earn their off-chain currency, REPs, by completing the fitness goals set out for them in the app. Another very exciting feature is the P2E element of the crypto, users can compete in weekly and monthly fitness challenges against each other in order to earn even more rewards.

The REPs can be earned or bought with Fight Out and then they in turn can be used in many useful ways. App subscription, a personal trainer, and a gym membership can all be paid for using the in-app currency.  Fight Out even has an awesome online store with loads of cool items that can be purchased with REPs as well.

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Fight Out Gyms

Perhaps the most impressive part of Fight Out’s whitepaper is their plans to build gyms in strategic locations all over the world. They will also partner with existing ones so they can do their best to offer Fight Out users all over the world a traditional workout location.

However, there will be nothing traditional about the gyms. They will be state-of-the-art facilities with some of the best trainers money can buy. FIght Out wishes to harvest a sense of community so although they can create workouts for users remotely they understand a lot of people prefer to train in a gym due to its better facilities.

When we say state-of-the-art we mean it too, the gyms will not only be stocked with the best gym equipment but will also have a tonne of other great amenities. Juice bars, restaurants, remote working areas, and socializing spots will be just some of the great options Fight Out users will have if they attend one of the gyms. A real upgrade on the traditional gym model which only really revolves around individual goals with very little community feeling.

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Get fit in the Metaverse

Fight Out is aiming to improve on the current traditional gym model but also the only alternative, fitness apps. I would imagine if you checked any random person’s phone they would have some version of a fitness app on it, the problem is a very small percentage of people actually use these. Fight Out is now trying to improve on the web 2 models by taking it to web 3.

When users first sign up they will be able to mint their own soulbound NFT avatar. This is great because it is so much more cost-effective than traditional NFTs and the avatar can not be sold at a later date. Instead, this avatar will be attached to you and will grow and develop with you as you take your journey toward physical fitness.

Bades and attributes can be won for your avatar by completing personal goals but also by competing against other players in weekly and monthly competitions. Your avatar can even be customized with cool outfits and other aesthetic features using REPs. It is the added competition element that we are sure will drive people to be much more consistent with their fitness journeys than anything current apps can offer.

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<


Fight Out really looks like it could be one of the best-performing cryptos of 2023. We do not think we have seen a more impressive white paper before and its performance during presale has backed it up so far. UFC fighters and boxers are signing on as ambassadors and word is spreading inside and outside the crypto community about its potential. The presale has under two weeks left, so if you are thinking of investing and getting that presale bonus we would strongly advise you to act ASAP.