Many experts will agree that the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has been a true blessing for the crypto market, especially for BTC and ETH, where we could see a rise in the price of 15% in just a couple of days. The lack of trust in centralized banks from the investors has led to a bigger demand for self-custody of funds in a decentralized manner by investing in BTC and crypto. For those investors who are looking for more opportunities to invest aside from BTC and ETH here are the best ICOs that are set to explode this year: 

  1. Love Hate Inu (LHINU), 
  2. FightOut (FGHT), 
  3. C+charge (CCHG), 
  4. Metropoly (METRO), 
  5. RobotEra (TARO),
  6. yPredict (YPRED),
  7. MetaBlaze (MBLZ),
  8. SubQuery

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) A New Fun Meme Coin Set to Beat Shiba Inu And

Love Hate Inu (LHINU) is a new fun meme coin that has already beaten all records. Only two days into the launch, more than 700,000 USDT has been raised. Shortly after the presale started, this coin has become viral, and now everybody wants to own this new socially engaging meme coin. The owners of the coin will be able to address their opinions online and vote on various hot topics (political, economic, sports, and other important issues). By voting, holders of the coin will receive various rewards – a vote-to-earn coin.

One of the most important aspects that will set LHINU apart from other meme coins is that it is a highly deflationary coin where almost 90% of the coins will be sold in this short presale. The coin can be bought directly with fiat currency and with crypto.

The interest in this meme coin is undoubtedly growing, and the fact the coin will be available for this low price shortly has spiked the interest even more. Don’t miss out and buy it now before it explodes.

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FightOut (FGHT) Crypto That Can Make You Money for Being Active

Another promising ICO that is set to become viral and popular among many people is the crypto fitness app called Fight Out (FGHT). This app will monitor the progress users make by doing various exercises and will reward users each time their progress in real life is made. The team behind the project is eager to create an app and community that will allow a broad amount of people access to cheaper workouts, personal trainers, and overall, conducting healthy lifestyles. The coin that will power up the app and platform is FGHT, and now it is on presale. The FGHT is the only way people will be able to use the app and gain access to various benefits, like workouts and courses, so there is no doubt the coin will have a strong use case. Now the price is at an all-time low, so hurry up and invest now before it is too late.

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C+Charge (CCHG) blockchain payment system for EVs charging 

C+Charge is a new payment system that uses blockchain technology for electric vehicle charging. It aims to help reduce harmful gas emissions by encouraging EV users to make a greater contribution. To access charging stations, users will need to use CCHG, the system’s own cryptocurrency. Payment for charging services will earn users carbon credits, which can be used to offset emissions or sold. The CCHG coin is currently on presale, and its price is expected to rise in the future. So act fast to take advantage of the low price.

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Metropoly (METRO) Crypto Project Set to Revolutionize Real Estate Industry

A booming market of real estate will be now available for everyone who wants to invest through Metropoly (METRO), a new crypto project that is now on presale. Metropoly will allow investors to become part of the multi-trillion-dollar real estate industry by providing fractional ownership of real-life estate through NFTs. Just like trading stocks, users will be able to purchase NFTs that represent a fraction of actual real estate. The native coin that powers up the whole project is the METRO coin, now available for under a dollar price.

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RobotEra (TARO) Play-To-Earn Game Set to Be More Popular Than Decentraland 

RobotEra (TARO) is a new play-to-earn game similar to Decentraland, where players can earn money by rebuilding the planet, owning land, and collecting various NFT rewards. This is a metaverse project where players can explore and build a virtual world on a planet called Taro. Players will have robot avatars they will use to play the game. The robots can be upgraded with different abilities and characteristics, and players can sell these NFT robots and earn money.

The native coin of the game called TARO is now available on presale. 

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yPredict (YPRED) Analytic Platform for Traders and Investors

yPredict is a new financial ecosystem made for traders, developers, and investors that will have various analytic tools. These tools will allow users to make informed decisions when making an investment. yPredict is a platform with analytic tools, financial prediction algorithms, and metrics that will provide valuable predictions and insights when making financial decisions. Now, the YPRED coin is in presale stage three.

Metablaze (MBLZ) Play-To-Earn Game With Amazing NFT Characters

MetaBlaze is a P2E game set up in a virtual world called Galaxia Blue where players can explore the digital universe and progress their NFT characters along the way. Players can earn rewards by participating in battles and wars by using all kinds of NFTs to help them in their goals. 

The native token of the game is MBLZ and it will be used for paying rewards and buying NFTs on the marketplace. 

Ninja Warriors ($NWT) A P2E and M2E crypto project 

New P2E and M2E crypto project that will allow users to have fun, be active and earn money along the way. The game cultivates the Japanese martial arts culture and gives players insights into what it is like to be a warrior. Players will create their own Ninja Warriors that will be unique NFTs they can sell or use to progress in the game. The native coin of the game is NWT, and it will be used to power up the whole ecosystem, which is now on ongoing sale.

Now Is a Good Time to Become a Crypto Enthusiast

Not only is crypto here to stay, but the trust of investors has never been more apparent than now. And since the whole market is still waiting for the next bull run, now is your chance to invest and make a huge profit. ICO drops like (LHINU),(FGHT), (CCHG), (METRO), and (TARO) will be an even better option since their price is now at an all-time low, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.