The green crypto market has been on the rise in the last few years due to the climate change crisis growing larger with each passing day.

Surprisingly, there has been one specific niche of eco-friendly cryptos that no one has filled until now – electric vehicle (EV) charging.

That’s where C+Charge steps in to fill the void with an innovative idea, revolutionary use of blockchain and Web3 technology, and a state-of-the-art app to support the whole ecosystem.

When you hear all of this, the reason behind CCHGs success so far becomes much clearer. According to experts, C+Charge has a chance to become the industry leader by the end of the year.

Let’s dive deeper, and shed more light on C+Charge.

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What is C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge started out with a simple observation that there is not a single crypto project that focused on the EV charging process. 

After that, the founders gathered a team of experts in blockchain and Web3 technology to start building the platform from scratch.

And the outcome is amazing…

C+Charge functions as a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment option that drivers use to pay seamlessly for their charges. 

Not only that, but drivers will also be rewarded with carbon credits and CCHG tokens for their use of designated charging spots.

To make the experience even easier for users, the team is working on a mobile app that’ll be equipped with a geolocation tracker, to help them locate the nearest charger.

Also, according to the official whitepaper, every time that the token is used to pay for a charge, it will be deleted from circulation immediately. Making the CCHG token deflationary.

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5 Reasons Why C+Charge Will Explode in 2023

With the basics covered, let’s check out 5 reasons why investors are expecting this new green crypto to explode in 2023.

Democratization of Carbon Credits  

C+Charge offers a great benefit to electric vehicle drivers by allowing them to earn carbon credits simply by using the platform. 

In the past, these carbon credits were only accessible to big corporations and wealthy individuals, making them unattainable for most people. 

Carbon credits are currently a rapidly growing sector in investment markets, but C+Charge provides an opportunity for the general public to benefit from them as well.

Every time that drivers use CCHG to pay for a charge, they’ll earn more carbon credits. And holders of CCHG will also be able to get carbon credits through the new “reflections” program.

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CCHG is Under-Priced Due to the Ongoing Presale

Another reason why experts believe that CCHG will explode is a rather simple one.

Due to the incredible features and use cases that C+Charge will offer, experts believe that the current discounted price is more than a bargain.  And with the EV market expected to expand even more in the following year, the need for e-charging will grow exponentially. 

Which puts the CCHG just in the right spot at the right time. Many investors suspect that the token is eligible for returns all the way from 10x to 70x.

Transparent Pricing and Availability Through the CCHG App

One of the shortcomings of EV charging at the moment is the lack of transparency about the price of a charge. 

Many EV drivers don’t know how much their charge will cost until they are done “filling up”. And at that moment they don’t have a lot of options except to pay for the charge.

Unlike traditional petrol stations that display their places in huge shining lights that can be seen from a mile away. 

C+Charge is looking to change that by showcasing its prices via a mobile app, which leaves the driver the option to choose between charging locations.

Not only that, but the app will provide real-time information about the possible waiting lines forming. Thus, saving a lot of precious time for drivers.

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World-Class Leadership 

One of the most important ingredients for any crypto project that wants to trade in green and bring profits to its investors is trustworthy and experienced leadership.

And C+Charge can proudly say that it has just that.

Namely, one of the co-founders of CCHG is Ryan Fishoff. 

A CEO of American Wealth Mining Corporation, a leader in business related to investment banking, cryptocurrencies, eco-friendly investments, and more.

With Fishoff as a lead strategic advisor, CCHG has managed to sign a partnership with Perfect Solutions Turkey – a big player in the EV charging sector. 

According to this deal, Perfect Solutions will allocate 20% of the existing chargers in Turkey to the CCHG platform.

$50,000 Giveaway to the Presale Investors

Last but not the least, it’s worth mentioning that there will be a $50,000 giveaway to early investors, to celebrate the presale launch. 

You need to own at least $50 worth of CCHG on the day of the main prize draw to be eligible to win this grand prize. 

Furthermore, you can also get additional entries if you complete a couple of tasks that can be found on C+Charge’s website.  

For instance, you can check their Reddit, and Telegram, and share the channels with your friends for more entries. 

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The Conclusion

C+Charge is rapidly establishing itself as the leading green-crypto project with innovative features and partnerships being announced regularly. 

Its unique features such as the geolocation of charging stations, real-time charger waiting lines, and making the carbon credit market accessible to everyone are setting it apart from other green cryptos in the market.

Industry experts are predicting that once it launches, CCHG could see returns of over 7,000%. And with the presale currently live, now is the best time to join early.