It is once again a great time to invest in the crypto market. The initial bull run that the market enjoyed for the first part of Q1 undone a lot of damage that was done by the FTX scandal last November and since then the market has enjoyed more stability.

While the bull run meant an investor could blindfold themselves and throw a dart at the board that was the crypto market and likely see a return on their investment things have now leveled off. This does not mean though that there aren’t massive gains to be found, it just means you have to find the right project to back.

Some of the biggest influencers have been very vocal lately about certain cryptos that they believe will have huge gains in 2023. We have narrowed it down to the seven best so let’s look at them now.

Love Hate Inu- The meme coin set to take over the market 

Meme coins have been one of crypto’s most successful genres of coin, we just need to look at some of the success that Dogecoin and Shiba Inu enjoyed to see this. Love Hate Inu (LHINU) looks like it could be the best one yet, like the new generation of meme coins like Tamadoge, it is much more than just a meme.

The coin is also a V2E platform where people can go to vote on political and social issues and much much more. However the platform will be fun and interactive and will encourage users to discuss these topics in a friendly way. The platform also values security above all else. Voters will need to stake for 30 days before they are allowed to vote, this ensures the polls can not be spammed by voters or rigged in any other way.

Another way Love Hate Inu puts its users’ security first is its coin allocation strategy. 90 percent of coins will be sold during presale which ensures the integrity of the project going forward. They have seen the damage rug pulls can do to projects and have safeguarded against that. The presale has only just begun so users can get the coin at a very affordable price but $100,000 was raised in the first few hours alone so make sure to act quick before that price disappears.

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Fight Out- M2E coin experts think will be the biggest of 2023 

Fight Out (FGHT) looks set to be the hottest M2E coin of 2023 according to a host of experts. The fitness coins white paper is hugely impressive and blows every other M2E coin that has gone before it out of the water. Fight Out will help its users complete their fitness goals through their app.

The app uses smart technology to gather information on each user and from here their elite trainers formulate fitness plans that take into account everything from what exercises their clients like best to what equipment they have available. Fight Out is into the last few weeks of its presale and the price goes up every 12 hours so potential investors need to get a move on because it is flying off the shelfs 

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C+Charge- Will this be 2023’s most successful green crypto?

Green cryptos are all the rage now-a-days as the industry pivots in that direction. C+Charge (CCHG) has the potential for huge gains in 2023 as it could be the best performing green coin. The project promises to reward electric vehicle (EV) drivers with carbon credits everytime they charge their vehicles and pay using CCHG.

The credits will come in the form of NFTs and can be sold on the open market but the project doesn’t stop there. They will also have an app that will make driving an EV so much easier. Firstly the peer-to-peer payment system eliminates payment difficulty many drivers will have experienced at one time using unfamiliar charging stations. Secondly, the app will have a live map of all the charging stations in a driver’s vicinity so they don’t have to worry about running out of juice in an unfamiliar area.

C+Charges presale has entered its last few weeks and is really taking off now. Tokens are being burned weekly and that is also the frequency of the price increases. Get involved now as it is likely to see huge gains in 2023

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Metroploy- Real estate coin ready for huge gains in 2023

When Metropoly (METRO) hits the exchanges later on this year it is likely to blow its competition out of the market. Unlike its two main rivals LAtoken and Propy its sole purpose is real estate investment and making it more achievable for the common people. It is this commitment that makes influencers think this coin will see huge gains in 2023.

The way it works is that Metropoly have made NFT versions of some of the most luxurious properties across the world, from here they have fractionalized them so as to divide their worth. So, now for as little as $100 people can start their way to becoming a real estate mogul! 

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RobotEra- Metaverse game with unlimited revenue streams

RobotEra (TARO) has the potential to be the most exciting P2E game of 2023. We liken it to a second life game taking place on a robot planet. The planet has just been destroyed and now players must rebuild it with the help of their robot sidekicks.

Players spend and earn the native currency just like we spend money so this is where the revenue streams come in. Your job is to attract as many people to your plot of land so the best way to do this is figure out what the planet needs and build it. No coding experience is required so you can jump right in and start making some crypto.

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Cardano- experts expecting it to pump in 2023 

Cardano (ADA) has been a mixed bag since its inception. A hugely successful 2021 was followed by a terrible 2022. However things have picked back up in 2023 and experts think it will stay that way. Stable coin DJED was launched recently and the coin has been in the news recently because of the UN of all things.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has spoken about his admiration for Cardano and how its ability to raise funds so quickly could be used in the future to help refugees get the assistance they need in a speedy manner. All this good press should also equal a good future price.

Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot (DOT) has seen a little drop in price in recent weeks but experts are still bullish for its future. Many are predicting it will pump past previous highs in 2023. The project’s main function is connecting blockchains and allowing easy communication between them. Market growth and more blockchains therefore benefit Polkadot, so experts believe the market growth expected in 2023 will help its price.


The crypto market is once again providing great investment opportunities, and influencers have been churning out the recommendations. We have selected the best seven, but to narrow it down, the first five on our list are the ones we really think are destined for huge gains in 2023. As they are all going through presale investors also have the chance to get them at prices the market likely won’t see again.