The excellent crypto revival is finally upon us.

With a market cap of around $430 Billion, Bitcoin dominates the crypto market, owning more than 40% of its value. 

Even though the world’s most popular crypto is again trading over $22k, many experts stay doubtful about recommending Bitcoin as an investment to smaller investors. As always, the known proverb that only whales make money with BTC seems to hold true.

For smaller fish (investors), there are also viable options to go for. 

After the introduction of Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), and RobotEra (TARO) in the crypto world, novice investors finally got a chance to invest their money in something of high ROI potential and absolute utility. 

Therefore, the value and price of these tokens do not rely on some speculations or meme power. On the contrary, these tokens are a part of excellent platforms that provide valuable service to their users.

You can read below more on why the crypto market price will likely increase in March and why the abovementioned tokens can be a great pick.

Crypto prices finally going up – Will the crypto market recover soon?

In the final two months of 2022, the global cryptocurrency market declined by about a third, from $3 Trillion on November 10 to about $0.83 Trillion on December 31. 

However, during the initial two months of 2023, the global crypto market has increased in value to about $1.1 Trillion.

Despite the solid start for 2023, analysts say the remainder of 2023 could be a struggle for crypto. Many investors wonder whether cryptocurrencies will ever return to substantial long-term growth in this unpredictable market.

We believe they will, but the rising waters will not lift every boat.

However, for most people investing in top-tier and giant tokens can mean biting more than one can chew, which is why they turn to more affordable cryptos with tremendous growth potential. 

We have also mentioned those “affordable” picks in the introduction. Still, we will give you a better insight into why you should choose them below.

Fight Out (FGHT)

The fact that Fight Out’s total raised capital is increasing so quickly indicates that there’s significant market interest in the move-to-earn Web3 platform. This type of Web3 platform plans to reward users for engaging in various workouts, activities, and courses when it launches in the year’s second quarter.

Fight Out is the only crypto platform concentrated on retaining a metaverse where users are gamified and committed in battle. To take things further, Fight Out will create avatars of pro combat athletes, corresponding to their fighting styles and abilities on its platform.

For example, you can create a soulbound avatar that reflects your abilities and fitness levels on this platform. Consequently, the more you exercise in the real world, the more powerful your avatar becomes in the metaverse.

FGHT is set to be used to pay for the app’s subscription fees. It will likely see rising demand once the platform launches.

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C+Charge (CCHG)

Electric vehicles (EVs) are one of the most potent weapons we have in the fight against the outcomes of global climate change. Unfortunately, charging them can be tedious.

C+Charge is a global Peer-to-peer (P2P) blockchain payments system to resolve issues troubling the EV charging market. With CCHG, the platform’s native token, you no longer have to worry about different providers and whether they accept your card. 

C+Charge already has deals with all major charging providers and EV manufacturers. You can use the app at almost any charging station to pay for charging your EV.

C+Charge is the only project that targets EV drivers by rewarding them with carbon credits when they employ the C+Charge platform to pay for charging.

The eco-crypto industry will rise in the upcoming years, and C+Charge, one of the best endurable crypto coins, will play a menacing role in the growth.

C+Charge recently announced its burning program. In addition, all unsold tokens you can burn at the end of every presale stage. As a result, CCHG supply will decrease, increasing the token’s worth and price.

So far, C+Charge has raised over $2 million and is closing fast on its presale goal. The next presale stage will begin in a few days, with mandatory token burning and price increases.

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RobotEra (TARO)

Metaverse gaming is one of the most thrilling fields in the gaming industry, with developers hyping new titles almost every week.

RobotEra is the best metaverse game in 2023, with a fantastic story, incredible visuals, and attractive bonuses based on P2E mechanics.

With almost $1 million raised during the presale, RobotEra is approaching its goal. 

RobotEra’s native token, TARO, is on presale, selling for just $0.020. However, that price is valid in this stage only; when Stage 2 starts, it will jump to $0.025.

There is still time to grab it before it hits crypto exchanges and starts pumping. Once the presale ends, its native token, TARO, will emerge on various crypto exchanges. A considerable price bump is expected at that point, creating a windfall for early investors.

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All investors eagerly want to know whether cryptocurrencies will ever return to substantial long-term growth. The answer is relatively tricky, and whatever it is, there is no guarantee.

However, we believe the crypto market is going up and becoming more stable again, but not for each token.

Investing in top-tier tokens like Bitcoin will be a turbulent journey for most novice investors. Thus, it is recommended that they turn their attention to more affordable cryptos with tremendous growth potential. 

Assets like FGHT, CCHG, and TARO have a vastly bigger chance of providing substantial gains in a shorter time frame. 

You won’t go wrong investing in any of the abovementioned crypto projects, as they are sure to pump once their CEX listings start.

So, hurry up and don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance.