We could be just about to enter a golden age for crypto investment so now, more than ever, the crypto investors choose will be so important. Of course, if we do have another bull run lots of projects will be successful but the likes of Love Hate Inu (LHINU), Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), Metropoly (METRO), and RobotEra (TARO) will pump much more than other projects. 

The reason we are so optimistic about the future of the market is because of the recent run on banks in the USA. SVB looks like it was the first bank to go but with people all around the country pulling their money from other small banks many others may go. This will surely lead to many more people turning to the alternative, crypto. Expect a bull run soon that could sweep the whole market along with it.

So, let’s pick 5 of the best options to invest in right now.

Love Hate Inu (LHINU)- Experts pick for the best meme coin of 2023 

The difference between Love Hate Inu (LHINU) and other meme coins is the amount the platform offers and how secure it promises to be. Its main feature is it is actually a V2E site where users can go and vote on the most topical subjects in the news every day. The poll’s integrity is protected by a stake-to-vote system that involves users having to stake for 30 days before they can vote.

The platform will also allow lively discussion but will monitor the site to make sure everyone is treating each other with respect. User votes and messages will be kept anonymous too which ensures everyone’s safety. 

The platform has also insured against any future rug pulls by selling 90 percent of their allocated coins during the presale. This will ensure anyone who invests now in the presale will be getting the best value for their money.

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Fight Out- The most exciting crypto currently going through presale

As white paper’s go it’s hard to find any as exciting or as ambitious as Fight Out (FGHT). The M2E coin is looking to not just take over its sector of the market but to revolutionize the fitness industry as a whole. Their plan is to combine the best aspects of traditional gyms and fitness apps so the final product will improve on their faults.

Everything will happen through its app and the smart technology it uses to give its users the best possible fitness experience. Many factors will be taken into account like goals and equipment available in order to create a personalized training program for every client. 

The app is tailored to create workouts for people that want to work out remotely but what if you prefer training in a gym? Well, Fight Out has you covered. All around the world, they are partnering with gyms and even building their own so that their customers can have the option to come train in state-of-the-art facilities with other Fight Out enthusiasts.

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C+Charge- Expert’s favorite eco-friendly crypto for 2023 

The carbon credit industry is exploding and any crypto project that can promise them to their users is going to be one worth investing in. C+Charge (CCHG) is one such project and they will be rewarding electric vehicle (EV) drivers for doing their bit to help the environment. The carbon credits will come in the form of NFTs and will be given out when drivers pay at an EV charging station using CCHG.

The payment system will be peer-to-peer which will be a big upgrade on what drivers currently face and will allow users to pay straight from their crypto wallet. The project, which aims to attract more people to sustainable driving, will also make life easier for drivers with their app. The map which can be easily accessed within the app will have live information on all the charging stations in a driver’s vicinity no matter where they are.

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Metropoly- The first real estate crypto token 

Sure some other cryptos have dedicated bits of their project to real estate but no coin has been fully committed to bringing real estate investment right to the fingertips of its users. Property investment is one of the oldest and most profitable forms of making money, the problem is it can be very costly and time-consuming.

However, Metropoly (METRO) aims to change all that. The project has acquired some of the nicest properties worldwide and tokenized them as NFTs from here they will be divided up, or fractioned as it is known, in order to sell to investors for as little as $100.

This removes a huge barrier the everyday person has when it comes to real estate investment but it doesn’t stop there. Unlike normal property investment, the deal is done in seconds with no paperwork or hidden fees. Metropoly customers can then earn passive income from rent just like they would if they actually owned the property in real life.

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RobotEra- The next Metaverse game that blockchain gamers will love 

Blockchain gaming is trying to bridge the gap to traditional gaming and it is getting there step by step but still has a long way to go popularity-wise. RobotEra (TARO) will be a big step toward closing that gap. The gameplay is super entertaining and just exploring the Metaverse as your robot sidekick will give players endless hours of fun.

The game is also P2E and the possibilities are unlimited as stated by the inventors themselves. Players interact with each other in-game in second-life style, so they also spend money and earn money. Each player at the start will purchase a plot of land and this is how they will make revenue, they can do whatever they want to attract other players to spend money there, so the more innovative the better! 

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To finish, Love Hate Inu, Fight Out, C+Charge, Metropoly, and RobotEra are certainly the best investment options for 2023. They are all going through presale so this gives the added bonus of a low risk high-reward scenario. The prices now will likely be as low as they will ever be so the time to buy is now.