Environmentally conscious cryptos are becoming all the rage now in the crypto world. The community in general has realized that to be viable in the future the market has to become more green. We are seeing this even with the biggest projects like Bitcoin who are announcing more and more projects to offset the mining of the traditional giant of crypto.

Finding the best green projects then can be extremely profitable for investors. We believe that 2023’s best performing green crypto will be C+Charge (CCHG). In fact, we believe it will pump much faster than two very popular coins at the moment; Cardano (ADA) and Algorand (ALGO). Despite the very recent success of these coins we still believe once the C+Charge presale ends it will pump more than both of them.

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Cardano and Algorand pumping again 

Cardona has enjoyed a mostly great Q1 of 2023 so far. Like most cryptos its price was lifted by the bull run on the market for the first 30 days or so of the new year. Cardona can stand on its own though as the smart contract platform has a lot going on at the moment that would indicate its price will stay growing.

After a dip in price that is likely attributed to outside factors like Silvergate winding up its operations, Cardano has seen quite a dramatic recovery in the last few days. In just two days the price has grown by around 17 percent which is a very impressive recovery and buzz around the ecosystem would indicate the price might continue to grow.

At the start of the year if you said the UN would be singing the praises of Cardano I think people would think you had had one too many. But that’s what happened, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spoke about how Cardano could be used to raise funds for refugees that have been displaced. The network would allow the fundraising efforts to reach a greater audience and the funds would be distributed to the refugees at a much faster pace than they are now.

Cardano just recently launched its stable coin Djed (DJED) as well. The coin has spiked a lot price wise but anyone that invested on day one of its launch would be in profit today. All this positive news around the ecosystem means the price will likely continue to grow.

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Algorand on the other hand has been subject to a pretty crazy last couple of weeks. Last week the proof of stake blockchain came under a lot of pressure after influencer “ZachXBT” called them out for doing nothing about mysterious wallet drain where over $9.2 million, mostly made up of ALGO, was stolen from wallet provider MyAlgo. 

Since then CTO John Woods has come out and distanced themselves from MyAlgo and ensured users they are actually a third party with nothing to do with the project. Woods also made a very helpful video that shows which wallets are the safest for ALGO holders. 

This seems to have done the trick and the narrative seems to be changing a little around the coin as some experts are actually saying it is a better option to traditional proof-of-stake giants Ethereum. Algorand has grown by around 18 percent in the last three days alone so things have certainly turned around after what seemed like a dire situation just over a week ago.

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Why C+Charge will pump more that ADA and ALGO

As we have already mentioned C+Charge is a green crypto, how it works is the project is rewarding electric vehicle (EV) drivers for doing their bit for the environment by rewarding them with carbon credits. The hope is this will not only help current EV drivers but also encourage more people to make the switch to more sustainable drivers.

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The carbon credits will be rewarded in the form of NFTs once a driver pays for topping up their car at a charging station using the native currency CCHG. The carbon credits can then be stored or sold on the open market.

C+Charge doesn’t stop there though and it is the multi layered benefits that the project brings to the table that has us so sure it will pump more than ADA and ALGO. The peer-to-peer payment system which allows drivers to pay right from their crypto wallet will eliminate the issue many drivers face with charging stations having inconsistent payment options from station to station.

2023’s hottest green crypto will also have an app that drivers will be able to download on android or IOS. The app will have many useful features, the stand out one being that a live map will show drivers every charging station in their vicinity so there is no need to worry about running out of power ever again. The app will also come with a feature that shows drivers when parts of their car need servicing or replacement.

There is so much to the C+Charge white paper that it is no wonder the presale has been such a success. They are already closing in on the $3 million raised mark and with a target goal of $3,443,943 the finishing point is in sight. There are only a matter of hours before stage 6 of the presale ends and with that a price increase and the burning of more tokens.

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In conclusion all three cryptos in this piece would seem like good options. Cardano seems to have a lot of good press around it at the moment and after a brief fall in price looks like it should experience some growth. However this was also the thought before its last price fall so you can’t be certain. Algorand on the other hand is also trending upwards but with the strange situation surrounding the wallet hacking and so much ALGO being stolen it would not be right to advise investors to buy it right now.

C+Charge on the other hand is undergoing a very successful presale that is seeing growth on top of growth since it started burning tokens. It’s a project that looks destined for success and since it is still going through presale investors can get involved before more price jumps and more token burning. It is likely to pump all through 2023 so we are certainly going to get behind it early on.