Cam sites aren’t new, but they can be overwhelming and too much to take in. 

If you’re anything like us, we prefer cams that offer a personalized approach with detailed categories, so we can find our perfect cam partner right away. 

Chaturbate has that and more – but is it everything it’s cracked up to be?

Find out more in our Chaturbate review.

Is the original Chaturbate site still the best live sex show site? If you’ve never actually joined and paid for a show, what can you expect?

Head straight to Chaturbate now

That’s what we cover in this Chaturbate review, along with some tips on how to use the site and how to interact with the models. 

First Thoughts on Chaturbate

Chaturbate Pros

  • Millions of active users and thousands of models
  • Enjoy free shows with video chat for adults
  • Lots of high-quality amateur content 
  • Sex-positive vibe inclusive of all kinks
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Couples, threesomes, and groups welcome

Chaturbate Cons

  • Some shows lack high production value
  • Streams can be glitchy and choppy

Chaturbate Promotions

Chaturbate Overall Rating: 4.7 out of 5

Fans love the site, not only because of its fun atmosphere and animations, but also because of the “in my room” personal approach that models gave their fans. 

The site is innovative in the way it brought people from diverse backgrounds all over the world, from international models to gay and trans models, to models with different body types.

Chaturbate has rightfully earned the title of most inclusive cam site in the world and one of the best cam sites all around, amateur in the best way possible – by showing viewers what the pros never bother to do. 

Chaturbate Review – Giving Back The Personal Touch 

In 2022,’s Natasha Pierson (a model and now an executive) did an interview with YNOTCam about her experience working as a cam model on the site. 

She explained that Chaturbate was created in 2011 to empower independent models, and give them total artistic freedom to put on a show free of censorship

Logging in on Chaturbate

At first glance, Chaturbate has a lot going on. 

The homepage can be quite noisy with multiple windows of models doing their shows, both public and private. 

You don’t even need an email address to start peeping! 

You can view each model’s brief bio, their most popular hashtags, age, how many viewers are watching, and how many hours they have been broadcasting. 

As soon as you click on a thumbnail-sized webcam show, you can watch a live-action show and are encouraged to chat with the models as they’re camming. 

Whenever you’re ready, you can sign up with an email address and manage your free account. While Chaturbate live sex chat models do work for tips, many shows are actually free to watch

Chaturbate Room Statuses

You may notice these room statuses at the bottom corner of each cam thumbnail you see on the main page. The status text will be in white in a corresponding color-coded box right on top of the thumbnail image preview. 

Here are all of the room statuses and what they mean:

New: New broadcaster.

Exhibitionist: Exhibitionist performers are regular Chaturbate members who are not professional models but who still enjoy being on camera. They may invite others to watch for free or have open voyeur cams.

Still, some exhibitionist broadcasters use their “free” status to earn followers early on, so they can become paid Chaturbate models.

HD: This model has a high-definition camera, which means their video output boasts at least 702p or 1080p, giving you a crisper DVD-quality image.

Chaturbating: This user is 100% verified by the site and ready to receive tips for their live show.

Promoted: This broadcaster has enough regular viewers and fans following to appear on the front page of the site.

Recommended: This broadcaster comes recommended by Chaturbate for live sex chat. The website’s algorithm figures out your favorite tags and performer preferences and sets up channels for you to check out that are more to your liking.

How Do Free Shows at Chaturbate Work?

You will get the opportunity to see plenty of free shows at Chaturbate. At any given time, someone is nude, someone is touching themselves, and someone is playing with a toy. 

The casual exhibitionist visitor can check out who’s online and catch a free show at any time of day or night.  

There is actually a large community that performs for free, and that lets their fans pool tokens together so that everyone can tip the model a little bit and meet her milestone payment faster. 

Tip Your Chaturbate Cam Girl, Please

But ideally, the entire site is built around tipping the models and paying for private shows. That’s the personal connection you want, and that’s what the models are hoping their true fans will do. 

A little goodwill (giving some shows away for free) usually motivates viewers to tip their favorite models more often. 

So while you won’t get in trouble for “lurking” and mooching off everyone else’s tokens, you really will miss the real joy of Chaturbate – YOU interacting with the model and getting a personal experience. 

Tipping is the easiest and cheapest thing to do to support your favorite models. You simply click “Send Tip”, enter the amount, and include a personal message if you prefer. You can also click to purchase tokens at any point in time. 

The “Tip Menu” is visible at the top of the chatroom box, and will explain how much certain sexual acts will cost in tokens

For example, 1-8 will give you a hug. About 10-99 will give you a kiss. And 600-900 will give you a wet kiss. (Obviously, we’re talking in euphemisms, but the Tip Menu is pretty graphic and self-explanatory about what you will see!)

