Ready to get rid of those pesky pounds forever? We may just have the solution in this roundup article of the best weight loss pills. There are so many of them out there. Many of us get overwhelmed, or buy the first thing we see, or buy ineffective products. 

It’s time to cut that behavior out and get some knowledge about the high-quality weight loss pills that will have you looking great in no time. These are natural formulas created in sanitary facilities with solid money-back guarantees. Read on to find out how you can kick-start your fitness journey today with these best weight loss pills.

Top 5 Weight Loss Pills And Supplements Reviewed

  1. PhenQ – Overall Strongest Weight Loss Pills
  2. Leanbean – Most Effective Weight Loss Pills For Women
  3. Trimtone – Natural Diet Pills To Lose Belly Fat
  4. PrimeShred – Affordable Weight Loss Supplements
  5. Phen24 – Trusted Weight Loss Drugs To Lose Body Weight

1) PhenQ – Overall Strongest Weight Loss Pills

PhenQ weight loss pills could very well be the best-kept secret of the weight loss world. For years, people have consulted the site to obtain a quality weight loss pill that just keeps on kickin’. All ingredients are written on the label and are easy to research on your own. 

You get a one-month supply in every bottle. And the company takes pride in being honest and transparent with its customers, which won us over and earned them the top slot on our roundup article. 

The secret to this formula is called A-lacy’s reset. It’s like a reset button for the body, you might say. It all comes down to a little substance called alfa lipoic acid. This stuff makes your metabolism rev up, and you’ll feel alert and ready to handle the day. It could make workouts easier as well. It may help you get higher confidence, thanks to the l-cysteine. This will also help you fight aging and make sure your mood is stable. 

You’ll take this handy capsule in the morning and afternoon. Take one with breakfast, and then take one at your lunch. Make sure you stick to these mealtimes alone because if you do it with dinner, you could be up all night, thanks to its caffeine content. And don’t worry about cycling this supplement. Thanks to the ingredients being all-natural, you can take it as long as you need to, even after you meet your goals. Ergo, weight maintenance is easier. 

But remember, it’s not a magic spell. By taking this capsule, you should commit yourself to a healthier lifestyle all around. You will need to find time for regular workouts that interest you, and you can perform to the best of your ability. Swim, dance, bike, lift, whatever. Just make sure you also create a plan to consume fewer calories as well. A calorie deficit is the only way to lose weight and control weight gain. This capsule will just make it faster than if you were to go it alone. 

Yes, you can use this if you are a man or a woman. This is an excellent formula whether you’ve got lots of lbs. to drop or just want to lose 10-15 of them to look great for your upcoming vacation, high-school reunion, or to finally wear those old college jeans again. This formula is stellar for such purposes as it keeps our appetites down, and this, in turn, helps you turn down unhealthy foods such as fries, candies, and ice cream. 

Other helpful ingredients that will have you slim in no time are: 

Capsimax Powder: This is thermogenic and helps our body burn more calories. 

L-carnitine– This helps you avoid fatigue and helps you stay energized. 

Nopal: Helps you stay full thanks to the fiber included. 

Caffeine: This is thermogenic; it will help you stay focused and alert. 

Chromium Picolinate: Mineral helpful for blood sugar regulation, found in meats and veg. 

You will also love the fair customer treatment offered by PhenQ. They give you free shipping on all your orders, and you can ship to different countries as well. Within 48 hours, your order will be shipped. To know more about the customer’s experience, you can go through Phenq reviews

In addition, you will enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee for every item. Simply return unsealed/empty bottles within 67 days of order receipt. You will have to pay for the costs associated with sending them back, though. 


  • It helps burn fat on our bodies to define muscle mass and keep us satisfied.
  • Made in safe and sanitary US/UK cGMP plants
  • It improves your mood, which makes it easier to diet overall
  • Includes an appetite suppressant 
  • It prevents our bodies from making more body fat


  • Discount codes are available; just go to the website!
  • Unisex formula
  • Suppresses the appetite
  • No prescription required
  • Incredible results from real customers will inspire you


  • The formula contains caffeine which could upset your sleep cycle

=> Click here to visit the official website “PhenQ”

2) Leanbean – Most Effective Weight Loss Pills For Women

Women, rejoice! Here is the helper you need to get rid of that baby weight, lose those last pesky 10 lbs., or just kick-start that fitness journey you’ve been meaning to begin. Finally, there is a company for the best weight loss pills designed just for women- let’s learn what this capsule can do for us. 

Firstly, it helps by suppressing the appetite. During times of stress, we might turn to food as a means of comforting ourselves. And, during our menstrual periods, it’s not hard to look for sweets such as chocolate to satisfy our cravings. That being said, it’s OK to honor your body’s cravings, but not to the extent that you feel sick or guilty afterward. This capsule may help with that!

The capsules come in a pleasing pink bottle, but it’s what’s inside that counts. The ingredients here are not to be missed. The ingredients within are essentially there to turn your body into a fat-burning furnace. You’ll notice it includes Green Coffee Beans, which are coffee beans before they undergo the roasting process. Cayenne and turmeric are up next to bat. All of these ingredients work as a team to digest our food at a quick rate. 

You will see that raspberry ketones, konjac fiber, and acai berry are included. They are hunger tamers. They will keep your belly full even when you’re on a reduced-calorie diet. You may find it easier to form a caloric deficit, which is the key to losing weight. 

These weight loss pills could help you reduce your fat production as well. Some fats will get absorbed, but Leanbean could prevent most of it from doing so. They included Garcinia Cambogia as part of the formula. This stuff is what helps fat from getting absorbed, so make sure to do your part by eating less fat!

Remember that we mentioned Chromium Picolinate with our first supplement- that’s because it is a hunger tamer as well, keeping blood sugar levels where they need to be. Guess what? It’s part of this formula, too. It will help prevent you from getting so hungry.  

Other ingredients we liked were the choline, which helps your cognition and metabolic rate, and the glucomannan, which is derived from the konjac plant. This stuff expands when it comes into contact with water, so it makes your stomach feel fuller on less food. 

Although we love this supplement for women’s weight-loss efforts, it’s not a magic pill. You need to eat well and work out regularly. Make sure 80% of the time you are eating wholesome foods like proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats. 20% of the time, it’s OK to indulge. By doing this, working out, and taking Leanbean, you may find that you keep that calorie burn up even on your off days from the gym.

And don’t worry about how the capsules are made. They’re crafted in an FDA-approved facility, and the company follows good manufacturing methods as well. In addition, all ingredients come from nature; no prescription is needed. 

The only ax we had to grind was the necessity of taking 6 capsules a day. Gradually, it becomes manageable, and you won’t mind once you see the results, but we can see how this could be an inconvenience for some women. Also, we noted you can only purchase this via the product’s website. This is fine, as it ensures you are getting a genuine product but could be a friction point if you love shopping at major retailers such as Amazon or Walmart. 

That being said, you can look forward to a 90-day money-back guarantee if you find it’s not for you. Simply contact the customer support reps to get instructions and the return address. Also, be sure to check out the reviews from happy women everywhere!


  • Increases your metabolism, thanks to the thermogenic effects, makes it easier to burn fat.
  • It helps you boost your energy levels, keeps your mood up, and keeps you alert
  • Inhibits cravings- you may not be looking for donuts, chips, and other popular snack foods as often.


  • Plenty of natural, safe ingredients blended to create a synergistic formula
  • Great for vegans and vegetarians
  • It contains caffeine to wake you up


  • It cannot be purchased anywhere except the manufacturer’s website.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Leanbean”

3) Trimtone – Natural Diet Pills To Lose Belly Fat 

Here we have another prescription weight loss drug aimed at women that desire weight loss, whether they are 18, 42, or even in their 60’s! This is great for releasing fat from the “trouble spots” we tend to develop as we get older/have kids/ etc. Think about your areas- for some; it’s the thighs, the hips, the arms, the tummy- you get it! 

