Canny crypto investors looking to make substantial gains in 2023 often find their eyes drawn toward new cryptocurrency projects because they present the best possibilities of finding exciting new coins at very low prices. Even though some risk is attached, since the projects may not succeed, the risk/reward ratio is usually stacked in the investor’s favor.

Here are the 12 best new cryptocurrencies to invest in now:

  1. AltSignals (ASI)
  2. Metacade (MCADE)
  3. ApeCoin (APE)
  4. Livepeer (LPT)
  5. Balancer (BAL)
  6. Frax Finance (FRAX)
  7. Proxy Swap (PROXY)
  8. Grove Coin (GRV)
  9. Aussie Digitals (AUD)
  10. Mintera (MNTE)
  11. Incentive (INC)
  12. Skaflic (FLIC)

1. AltSignals (ASI)

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is a well-established and highly successful online trading signals community with overwhelmingly positive feedback on Trustpilot. It has provided excellent signals to its 50,000+ community since its launch in 2017. The platform released its AltAlgo™ Indicator tool and its automated trading APIs, which helped many crypto traders to 10x their portfolio in 19 out of 32 months.

To further refine the quality of their trading output, AltSignals is launching a new trading stack called ActualizeAI with the release of the native ASI token which is designed to turbo-charge the fresh development. ActualizeAI combines machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze several price indicators concurrently before being fed through predictive modeling that uses historical data to apply trends to the data. With the entire process being driven by AI, it continually learns and updates its algorithms automatically to increase accuracy.

The ASI token will grant access to ActualizeAI-powered signals and access the AI Members Club. Club membership unlocks even more benefits, including access to trading tournaments where participants can earn crypto rewards.

AltSignals helps traders of all abilities to navigate the steep learning curve of crypto trading consistently and reliably, ensuring they don’t get caught out by this volatile asset class. The proven profitability provided by AltSignals’ trading tools helps expert traders maximize their potential returns thanks to ActualizeAI’s confirmation signals, which analyze much more data than the human brain can.

Why you should consider investing in ASI?

AltSignals is leading from the front with the development of blockchain-based AI solutions. Its AI-powered crypto intelligence looks set to further improve upon its AltAlgo™ Indicators’ already excellent success rates, progressing them to an entirely new level.

This makes the ASI token a compelling new crypto asset for traders to get involved in, with the excellent utility and development potentially providing excellent potential rewards for the early investor.

ASI launched its presale at just $0.012 per token, but the availability of this new cryptocurrency at the initial price is limited. In fact, the price will increase to $0.02274 at the seventh and final stage. For anyone looking for excellent new cryptocurrency releases to buy today, AltSignals looks like a fantastic option.

>>> You can participate in the AltSignals presale here <<<

2. Metacade (MCADE)

What is Metacade?

Metacade is building the world’s largest Web3 gaming arcade, offering gamers various play-to-earn (P2E) games in one location. It is widely considered one of the most exciting new GameFi developments in 2023, delivering a comprehensive and interesting gaming experience and also it rewards gamers for in-game advancement.

In addition, Metacade aims to become the go-to hub for the Web3 gaming developer community to earn as well as to take their careers to the next level. Social content creators can earn crypto rewards by contributing to the platform through game reviews, alpha sharing, and more. At the same time the Work2Earn scheme expected to launch in 2024, will focus on providing some of the most exciting Web3 job opportunities available across the internet to its community.

Metacade’s innovative Metagrants program will be fundamental to developing the best new P2E titles. Developers can submit applications for new games to the MCADE community, who vote for the proposals that best appeal to them. Metagrants are awarded to the developers getting the most votes in order to support the creation of new games only for Metacade.

Other benefits open to the Metacade community include earning while games undergo beta testing by providing feedback to the developers while earning crypto rewards for their time, effort, and comments.

Why you should consider investing in MCADE?

Metacade recently released its native MCADE coin on a presale event, raising $10.7m in a brief space of time. Investors have quickly raised the funding for this new crypto token because of its extensive utility within Metacade’s ecosystem.

