Have you gotten into one of the most hyped projects yet? If not, then hurry up and secure your position in the Fight Out (FGHT) token now. Experts say that it will be one of the most successful projects in 2023 and years to come. 

FGHT has reached a Milestone of raising $5 Million in the Presale and is set to revolutionize the Move-to-Earn (M2E) platform by integrating real-life statistics into the App. The FGHT token price will increase within the next seven days, but the exact price isn’t out yet.

We all know 2022 hasn’t been the best of years for the crypto market, but this year will be a blast with projects like FGHT debuting. It will encourage people to achieve their goals and earn rewards in the Metaverse. 

Before we look at the presale stats and price action of FGHT tokens, let’s take a moment to understand what FGHT is for people who don’t know it yet. 

So, let’s get moving. 

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Fight Out (FGHT) – A Quick Overview 

Fight Out is a brand new M2E platform that rewards you for your physical milestones. When entering the App, you are asked to build an Avatar for yourself. 

But the twist here is that your “Soulbound” NFT Avatar will be an identical copy of yourself in the Metaverse and can never be resold as it is forever attached to the user’s progress. This has been made compulsory so everybody in the Metaverse can see your progress in real-time. 

As you continue to climb toward your goals, your Avatar keeps updating within the App. Not only this, you can participate in challenges and earn FGHT tokens that you can further exchange for real-life cash. 

It’s an exciting concept that this platform has refined by incorporating workout routines and different exercise modes. The teams have ensured people focus on their Physical fitness while earning a significant income through their platform. 

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

>>>Buy Fight Out Now<<<

Presale Stats – $5 Million Raised Successfully

It has been a quick turnaround for Fight Out as it reaches $5 Million in no time. Initially, people were skeptical about the approach and future of this project. 

However, after taking a look at its presale, it is clear that this token will revolutionize the whole M2E ecosystem. It was just a couple of weeks before that the presale was standing at $3 Million, but now it has already crossed the $5 Million mark and is not ready to stop anytime soon. 

The team has already announced its CEX launch on significant platforms, including, BitForex, Uniswap, DigiFinex, LBank, and more after 5th April. But looking at the craze of investors, they might extend the presale. 

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The project owners have been giving away fabulous prices and rewards for buyers, like the 67% buying bonus and the $250k giveaway. All of it has been to capture the attention of investors and users. 

Price Analysis – Increasing In Less Than 7 Days

The price jump has been pending for a while now, but the price will be increased within one week. There hasn’t been a clear indication of where the price will lie, but we’ll get to know that soon enough. 

The price is currently at $0.02610 per FGHT token and can go beyond $1 after the official launch on big exchanges. If you hurry, you can buy tons of tokens at $0.02610, or else you’ll have to pay much more afterward. 

Interestingly, before the price jumped to $0.02610, it was standing at 0.0166, which shows a 200% jump from its previous price. If it keeps surging like this, you can make a huge profit alone during the presale stages. 

FGHT token isn’t one to miss out on. If you have already missed the last price, you can still buy it at the latest price and double your investment as soon as it jumps within the next 7 days.

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What Is Fght Offering To Its Investors? 

There’s surely something extraordinary that Fight Out is offering its users, due to which investors are pouring in quickly. 

Let’s take a quick peek at some of the benefits: 

Physical Fitness

The main focus of this token is to make people healthier and motivate them to work on their Physical fitness. As they improve their fitness in the real world, the characteristics and features of their avatars will simultaneously get updated in the Platform. 

Exciting Rewards Through M2E System

The M2E system will allow you to earn tokens while working out and completing the goals. Depending on the task’s severity, you will be given fixed rewards for every completed goal. 

Way To Interact With People

It also provides a platform where you can socialize with other people, challenge them for a duel, build a workout routine together, and much more. 

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How To Get Into FGHT Presale – Not A Lot Of Time Left

The good thing is that you can buy FGHT tokens for a lot cheaper right now, but once they launch on popular exchanges, you’ll have to pay more.

Follow these steps to buy FGHT tokens during the presale. 

  • Visit the Fight Out website. 
  • Connect your funded crypto wallet with the website. (Make sure you’ve got USDT in it)
  • Now enter the amount of FGHT tokens that you want to buy and click Buy. 
  • Now you’ve made your purchase, and as soon as the presale ends, you’ll be eligible to come back and claim your tokens. 

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Conclusion – Grab the opportunity before it expires 

Fight Out token has been out for a while but only for the Presale rounds. It has been selling out quickly because of the unique idea and benefits it is offering to its users. The price has increased once in the last month and will increase again in less than a week. 

So don’t stand here and think about buying the coin but make a move and get yourself some FGHT tokens before the price surges and you miss out on this excellent opportunity.