2023 so far has been a good year for investors as the market has generally trended upwards. However, now that the initial bull run the whole market experienced is over investors need to be careful where they spend their money.

With the market back on track everywhere investors look online they can see the influencers and experts claiming they have the inside track on the best crypto to buy in 2023. Well, we have done the tough work for you and narrowed it down to what we think will be the 10 best-performing cryptos in 2023.

Let’s dive right in.

Love Hate Inu- The new meme coin experts love

This new meme coin to hit presale isn’t just a fun interactive meme but also a V2E platform where users can go to vote on important political and social issues or just fun topics they are interested in following. The Love Hate Inu (LHINU) platform will also allow discussion but will make sure it is done in a safe environment where people can express opinions without the fear of ridicule.

The platform has put the security and safety of its investors above all else; they have put a stake-to-vote system in place that makes sure users can vote anonymously and that their polls will always be fair. They will also sell 90 percent of their tokens during presale to ensure the stability of the project well into the future.

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Fight Out- M2E coin flying off the shelves 

The M2E coin set to take over the market only has less than three weeks left of its presale which is heading towards the $6 million raised mark. Fight Out (FGHT) promises to revolutionize the fitness industry with its app and new gyms.

Their app will use smart technology to gather information for Fight Out’s trainers and from here each client will be able to avail of a personal workout that suits them perfectly. It doesn’t stop here though, the M2E crypto is partnering with and even building its own gyms all around the world to give users the option to workout either remotely or at a physical location.

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C+Charge- This exciting cryptos presale is ending soon

C+Charge (CCHG) has now entered the final stages of its presale and has so far raised just over $2.7 million. The price now goes up weekly and with under 3 weeks left potential investors don’t have much time to get involved at a price that we likely won’t see again.

The project’s main goal is to give electric vehicle (EV) drivers carbon credits every time they charge their EVs and pay using CCHG, the native currency. The carbon credits will then be issued in the form of NFTs. They aim to sway more people to drive in a more sustainable manner so the benefits don’t stop there, they will also have an app that will show drivers where their nearest charging station is no matter where they are and it will let you know when your car needs servicing. 

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Metropoly- The first project totally dedicated to real estate  

Experts are very excited about the first coin that will allow people from every financial background to get involved in real estate. Before now other projects have dipped their toes into the real estate market but nothing has come close to Metropoly (METRO). 

How it works is Metropoly have gathered up some of the fanciest properties from around the world and from here they will tokenize them into NFTs and then fractionalize these and sell them as assets for as little as $100. This means users will have an amazing opportunity to earn passive income from the property through rent or appreciation just like they would if they actually owned the property.

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RobotEra- Presale just passed the $1 million raised point

RobotEra (TARO) looks poised to be one of the most exciting P2E games of 2023 and of course, the game is played in the Metaverse. The presale has just passed the $1 million raised checkpoint and experts and influencers are very excited about what this game will bring to the blockchain gaming universe.

The game tasks players with buying their own bit of the metaverse on the planet of Taro and from there they are free to do whatever they want with it. However, the P2E aspect of the game will be provided by other players so building attractive amenities on your land will be the best way to earn income from this game. The graphics look excellent and the robots, who represent their players, move just like us so endless hours of fun are in store for players.

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Tamadoge- Price climbing again after recent fall

Tamadoge (TAMA) had a great start to 2023 and looked like it was about to take its place on top of the meme coin ladder. However, the start of March saw the price drop and even hit lows not seen since 2022. However, in the last few days, the price is climbing again and as the ecosystem is adding more arcade games we think this trend is likely to continue.

Calvaria- One of the best P2E games of 2023

One of the stand-out features of Calvaria (RIA) is its free-to-play option which will likely encourage more and more new gamers to make the switch to blockchain gaming. The game itself, which is a battle deck style game, will likely remind players of Yu-Gi-Oh and other fun games they played in physical form. Calvaria’s price has held stead so far in March but is likely to pump soon as player numbers expand.

Cardano- Recent price growth should continue

Cardano (ADA) had been suffering from a bit of a price job in recent weeks but many were saying this is only temporary. The price even saw more than a 10 percent jump in one day alone. Cardano has been in the news lately for positive reasons including the launch of stablecoin Djed(DJED) so we expect the positive trend to continue.

MetaBlaze- Unique reward systems influencers are loving 

The very successful presale of MetaBlaze (MBLZ) is now under $200,000 away from its hardcap of $4 million as buzz is really starting to build. The NFT/P2E project has many unique features but the most stand out is players will not be rewarded with the native currency instead they will have a chance to win Bitcoin and some other of the traditional giants of crypto.

Polkadot- Price jump could continue with trouble in the banking world

Polkadot’s (DOT) project is all about connecting blockchains and facilitating easy interactions between them. Therefore, an expanding market is good for its price. The collapse of SVB in the traditional banking sphere and the poison domino it may be should turn more people to crypto. Polkadot’s price has enjoyed significant growth since the news about SVB broke so we expect more of the same in 2023.


2023 looks like it could be a great year for crypto so finding the right projects could be huge for your crypto wallet. We have done the work for you in this piece and found 10 great projects that should see big ROI. Love Hate Inu, Fight Out, C+Charge, Metropoly, and RobotEra in particular are the projects we are most confident that will pump the most throughout the year.