Interactive Sex Toys 

Many Chaturbate models for live sex chat now have interactive sex toys set up that auto-activate whenever tips are given. 

Tipping a certain amount may exclusively stimulate the model’s sex toy, a procedure the site has lovingly dubbed “teledildonics.” 

Lovense toys are the company of choice and these toys include clitoral vibrators, thrusting machines, and other toys that interact with the buying of tokens. 

The Chatroom

The chatroom allows users to compliment the model, the model to respond, and other important messages to be passed along. This is also the area where the model can kick people out for rude behavior, advertise their “fan club” (or other links), and explain special rules for the room. 

Just know that some models turn off “free chat” for lurkers, and some models will ignore your comments UNLESS you also send a tip

Up at the top of the live sex chatroom box is a list of other users online (who you can message), a Private Message option (which is only available to paying model supporters or fan club members), and settings to change the look of the default font. 

There are also other fun features here like “the best lover the model has had” (the highest tipper), and what the current goal is, (usually something cheeky like “make my cheeks red!”).

Username Colors 

The usernames on are color-coded to represent different member types on the live chat feature. They are as follows: 

Orange: The Broadcaste
Red: Room moderators
Green: Fan Club members
Dark Purple: Tipped at least 1,000 tokens over the past 14 days
Light Purple: Tipped 250 tokens over two weeks
Dark Blue: 50 tokens over two weeks
Light Blue: Users who have purchased tokens
Gray: Free user who has no tokens

Model Profiles

Below the cam show and the chatroom box, you will see links, tabs, and photos of the Chaturbate model

The bio page is fairly detailed and includes the model’s name, how many followers they have, location, and other personal information. 

There are also public photos, “unlockable” private photos, social media links, wish lists, shoutouts from the model, and many other interactive features. 

One nice feature is that the camera automatically minimizes if you scroll down to look at the model page and you can still keep an eye on what’s going on (or what’s coming off!) with a smaller cam window. 

Private Shows

You can also show your support for your favorite model by buying a Private Show pass, which is the “main event” and what many models specially prepare for their fans. 

This is the real show and all the other stuff is considered “freebies!”

Private shows are non-public and have the most explicit action. Once the model decides to make her show “private” you will have to pay in Chaturbate tokens to continue seeing the most extreme behavior. 

You can also request a one-on-one private show for a tokens-per-minute price that the model recommends, along with a minimum of minutes. You will also be instructed as to whether the model allows recording the footage for personal use later on. 

However, cam-to-cam is the most expensive and most personal experience, as you get to chat with the model one-on-one and kick everyone else out! (At least for as long as you pay the higher per-minute rate)

Spy Shows

Spy shows are a sneaky but economic way to further enjoy Chaturbate and the live sex chat. You can pay a discounted per-minute price to “spy” on a broadcaster who is already privately chatting with someone else. 

You won’t be able to chat or control the show in any way but you can imagine the model is talking to you, while they actually talk to your buddy. Is that like virtual cuckolding? Hmm.

Finding (and Following) Your Favorite Cam Models

When searching for a specific kind of sex act, kink, or body type remember you’re more likely to find niche content by using the search bar. 

There are hashtags on the website from the main menu at the top of the page, but some of these hashtags are somewhat general. 

You also can’t search for multiple tags at a time, so if you want to watch a performer who is “lesbian” and “Latina,” for example, you can’t stack the tags to narrow your search.

True, it might be hard to remember your favorite cammer’s user name for later searching. What you can try is to “Follow” the model, which is a tab located on the top of the model’s bio below the chatroom box. 

Following the model and getting Chaturbate reviews is free and you can get both email and browser notifications for the next time the model starts broadcasting. 

One of the best features of Chaturbate is the variety of erotic kinks you can find with the live sex chat. There aren’t only single models working on the cams. There are also couples, threesomes, and even group parties. 

It never gets heteronormative, as there are not only straight cams, but gay cams, bi cams, and even trans cams. This is one trend that Chaturbate started and has since inspired other imitator sites to do the same. 

Negotiating Model Per Minute Prices

There is no negotiation, but plenty of models to choose from if you can’t swing the more popular performers. 

If you’re on a budget, the easiest way to find an affordable cam show would be to click on “Available Private Shows” on the bottom of the Chaturbate page and choose between token per minute categories of 6, 12, 18, 30+, 60+, and 90+.

Joining Fanclubs

Experienced Chaturbate models know that their biggest fans will pay more for exclusive content and special favors. 

Joining a model’s Fanclub does cost extra, in addition to tokens and private shows. Prices are set by the model which could be anything from $5 to $50 a month, or more. 

But Fanclub members and Official Chaturbate Supporters get exclusive content not available to other members. They also get unlimited private messaging, and sometimes incentives like bonus minutes, bonus shows, and special savings. 