MCADE tokens are currently available at $0.017 after launching its beta presale at $0.008 per token, and the price will rise as the presale progresses to a final value of $0.02. Tokens are expected to sell out soon, meaning there is a limited time for investors to get their hands on MCADE tokens at the lowest price possible and gain a token presenting the possibility of being one of the best crypto assets to add to your portfolio this year.

>>> You can participate in the Metacade presale here <<<

3. ApeCoin (APE)

What is ApeCoin?

ApeCoin is the native ERC-20 token for the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) community, one of the world’s most thriving meme coin communities, which has exploded in popularity since launching in 2022. Yuga Labs recently raised $320 million in a virtual real estate land sale that allowed APE coin holders to purchase land parcels in the Otherside metaverse space.

While ApeCoin isn’t necessarily a brand new cryptocurrency, its movement into the metaverse looks set to launch ApeCoin to the next level while significantly developing and improving its offering to the community. Otherside is a metaverse game that might grow into a popular Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) and virtual world, adding further utility to the APE token by embedding it into the BAYC ecosystem.

APE launched in March 2022 with an impressive trading volume of 1 billion coins being reached and became a rapid success story at the start of the bear market of 2022 as the market cap increased rapidly making APE much more exciting than previously launched meme coins.

Why you should consider investing in APE

ApeCoin quickly captured the imagination of NFT crypto fans, bringing the much sought-after membership of the BAYC and its younger sibling, the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC). The exclusivity provided by both clubs has gone a long way to providing additional value to APE-backed NFTs compared to others available on the crypto market.

The platform’s push into the metaverse looks set to increase the desirability of crypto fans to get involved, with more opportunities to sell merchandise and push forward with the development of a decentralized Web3 app. With a hugely impressive market cap already achieved, this move into the metaverse space provides the coin with the headroom to grow further, making it one of the top new crypto coins currently on the market.

4. Livepeer (LPT)

What is Livepeer?

Launched in 2017, Livepeer became the first fully decentralized live video streaming network protocol that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to shift power away from centralized streaming platforms, such as YouTube or Twitch, into the hands of content creators.

With live streaming and broadcasting proliferating with the hunger for 24/7 content consumption continuing to increase, Livepeer aims to allow producers to take advantage of decentralization offered by blockchain technology to provide a more efficient and streamlined way for creators to submit their work directly on the platform.

Livepeer offers several opportunities for users to participate with the platform, offering pay-as-you-go content consumption and allowing creators to monetize their content. In addition, all creators of the technical service could expect such auto-scaling videos, uncensored live journalism, and video-enabled dApps. All of this contributes to Livepeer disrupting the world of live video streaming and establishing itself as a market leader in the sector.

 Why you should consider investing in LPT

The native LPT token is becoming an increasingly sought-after asset as crypto traders, and live-streaming fans become attuned to the benefits offered by decentralizing video streaming and placing the power in the hands of the creators rather than being beholden to huge multinational tech giants.

LPT is an ERC-20 coin that looks to have rich growth potential in the coming years as video streaming broadcasters recognize the transformative power of blockchain technology. With Livepeer positioning itself as an industry pioneer, there is significant headroom in the trading volume and coin price, currently $5.83, to rise significantly, possibly in less than eight weeks.

5. Balancer (BAL)

What is Balancer?

Balancer was developed on the Ethereum blockchain and launched in March 2020 as an automated market maker (AMM). After raising $3 million during its presale event, Balancer has developed a protocol that functions as a self-balancing portfolio, liquidity provider, and price sensor. Users earn profits through its recently launched BAL token by helping to contribute to customizable liquidity pools.

There are three types of pools operated by Balancer: Private pools offer the owner full governance over the pool, making them the sole contributor to exchange liquidity and allowing them to set the parameters of the pool entirely.

Shared pools are available for users that want to become liquidity providers in conjunction with other users and gain their rewards in Balancer Pool Tokens (BPTs). Meanwhile, Smart pools are similar to private tools but are controlled by a smart contract. BPTs are also used as the reward mechanism for Smart pools allowing anyone to contribute liquidity to the pool.

Why you should consider investing in BAL

BAL is the native token of Balancer and the conduit by which users can add to liquidity pools to earn passive income, which is awarded to users every week. The BAL token also allows the platform to increase its decentralization and offers its holders governance voting rights on its strategic and future direction.

The current price of $6.36 looks like compelling value for a platform that, while not the first DeFi protocol to use AMMs, has brought a refreshing and new approach to supporting liquidity. This novel approach looks set to build Balancer’s reputation as a DeFi solution, making it one of the best new crypto projects to buy in 2023.

6. Frax Finance (FRAX)

What is Frax Finance?

Frax is an open-source, fully on-chain, and permissionless DeFi protocol that has produced the first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin system. Frax has determined its end goal to provide a highly scalable, fully-decentralized, algorithmic currency in place of fixed-supply digital assets such as Bitcoin.

Several concepts are incorporated into Frax, including the fractional-algorithmic stablecoin, where a proportion of its supply is backed by collateral, as with any other stablecoin, with the other part of the supply algorithmic. The ratio of the two depends on the market’s pricing of FRAX’s stablecoin. When FRAX exceeds $1, the collateral ratio decreases, while the collateral increases if it trades under $1.

In addition, the platform is a community governed without a centralized controlling hub and uses fully on-chain oracles, Uniswap, and Chainlink.

Why you should consider investing in FRAX?

The FRAX protocol is a community-driven coin with a unique design. More than 60% of the supply is issued over several years to liquidity providers and yield farmers with its fully-decentralized protocol and on-chain governance.

The very nature of FRAX makes it an attractive option for investors looking for stability by using the world’s only fractional-algorithmic stablecoin should purchase FRAX.

7. Proxy Swap (PROXY)

What is Proxy Swap?

Proxy Swap is a platform that enables traders to swap digital assets with a second token without needing a centralized exchange. It still offers users a high degree of privacy as it allows transactions without requiring them to reveal their MetaMask address.

The critical feature of Proxy Swap is that the platform enables swapping any token listed on Uniswap, meaning that any coin available on UniSwap can be traded using Proxy Swap, making it one of the most versatile and convenient coin-swapping platforms. All users will need a MetaMask wallet to access Proxy Swap and be connected to Ethereum to access their smart contract facility to enable quick, secure, and reliable token swaps.

In addition to providing anonymity for individual traders, businesses can benefit from Proxy Swap’s hidden tokens that allow them to conduct secure and anonymous transactions on Ethereum’s blockchain, thus protecting sensitive financial information.

Why you should consider investing in PROXY

The privacy afforded to PROXY token holders alongside decentralized trading opportunities makes Proxy Swap an attractive investment opportunity for users that want to make direct transfers without the interference of a central governing authority yet retain anonymity.

The actual value of the PROXY token will be unlocked with the release of new features, including a mobile app, a beta staking platform, and the transfer of Ethereum to other wallets without leaving a trace. In addition, holding PROXY tokens unlocks voting rights on governance decisions for community members. This makes the current price of $0.003408 a compelling opportunity for traders seeking one of the best new crypto listings to invest in.

8. Grove Coin (GRV)

What is Grove Coin?

Grove Coin is the rebranding of Grove Token, a decentralized and secure crypto asset designed to help assure the planet’s future. Grove Coin’s stated mission is to create wealth for all GRV coin holders by harnessing the opportunities offered by a secure, fully-decentralized digital currency with an environmental conscience.

With concerns over the impact of crypto mining on the environment becoming a real-world issue, Grove Coin aims to become the number one Global Green Payment System (GGPS) by focusing on eco-blockchain solutions that are free of mining. The result is an eco-friendly coin that functions similarly to Bitcoin (BTC) as a digital currency, strongly emphasizing supporting environmentally conscious crypto projects similarly to carbon credits.

In its efforts to expand the utility built into the GRV token, Grove Coin has released its own Grove Chain. This Binance Smart Chain-enabled blockchain has substantially raised the possibilities open to GRV coin holders.

Why you should consider investing in GRV

The GRV token is a revolutionary new crypto listing that aims to mimic the functionality of Bitcoin by providing investors, developers, and traders with concerns over the ecological viability of crypto technologies a green-friendly outlet.

Funds raised from GRV are also invested in renewable energy projects, solar-powered energy farms, and hydroponic farming, meaning that the wider society also benefits from investment in GRV. The current price of $0.7084 and the low trading volume looks to have enormous growth space as the focus on environmental sustainability in the blockchain sector continues to grow.

9. Aussie Digitals (AUD)

What is Aussie Digitals?

Aussie Digitals is a new game-changing e-commerce ecosystem that provides users with the tools to build, establish, and maintain a thriving online e-commerce store. Two key processes underpin the platform at the heart of Aussie Digital’s methodology.

Firstly, to enable users to build an e-commerce ecosystem that includes a powerful online store builder packed with access to powerful digital marketing tools and a B2B trading platform that unlocks the power of social media in pioneering ways along with other decentralized blockchain-powered services previously untapped in the e-commerce sector.

Secondly, the native AUD coin is an ERC-20 digital coin that offers customers and businesses new opportunities when used in conjunction with the Aussie Digitals ecosystem that is currently unavailable through centralized or traditional online e-commerce providers.

Why you should consider investing in AUD

Aussie Digitals’ native AUD coin is the fuel by which the company’s Tradezy platform and Tradedo cryptocurrency exchange listings will operate, allowing e-commerce businesses to easily accept several different crypto coins as valid currencies for their goods and services.

AUD’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) runs until March 13th at $0.01. There is a total token supply of 50 million coins, of which 60% is available for crowd sale. With its potential to revolutionize and disrupt the traditional e-commerce market, AUD looks like a compelling new crypto asset for retail investors to investigate.

10. Mintera (MNTE)

What is Mintera?

Mintera is a new crypto project that aims to bring a climate-positive financial ecosystem to the world of blockchain-powered DeFi solutions. The platform aims to create a sustainable hub of crypto investment services and products for a new climate-conscious audience and group of investors. The glue that brings everything together is Mintera’s utility token, MNTE.

The founding principle behind Mintera is to create digital investment services that promote sustainability with a net positive impact on the environment, providing investors with access to safe, conscionable global opportunities.

The MNTE coin is an ERC-20 coin that supports the Ethereum blockchain upon which Mintera will operate, and token holders can unlock several benefits. These include exclusive access to Mintera’s green investment products and additional perks as part of the MNTE community. In addition, MNTE coin holders will directly fund positive climate actions and participate in governance votes that will dictate the platform’s future direction.

Why you should consider investing in MNTE?

The MNTE presale launched on February 1st with its beta presale round. The first full round launched on March 1st and the second round will launch on April 1st. The current price of MNTE is $0.14 in the first full round, a value that will increase throughout the presale phase.

Half the total supply of 65 million tokens is available in the presale, ending on 1st June 2023, with the first Mintera investment product launching 14 days later. The low price of MNTE during the presale and the new way of providing DeFi investment products with an eco-friendly slant makes it an excellent new crypto asset for investors to consider.

11. Incentive (INC)

What is Incentive?

Incentive is a new token that incorporates utility and governance within it as it supports a set of crypto projects that allows the use of incentives to promote collaboration, some of which are completed and others that have yet to reach fruition.

INC provides the basis for INC Survey, a questionnaire protocol that allows projects to develop a survey to collect opinions and feedback on features and the project’s overall brand while providing incentives and rewards for respondents.

While Incentive is an asset specifically designed to innovate how companies and projects interact with their community and user base, the decentralization, cross-border functionality, automation, and security offered by Incentive make it attractive to users. This is further boosted since the user does not need an existing INC balance to pay for gas transactions since eta-transactions can be used as an alternate payment method.

Why you should consider investing in INC?

INC has an inspiring project roadmap through its current ICO, which is due to conclude at the end of March 2023, at which point the INC token will go live on the most popular exchanges.

Although INC will go live at this stage, several planned feature rollouts from the developing team throughout 2023 and 2024 will include a responsive front end, an events panel that allows users to search for events and participate in questionnaires to gain rewards, and much more besides.

