For the past month, there has been only one play-to-earn crypto on everybody’s mind in the market, and that is Fight Out (FGHT). This fantastic project brings you an opportunity to not just earn from the comfort of your home but a lot more. It’s a Web 3-integrated game where players will also be fighting against others in different modes to win and earn.

But the main reason why we’re talking about Fight Out is not its accomplishments and uniqueness but its presale price increase. Fight Out is currently running closest to the last lap of the presale, which will end on March 31. FGHT has raised an astonishing amount of capital and is expected to exceed our expectations by the end of the presale. 

Let us dig deeper into the reasoning behind why this penultimate presale phase is the best time to buy FGHT.

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What’s Special about the P2E model of Fight Out?

The gaming industry has been in a disheveled state for far too long. It is impossible for emerging companies to fix the financial model of Web 2 games ruined by titular gaming corporations. This is why the Web 3 gaming concept has spread around the world like wildfire to end the exploitative financial model. Fight Out is all about bringing the best to players like:

  • Prioritize the earning mechanism for players to create not only a source of entertainment but also reward them for their support. There have been only a few revolutionary P2E models in the real-world but each one is plagued by incapability. But Fight Out is a gem of P2E games because it follows a new and better Web3 gaming model.
  • Unlike the existing play-to-earn games, Fight Out does not require expensive NFTs to allow players to start their gaming adventures. Even NFT breeding for financial gain is not prioritized in the gaming ecosystem of Fight Out. So whenever new users stall acquisition of NFT, the demand falls, foiling their plan.
  • Fight Out brings an intelligent and high Web3 knowledge to people who previously had no access to such P2E opportunities. This means that Fight Out clearly benefits all of its Web 2 audience, opening its market to the mass without discrimination. By doing so, Fight Out comes closer to achieve success in public presale.

From the aforementioned, it is clear why FGHT is a far better P2E investment than anything else. Now it’s time to understand why the current presale phase is a great time to buy FGHT.

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Buying FGHT in Penultimate Presale Phase

The first thing to consider before investing in any project is “price” and determining whether buying now would be better or not. Here’s why you need to buy FGHT, the native token of Fight Out, right now:

  • Listing drive:

Once the presale of Fight Out ends on March 31, then it will start working on the next set of goals. One of the primary goals of Fight Out would be to kick start its listing drive on centralized crypto exchanges. The listing drive would be a well-organized campaign whose goal would be to secure CEX listings for FGHT cryptocurrency. Once that happens, FGHT prices will break the ceiling in no time.

  • Game launch:

Among other things planned for FGHT after the closing of the public presale, the official whitepaper v.2 mentions a game launch. The total capital raised is expected to cross or come close to the $15 million mark, which would be enough. In addition to this, the Fight Out team also expects to open the Fight Out content studio after the presale concludes.

  • 67% Presale bonus:

What could be better than buying a high-value crypto asset and receiving a bonus alongside your investment? The team at Fight Out values investors and P2E enthusiasts, which is why they have announced a 67% presale bonus. Through this bonus, an individual can claim up to 67% of FGHT tokens upon their purchase during the presale. Various other purchase bonuses are also available for lucky investors.

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  • Stake-for-membership

The native token adheres to a unique stake-for-membership model that rewards users for staking FGHT for 12 months based on quantity. While it is a simple yet highly lucrative staking opportunity, its significance doesn’t stop there. There are multiple tiers of membership available, such as tiers 1, 2, and 3. Members unlock a plethora of exclusive benefits too.

The Brilliance of Fight Out Tokenomics

Perhaps the biggest attraction of the Fight Out project is how it can connect Web 2 players with the Web 3 world. The future plans include a number of partnerships with noteworthy industry players. But seamless and Web 3-integrated UX to onboard users and tokenomics play an equally crucial role in its success. In the future, FGHT purchases will get easier owing to the Wert and WebA3AUTH partnerships.

The total supply of FGHT tokens is 10 billion and distributed into 4 different pools, 3 of which are locked, but only one is locked:

  1. First unlocked pool contains 9% of total tokens to be sold in presale to get funding.
  2. Second one has 4.5% tokens sent as early bird rewards.
  3. The last unlocked pool is reserved to provide exchange liquidity.
  4. Remaining tokens i.e., nearly 76.5% of total supply remains in a locked pool to be vested for 5 years.

It’s not just the simplicity of FGHT tokenomics that’s driving support throughout the presale, but also the benefits of holding FGHT. Users will use FGHT to get access to fun and addictive games by joining tournaments, leagues, and contests. Every player will have a FGHT purse where they can store their earnings safely and spend them conveniently. 

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Bottom line

Reaching over $5.5 million is no small feat for a new crypto project, but FGHT has proven that it is the fastest-growing P2E game. So buy now when it’s at its cheapest.

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