Chaturbate Membership

Chaturbate does have a “Supporter” or premium member option for $19.95 a month. 

Membership perks include removing all ads, unlocking the private messaging feature, anonymous tipping, and the option to change your font and color in the live chat. You also get 200 free tokens for your first month of membership, but this is a one-time thing. 

Purchasing Tokens

Understandably, many users save their money for tips and private shows rather than buy a premium membership. 

This Chaturbate review does agree that while it’s a good deal for a one-time purchase, over the long run, Chaturbate Premium is only for hardcore fans who want to support several favorite models. 

When it’s time to buy tokens you simply choose your price using a number of payment methods, including debit or crypto. 

Tokens can be purchased in bundle packs, between 50-1,000 tokens at a time and up to 7,000 tokens per day, for new members.

How Does Chaturbate Compare? 

Chaturbate vs Jerkmate 

Chaturbate reviews do suggest the site is more popular than Jerkmate, and also has more models than Jerkmate. Besides the free sex shows, Chaturbate live sex chat also has more amateur or “exhibitionist” users to chat with and follow. 

Jerkmate does have more free games, a faster cam-to-cam experience, and also  

Jerkmate standardizes the prices of private shows, rather than letting the model set them. 

Chaturbate vs LiveJasmine

Chaturbate generally has more affordable models than LiveJasmin, though LiveJasmin does have better graphics and a better app overall. 

LiveJasmin’s best feature is the model “stories” feed, which is similar to a Facebook story and lets models introduce themselves to users. LiveJasmin also has more promotional deals, even though it’s a tad more expensive.

Chaturbate vs BongaCams

Chaturbate reviews state that the site has a simpler and easier-to-navigate interface and that is the general consensus. Chaturbate also has more American and English-speaking models than BongaCams and gives users more tokens for their money. 

But BongaCams does have more special promotions and accepts cryptocurrency. BongaCams is very similar to Chaturbate in design, however, and even has a private show spy mode.

Chaturbate vs OnlyFans

Chaturbate offers far more free video shows than OnlyFans, which is mostly a paid content site for models that have a large following. Chaturbate has more toy interaction and is much easier to search, as far as kinks and niches go. 

The big difference is that OnlyFans models make more money using OnlyFans than Chaturbate, so naturally try to bring their fans from one platform to the other.

What Is Chaturbate Reviews – FAQs

Can I use Chaturbate for free?

Yes, you can use Chaturbate for free with or without a membership. 

Membership and tokens always help, of course, both for the user and the models who need to make a living. 

Are there any rules about private messaging or public chat?

Make sure to keep all messages friendly and positive. Broadcasters have every right to block users for inappropriate conversations that make them feel uncomfortable, or that feel threatening or abusive. Room moderators can also do the same. 

How much do models make on Chaturbate?

Models can make money on Chaturbate, but how much depends on their own personal efforts. 

Like all porn and camming sites, there can be a sliding scale depending on how often the broadcaster is on the site, what their category tags are, how popular those tags are, and how much they charge. 

Income also depends on how many private shows they host and how many tokens they require for various naughty acts. 

Some of the more successful veteran broadcasters on the site can rake in $10,000-$20,000 a month depending on how often they cam and how many viewers they have.

What kind of cut does take from subscription fees?

Chaturbate takes a pretty hefty chunk of total Chaturbate subscription fees from the broadcaster, about 50% of the total tokens earned.

When purchased, a single coin is worth 10 cents but broadcasters only get 5 cents per token on the other end. 

This is something for potential models to keep in mind when pricing their shows; being mindful of how much one is charging for these shows is the best way to approach one’s total earning potential on the platform.

What are some basic rules or etiquette when viewing Chaturbate shows?

Here are some basic rules and etiquette tips from a Chaturbate broadcaster:

  • Make sure you tip before making any requests
  • Don’t post the same thing over and over
  • Don’t use ALL CAPS, or too many emojis or gifs, or “sticky keys” (heyyyyyyyyy)
  • Do not promote or advertise anything on a cam broadcaster’s page
  • Always be courteous and respectful 
  • Don’t feel afraid to ask questions
  • Try not to get into any arguments with the other chat members or the model

What is the best browser for looking at Chaturbate on? has said that the best browser for looking at their site is Google Chrome.

Chaturbate Review Final Grade

The gist of this Chaturbate review is that the site is a great option for anyone who wants a personalized and interactive porn experience with the women, men, trans performers, couples, and threesomes of their wildest fantasies. 

Better yet, you get the personal connection that’s lacking from most free or even paid porn videos, since private shows are customized to your preferences.   

Many Chaturbate models are amateur broadcasters, since webcamming is a very low-fi way of online porn performance. They are fun, engaging, and tantalizingly sexy! 

Why not show your support to your favorite models by joining today and tipping just a little bit to see how much fun it is?
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