From the beginning of its presale, until February 17th when the presale was completed, Meta Masters Guild gathered a huge number of crypto gaming fans. This gaming guild succeeded in raising a fantastic amount of $4.97 million, and this presale success led to the first listings already on the first of March!

This presale result positioned Meta Masters Guild at the very top of crypto gaming projects for 2023, and gave its native MEMAG coin the epithet of “best play-and-earn” crypto! So let’s see how the situation will develop further.

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) presale is completed, and with the first listings, its price is expected to explode!

If you are among the early investors who took advantage of the opportunity and bought MEMAG on the presale, you are probably aware of how good a decision you actually made, because as things stand, this coin is just about to show us its full potential!

We are approaching the moment when all those who have already invested in MEMAG will be able to have an incredibly interesting and complete play-and-earn experience with all the games that come from this platform. But, before we get to meet Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT, we have another important event: the first listings of MEMAG on the best crypto exchanges!

The first centralized exchange (CEX) that welcomes MEMAG is Already on Wednesday, the first of March, at 10 am UTC, it will be possible to trade the MEMAG token on this centralized exchange. But that’s not the only news, because at the same time, the decentralized exchange (DEX) Uniswap will also “open the door” to this phenomenal play-and-earn coin! And this is just the beginning, because in addition to and Uniswap, according to the announcements of the Meta Masters Guild team, new listings will follow in the coming period! 

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The same date brings another important thing for all MEMAG holders: from Wednesday, the first of March, they will be able to claim their tokens and all they have to do is connect their crypto wallets to the Meta Masters Guild website,  and click the “Claim” button.

Whether you already bought MEMAG during the presale, or you are just planning to buy this popular play-and-earn crypto now, you must be wondering how these upcoming events will affect the value of this coin. 

As with the completion of any other successful crypto presale, the same scenario will occur here. MEMAG will experience an increase in value immediately after the first listing, and after each next listing, that growth will increase further! That’s why those who grabbed this coin at the presale price “made the best deal”, but it’s not too late for others who are currently considering investing in MEMAG. The best advice you can get is to buy it as soon as possible! Not only to enjoy phenomenal and interesting games, but because crypto experts expect serious growth in the value of this coin, and agree that its price could explode and pump up to 30x in 2023!

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MEMAG presale is completed, but make sure you don’t miss the other best crypto presales of 2023!

Although the MEMAG presale is completed, there are some other crypto presales that you should pay attention to!

Fight Out (FGHT)

You should definitely not miss the presale of FGHT, the best move-and-earn crypto coming from the Fight Out platform, for several reasons. First of all, you can now buy this coin at a fantastic price of only 0.02541 USDT, and as for the predictions of its value for 2023, they are more than promising.

Compared to some other move-to-earn cryptos, STEPN for example, FGHT will, according to experts, pump even 30 times faster! Fight Out has better predictions than all other move-to-earn crypto projects for a reason: it motivates you in many ways to persevere in a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine. Don’t wait for the next price increase, grab this coin today!

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C+Charge (CCHG)

The crypto presale that is currently one of the most successful ones is the presale of the best eco-friendly crypto for 2023, C+Charge’s CCHG! Why does CCHG arouse such great interest from users? Well, for many reasons.

C+Charge is by all accounts the most sustainable project in the crypto sector and it provides real benefits. The mission of this green platform is to encourage more and more people to use EVs, by enabling a simple and transparent charging process together with a fantastic reward system. This green platform will allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles at EV charging stations worldwide, which they will pay with CCHG tokens. And every time they pay for charging in this way, they will be rewarded in the form of carbon credits.

But there is one more thing that attracts users to invest in CCHG, even during these unstable times for crypto, and that is the token burning that C+Charge will conduct every week! All tokens that are not sold in the assigned presale phase will be burned, that is, removed from circulation.

This will lead to the stabilization of the CCHG token, and further increase the value of the remaining coins. Therefore, CCHG is currently one of the safest investment options, and at the same time one of the most favorable. Take advantage of the current phenomenal price of only 0.017 USDT, and grab CCHG before the next price increase!

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RobotEra (TARO)

Another crypto whose presale still lasts, and whose price is set to explode very soon is RobotEra’s TARO coin. This popular metaverse crypto gathers more and more users because of the undeniable fun it provides, but also because of the phenomenal reward system and numerous earning opportunities (selling NFTs, mining, staking TARO coins, etc.). 

Don’t miss out on buying TARO during the presale, because crypto experts are predicting a phenomenal growth in value between 10 and even 30x for this coin during 2023.

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After the first listings of MEMAG on and Uniswap, what we will certainly witness is the growth of the value of this coin. However, the same will happen with a few other coins, which luckily you can still buy at presale prices! Grab MEMAG, but don’t miss FGHT, CCHG, and TARO, because, by all accounts, these coins will be the stars of spring 2023!