Hailed as the best green coin on the market, C+Charge (CCHG) is an EV-focused crypto that plans to revolutionize the way we use and charge electric vehicles. The app is not interesting to users only, but investors as well, as it raised almost $1.8 million during its current presale. A chance to get a piece of the highly lucrative carbon credit market is more than enough to entice investors to go all-in on this amazing green crypto. With limited time left before the C+Charge presale ends, they are scrambling to get as many CCHG as they can before it hits the open market and a massive pump begins.

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How C+Charge Plans To Change Carbon Credit Market

The fast pace of global climate change has spurred many innovative solutions in an effort to at least curb them, if not stop them altogether. However, not many have been effective and those few that are have been criticized for various reasons.

The carbon credit market is one of them. Essentially, one carbon credit represents a permit to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. CO2 is one of the main reasons behind climate change and reducing the amount of it we release into the air is imperative if we are to prevent global catastrophe in our lifetimes. Carbon credits are a good way of enticing large carbon emitters, like car manufacturers, to curb their emissions in exchange for hefty incentives.

Carbon credits are a good idea in theory but hampered in practice with too many limitations. C+Charge plans to democratize it and offer EV owners and drivers a chance to participate in it and reap the same benefits as EV manufacturers. Each time they charge their vehicle, they will be entitled to carbon credits. The app will use blockchain technology to keep track of earned credits and provide some much-needed transparency to the system.

The carbon credit market was worth $851 billion in 2022. With a pie that big, it is no wonder investors are flocking to C+Charge. Even a small piece of the carbon credit market could potentially be worth millions, if not billions. Returns on their CCHG stake could easily reach 10 or 20x their initial investment. But that is not all C+Charge aims to achieve.

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C+Change Will Revolutionize EV Charging

Electric vehicles are one of the most practical ways of eliminating pollution caused by the internal combustion engines (ICE) in our cars. Unfortunately, there are still many hurdles in the way of EV mass adoption. One of them is the way people charge their EVs.

At the moment, the EV charging market is fractionalized and users can have difficulty predicting cost, as it lacks transparency and consistency when it comes to charging fees. There is no set standard and some charging stations express prices in fiat, while others do it in kilowatt-hours (KWh). This creates trust issues for EV owners and makes it less likely for new owners to join the club.

C+Charge will change all that by introducing a unified Peer2Peer (P2P) payment platform that will function with all providers and offer price comparisons across the local markets. C+Charge users will be rewarded with carbon credits each time they charge their EVs, providing a strong incentive to use them as much as they can instead of ICE cars. At the same time, it will also positively affect the sales of the new EVs and speed up their mass adoption.

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C+Charge Amazing Presale

C+Charge has so far raised more than $1.7 million during its presale. At the moment, you can get CCHG for just 0.017 USDT, but in less than two days this presale stage will end and a new one will begin. With each new stage, the price increases, and a mandatory burn is instituted to provide anti-inflationary measures. This will not only fight inflation but also protect the investors’ stakes in CCHG and provide a steady upward price pressure. Combined with CCHG’s utility within the C+Charge platform, it will ensure that there is always a strong demand for the token not related to outside pressures like so many other cryptocurrencies.

The presale is planned in 8 stages, with an end date and first listings set for March 31st.

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How To Buy CCHG

Before you buy CCHG, you will need a wallet. The developers recommend Metamask for non-mobile users, as it will provide a much smoother experience in a browser. Mobile users can use Trust Wallet. Once you have set up your wallet, connect it through the C+Charge site and proceed to the next step.

Once your wallet is connected, you will be presented with three options:

  • Buy CCHG with BNB
  • Buy CCHG with USDT
  • Buy BNB with a credit card to refill your wallet

If you don’t have enough currency in your wallet, you should choose the third option first.

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CCHG Tokenomics

The total supply of CCHG is one billion tokens. The breakdown of tokenomics is as follows:

  • Public sale (IDO) – 40% – No vesting period
  • Ecosystem fund – 15% – Vesting period linear over 36 months
  • Community – 10% – Vesting period linear over 36 months
  • Listings & Exchange Funds – 8% – No vesting period
  • Partners – 7.5% – Vesting period linear over 12-24 months
  • Private Sale – 5% – Vesting period linear over 12 months
  • Founders & Team – 5% – Vesting period linear over 36 months
  • Environmental & Charity – 5% – Vesting period linear over 36 months
  • Advisor – 2.5% – Vesting period linear over 24 months
  • Angel Sale – 2% – Vesting period 3 months cliff, linearly over 36 months

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C+Charge is one of the most innovative EV-focused cryptos on the market currently. Its new approach to EV charging and the distribution of carbon credits to EV owners has rightfully earned it the title of the best green token today. However, to maximize the ROI, investors have limited time to catch in while still in presale and before it explodes once exchange listings start.