Now that we are deep into Q1 and heading towards Q2 of 2023 we can take accurate sample sizes of the market and how it has been performing. It is mostly good news, although the bull run that the whole market experienced for the first 30 days or so has stopped, that doesn’t mean we are back to a crashing market.

It’s more of a case of the cream rising to the top. Investors need to focus more and do more research to find what cryptos are going to pump. There are plenty of them out there and we have done the work for you and picked six of the best new cryptos to buy right now.

Love Hate Inu- Experts already all in on this V2E presale 

Love Hate Inu’s (LHINU) presale has only just begun but the project raised over $100,000 in the first few hours of the presale alone so clearly there is a lot of buzz around this meme/V2E coin. The platform will allow users to vote on fun, controversial, and interesting topics via poll and will even facilitate discussion and monitor it to make sure everyone is being treated with respect.

The project has allocated 90 percent of its coins to presale as well which is a clear sign they are looking out for their coin holders. This tactic will ensure once the meme coin reaches exchanges there will be no danger of a rug pull. Users will also have to stake the native currency for 30 days before they can vote to ensure poll integrity. They do reward those who contribute the most though with more influence and down the line you will even be able to suggest and make your own polls.

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Fight Out- M2E’s new flagship coin

Fight Out (FGHT) is enjoying a very successful presale and investors only have a few weeks left to buy some presale stock before its IEO. It seems that would be a very smart purchase too as experts believe once it is launched it will soar past all of its competitors. Unlike other M2E coins Fight Out doesn’t just focus on part of Fitness and is still a comprehensive experience that will change the fitness industry.

Not only do they plan to launch their own gyms in strategic locations around the world but they will also make use of the latest technology to deliver personalized workouts right to their client’s pockets via their phones. That way Fight out has ensured they can reach everyone, those that wish to work out in person or at home. Fight Out will even have access to the Metaverse for its users as they can create an avatar in the app that will grow and develop alongside them.

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C+Charge- Carbon credits and more for EV drivers 

Carbon credits are going to be like gold dust in the years to come so projects like C+Charge (CCHG) giving them as a reward to electric vehicle (EV) drivers is sure to get more people to switch to a more sustainable type of driving. All drivers have to do is use CCHG to pay every time they charge their EVS and C+Charge will reward them with the credits in the form of NFTs.

The C+Charge app will also be a game-changer for drivers. First of all EV drivers know the fear of driving in unfamiliar areas with low power, well that will be a thing of the past now. Their app will have up-to-date information on all the available charging stations in the driver’s area. Paying with CCHG through their peer-to-peer payment system will also be a huge help as drivers need never fear not having the correct payment method anymore.

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Metropoly- Experts think this presale is about to explode 

There have been some cryptos that have dipped their toes in the real estate market in the past but until now no coin has fully focused their project on real estate investment. This is just one reason why experts are thinking Metropoly (METRO) could be one the biggest presales of 2023.

The project plan is to allow people to invest in some of the most luxurious properties in the world for as little as $100. How it works is the properties will be minted as NFTs and divided up to create fractions, people can then buy part of the properties. What’s amazing is buyers can create passive income just like they would if they bought the actual property through rent and appreciation.

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RoboeEra- One of the most exciting Metaverse games for 2023 

One of the most exciting P2E games of 2023 is RobotERa (TARO) and it of course takes place in the Metaverse. Players are tasked with rebuilding a planet that has just been destroyed but don’t worry you don’t have to be a coding expert. However, maybe having a small bit of business acumen will benefit you when it comes to revenue streams.

Players can earn money by charging others access to whatever they build on their land and the inventors of the game have even said they think new streams of revenue will keep popping up. Cinemas, shopping malls, and museums are all options but those that think outside the box will likely be rewarded more so get ready for endless hours of entertainment on the planet of Taro.

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MetaBlaze- Exciting gaming project with unique features

Metablaze is a very interesting gaming project that has some features that it hopes will make it stand out from the crowd. First up, the project will have two very exciting games that they promise will be addictive as well as rewarding. 

How they will reward players is the most interesting part, their own native currency will not be used as a reward as it will be invested into the ecosystem to ensure it is always developing and quality doesn’t drop. Instead, they will have a prize pool where players can win some of the biggest cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.


As the market recovers we are going to see so many new cryptos launch in 2023, luckily for you this list includes all the projects you will need to be a successful investor in 2023. Every project is going through presale so you have a chance to get in on the ground floor and see huge gains throughout the year.