Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is set to launch on Centralized exchanges, namely, BitMart and HitBTC, on March 15. It officially launched on March 1, when it got listed on and Uniswap. 

Also, MEMAG successfully gained the CoinGecko listing on March 7, which has increased this token’s value. It is currently priced at $0.016, the best price for buying a bag full of tokens. 

There are multiple other announcements about listings coming in the next few weeks. But before all that, let’s briefly look at what MEMAG offers. 

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Know What It Offers

Meta Masters Guild is the first-ever Web3-based Mobile gaming guild that aims to revolutionize the Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept. It has raised $4.87 Million in the recently concluded multistaged presale. 

A lot of good news is coming out of the MEMAG ecosystem, making it a potential token that you can invest in right now. Or read the announcements ahead to make up your mind. 

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Launching Soon On BitMart And HitBTC 

Meta Masters Guild’s official utility token, MEMAG, is launching on BitMart and HitBTC on 15th March. It will increase the total liquidity available for the project, thus increasing the coin’s value. 

BitMart is one of the 15 top-ranked crypto exchanges with a 24-hour trading volume of over $700 million. Out of those $700 million, a lot of it would be invested in MEMAG once it is listed. 

HitBTC is the second exchange on the list, which is a little older and has over 500 coins listed on the platform. According to reports, it has a 24-hour trading volume of over $400 million. 

So be ready to buy MEMAG from your favorite exchanges sooner than you might have expected. Still here? Go and buy it from Uniswap and enjoy a price surge on March 15.

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Staking Rewards and 75% APY Introductory Offer

With the announcement of listings on exchanges, the team has also announced the opening of staking on their website simultaneously on 15th March. 

You and many others with MEMAG tokens in their crypto wallet can stake them for passive income. The most exciting thing about this is that the team has given an introductory APY of 75% on a 7-lockup until the end of April. APY, in simple words, is Annual Percentage Yield, which defines the amount of return you’ll get on your total investment. 

This is the time when you get in, buy MEMAG tokens, and stake them to earn some amazing rewards. Also, if you are willing to stake until the end of April with the 7-day lockup, you’ll get an additional 9% bonus. 

Head to MEMAG’s website and connect your crypto wallet containing the tokens. Now choose the period you want to stake your tokens for and return when the staking period ends to claim your reward. 

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Play-and-Earn Approach with Gamearound Studio – Meta Kart Racers Game 

Now that the Presale is done and it is all set to launch on Centralized exchanges, it’s time for MEMAG to launch its first game on mobiles. 

They have partnered with one of the famous Game developers, Gamearound Studio, to create the Meta Kart Racers game, the first game in their gaming guild. 

You might need MEMAG tokens in your wallet to participate in the game to earn rewards. Everything you’ll purchase, including the in-game NFTs, will be rendered in 3D and used while playing. 

The games will be available in the free-to-play (F2P) and play-and-earn (P2E) versions. The F2P version will surely appeal to casual gamers worldwide, and if they decide to earn for it, they can transition to the P2E version. 

In the P2E version, you can earn rewards in the form of Gems, which you can further swap with MEMAG tokens and withdraw as dollars whenever you want. The game also offers an Arcade mode where you can earn rare NFTs. 

The major reason for offering these games on Mobile is the low-cost production compared to console games and a huge player base. So, hurry up and buy your MEMAG tokens now to enjoy all these benefits. 

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>>>Buy Meta Masters Guild Now<<<

$100k Giveaway by MEMAG

Most tokens use giveaways as a tactic to gain hype and attract people toward the project. Meta Masters Guild is no exception, as it is giving away $100,000 worth of MEMAG tokens to its investors. 

You must hold $150 worth of MEMAG tokens to qualify for the giveaway. When you think you’re done, you have a chance to earn 11 more tickets or submissions by completing simple tasks, including following MEMAG on Twitter and Reddit and adding the crypto wallet address used for the purchase. 

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A Mobile Gaming Guild For All

Meta Masters Guild didn’t want to create an ecosystem only for the sake of earning rewards but also to give the opportunity to enjoy the games to their full potential. And that’s what play and earn is all about. 

MEMAG is doing everything to make it the best mobile gaming guild and incorporate the idea of Play and Earn for even casual gamers. This means even if you don’t want to buy tokens; you are always welcome to play for fun. 

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Summing Up

A lot is going on in the MEMAG ecosystem. After the successful presale, Meta Masters Guild is set to launch on HitBTC and BitMart and release its first mobile game soon. This is when you open your crypto wallet and fill it with $MEMAG tokens because it will skyrocket soon.