Fight Out is implementing new features as it gets set to provide a new revolution in how users engage with its ecosystem. Excitedly, this move-to-earn (M2E) platform has raised over $5 million in Initial Coin Offering (ICO) since the beginning of the year.

Well, the presale event is still in progress. The Fight Out team aims to increase the presale price every seven days in the remaining stages until the month’s end to drive demand and reward early adopters of the token. Thus, it could be the last chance to get your hands on FGHT at a relatively low price.

This M2E platform has several features that will dominate the fitness industry and offer the best long-term investment opportunities. This post reveals some of the eagerly anticipated features of Fight Out and provides reasons why you should participate in its presale event.

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Overview of Fight Out

In the 21st century, thousands of traditional gyms ensure their users get physically fit every month. However, these gyms do not incentivize their loyal members. As a result, many users opt out of their services within the first few months of starting.

Interestingly, Fight Out provides the solution by implementing blockchain technology to ensure users adopt combat-styled fitness programs and earn crypto rewards. These intensive programs will improve their strength, cardio, muscular endurance, and mental fortitude. Also, this intensive workout program ensures users develop their muscles and joints properly.

As an M2E app, Fight Out rewards users with REPS tokens, which are exchanged for fitness apparel and equipment, membership discounts, and access to its health bar and co-working space. Also, the fitness platform also allows users to access remote sessions with its ambassadors and coaches in order to become fighting fit.

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Fight Out is Set to Dominate the MMA Metaverse 

There are ongoing discussions regarding how MMA will be implemented in the metaverse. This discussion has sparked much interest from the CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg. This report shows that the metaverse is here to stay. So, what does Fight Out have in store?

Fight Out is the only crypto platform focused on including a metaverse where users are gamified and engaged in battle. To take things further, Fight Out will create avatars of pro combat athletes, matching their fighting styles and abilities on its platform. 

For instance, you can create a soulbound avatar that mirrors your abilities and fitness levels on the Fight Out platform. Thus, the more you exercise in the real world, the stronger your avatar becomes in the metaverse. Then, you can challenge players and combat athletes to earn crypto rewards.

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Fight Out is Set to Introduce Fantasy Sports Betting

UFC fights are a big deal in the world of combat sports. Many celebrities and stars spend a lot of money to bet on the outcome of these fantasy sports. In fact, they earn huge payouts if the result of the fight aligns with their bet.

Fight Out seeks to introduce fantasy sports betting into its metaverse. This feature will allow users to place bets on high-profile fights without needing huge cash. Instead, they can bet on their favorite boxers using crypto. 

Also, while these high-profile sports are rare events, Fight Out introduces fantasy bets to its metaverse, where users can bet against their peers or other players and earn massive payouts. 

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Upcoming Partnerships with UFC Athletes

The CEO of Fight Out, Carl Jones, has hinted at a partnership with some of the biggest names in the MMA and UFC industry. He believes this will cement their place in the fitness industry and become a reputable brand utilizing web 3.0 technology. 

Recently, Fight Out has partnered with UFC fighters Amanda RIbas and Taila Santas to push further their ambitions of becoming a legitimate fitness web 3.0 platform. These fighters add to the rank of Fight Out ambassadors, including MMA Champion Savannah Marshal. Interestingly, at a press conference, Carl Jones hinted that more UFC ambassadors would be announced in March 2023. 

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Fight Out Tokenomics, Presale Event, and Roadmap

As earlier mentioned, Fight Out has raised $5 million in capital thanks to early demand for its tokens by investors. With the new 7-day price increment system, its tokens, FGHT, will start at $0.0261 on March 3 and reach $0.0333 by March 24, 2023. 

Fight Out’s presale event includes a 67% presale bonus if you purchase FGHT via Ethereum, Tether, or Debit Card. After the presale event, Fight Out will successfully list on seven top-tier exchanges: Changelly Pro, BitForex, Uniswap, BKEX, LBank, DigiFinex, and

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Final Thoughts: Do Not Miss Out On The FGHT Presale Event 

Despite the crypto market’s adversities, Fight Out still shines and is poised to be an excellent move 2 earn platform. This fitness platform is ready to storm the market with incredible features that will leave users wanting more. 

Thankfully, this article has revealed exciting features that Fight Out will roll out to assert dominance in the fitness industry. It includes MMA Metaverse, crypto rewards, UFC ambassadors, top-tier exchange listings, and many more. 

Its presale event is still a perfect window to accumulate FGHT tokens before future listings in the coming quarter. So, do not miss out on its low pricing and presale bonuses, thus guaranteeing you future gains. Stay Fighting Fit and enjoy numerous rewards with Fight Out.