This will significantly increase the utility built into INC and potentially see the value skyrocket in the coming months and years as the project grows.

12. Skaflic (FLIC)

What is Skaflic?

Skaflic is building the first online blockchain-powered marketplace for buying, selling, and trading equity in return for e-commerce shares via cryptocurrencies. This innovative marketplace will utilize the power of blockchain to allow users to buy and sell equity in e-commerce stores using digital currencies instead of fiat currencies.

The platform’s user-friendly and interactive design will make it easy for users to browse equity catalogs, monitor their accounts and conduct trades without the intervention of a centralized governing body. Skaflic’s overarching goal is to provide a brand-new concept of investing that preserves capital investment while offering traders more significant exposure to growth opportunities.

The platform is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and utilizes their smart contract protocol and algorithms to sort, filter and list available stores with equity. These are then offered to investors through ICOs to maximize earning and investment potential for traders.

Why you should consider investing in FLIC?

The native FLIC coin is the medium of exchange, utility, and governance token for the Skaflic platform and is currently in the presale phase of development. The FLIC presale opened on February 6th and ran through March 15th, at which point Skaflic hoped to have raised $30 million.

The current price of $0.01 per FLIC token is only available for a minimal time during the presale, meaning that investors should get involved with this new crypto today to ensure they get all the benefits.

How do I find the newest cryptocurrencies set to explode?

Interested investors in finding the newest cryptocurrencies set to take flight can find information in several places.

Coinmarketcap is an excellent source of up-to-date information regarding the most exciting and promising new crypto assets in presale and public sale. Coin Gecko is another reputable and valuable source for updating new coin listings.

Other ways of keeping informed include finding relevant trading groups on Discord servers and Telegram, doing a good old Google search for “crypto presale opportunities,” and watching social media platforms such as Twitter and TikTok.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in new cryptos?

As with every investment process, there are pros and cons to investing in coin listings. Advantages include the feeling of camaraderie gained by feeling part of a growing community and a sense of ownership in something that begins to flourish. In addition, of course, there is significant value appreciation potential as the coin gains popularity and the opportunity to buy tokens at a discount compared with other crypto assets.

On the flip side, crypto markets are notoriously volatile, with new cryptos reacting with more volatility to market conditions than more established currencies. In addition, there’s no guarantee that a new crypto project will immediately take off. Patience is required to ensure the maximum gains can be realized, along with an understanding that overnight successes in the crypto world are the exception rather than the rule.

Conclusion – What are the best new cryptocurrencies to buy?

Several new digital currencies listed here have a compelling argument behind them, outlining them as potentially shrewd investments. However, the combination of an excellent existing platform and set of trading services, along with embracing AI technologies, makes AltSignals’ ASI token a fantastic potential investment.

Metacade comes in at the top as well, with its revolutionary multi-game GameFi channel set to shake up the blockchain gaming sector, with MCADE looking to reward early investors with superb returns in the coming months and years.

Related Crypto FAQs

Are new crypto coins a good investment?

The best new crypto coins can be a good investment when bought during the early stages of their existence, either during crypto presales or before they take off after being listed.

It can take time for new cryptocurrencies and projects to establish themselves, so investors should be patient if they don’t experience overnight returns. However, it is essential to note that there is no guarantee that the newest crypto coins will succeed, as with all investment opportunities.

How are cryptocurrencies made?

New tokens are minted through blockchain mining. This process involves computer power being used to solve complex mathematical problems that lead to the generation of digital coins.

Which crypto will explode in 2023?

Marking out a specific crypto to go into orbit is never an exact science. However, making recommendations based on several indicators, such as project roadmaps, project backing, and potential, is possible.

Considering these factors, AltSignals’ ASI coin looks like an excellent prospect for appreciable growth in 2023, with Metacade’s MCADE token not far behind.

What is a crypto listing?

A crypto listing is when a centralized or decentralized exchange offers trading pairs for a particular coin. This usually occurs following a presale event known as an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), used to generate cash flow for the best new crypto projects.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

You can participate in the AltSignals presale here.