Thankfully, there is a solution, and Trimtone may be able to help. The formula is one we are proud to feature because it turns excess fat into energy we can use to sail through our days, and in turn, make it easier to drop that weight and eat less. When you partake in healthy eating and regular exercise, plus use Trimtone, you may find that results come to you quicker than if you were to go it alone. 

You will find that Trimtone is honest about all they do. They openly admit that taking Trimtone alone will not help the user lose weight; they need to commit to a healthy lifestyle and body mass index. This means eating a reduced-calorie diet, doing 30 minutes of exercise each day, and making other healthy changes to get the most out of their supplement. 

In a matter of weeks, you could be seeing results. What ingredients are included that help this formula work so well? 

Let’s have a look: 

Caffeine: A thermogenic, also great at keeping you awake and alert

Glucomannan: A fiber that comes from the Konjac root, great at filling up your stomach to make it feel full even when you’ve eaten less than normal.

Grains of Paradise: An herb that burns brown fat and could help you recover from workouts by fighting inflammation

Green Tea: This has antioxidants, great for improving your body’s overall functionality, may help with weight loss

To use Trimtone weight loss pills, simply take 1 capsule per day and take it with a full glass of water. Be sure you stick to the recommended dosage amount, too. Take this capsule a half-hour before you eat breakfast, and then be sure to drink an 8-oz glass of water after you are done.

Trimtone treats its customers well by offering free shipping on all orders. Plus, all their goods are made in the US. Refunds may be requested by contacting the customer service reps. In addition, the company offers a 100-day money-back guarantee, and if you discover that you are not happy with the product, just email them within 100 days of receiving your order. 

From there, they promise to refund your purchase price less the $15 cost of covering administrative and shipping costs. The cost of the supplement is fair for the quality involved; one single bottle costs $50, a three-month supply costs $33 per bottle, and a five-month supply comes to $30 a bottle. As you can see, it pays to buy in bulk- plus, Trimtone recommends that you take it for three months to see the maximum effects. 

Plus, we liked that there were zero reported side effects associated with the use of Trimtone (unless you are talking about things such as increased energy and weight loss). We did want to make a special note about caffeine. 

However, the formula does contain it, and in an amount of 320 mg. Healthy adults may have up to 400 mg a day, so for most of you, it should not present that much of an issue. However, if you are not used to consuming this much caffeine, you may find yourself feeling jittery, headache, nausea, or anxiety due to too much caffeine. 

If you have caffeine sensitivity or prefer not to consume it, consider looking for a different fat-burning supplement. We did not see any complaints about it during our research, but everyone is different. If you have concerns about this, ask your doctor. To be on the safe side, everyone should speak with their doctor before using any supplement to ensure their safety.

The formula uses nothing but all-natural ingredients, and it has received many positive customer reviews. Be sure to have a look for yourself. 


  • It keeps your mood uplifted and even-keeled on fewer calories
  • It could increase the speed of your metabolism and could help you reduce fat
  • The inclusion of glucomannan helps you feel full and satisfied
  • Simply take a single capsule a day


  • Completely organic formula, no prescription required to enjoy it
  • Backed by plenty of positive customer feedbacks
  • 100-day satisfaction guarantee
  • You could see results in just weeks


  • The formula is not vegan-friendly.

=> Click here to visit the official website “Trimtone”

4) PrimeShred – Affordable Weight Loss Supplements 

Now that we’ve shown two formulas aimed at women, it’s time for the guys to get something! This stuff is excellent for helping men get results and get a shredded physique. 

It increases your metabolism using the blend of all-natural ingredients and then using hormones and enzymes to help your body burn fat like butter on a hot pan. With regular workouts and a healthful diet, men will find it easier to get results as compared to those not using a supplement such as this one. 

It is made by MuscleClub LTD, a company known for being crazy about fitness and bodybuilding. They previously made the Blackwolf supplements, if you know about/used them in the past. 

The blend is effective, thanks to the signals it gives your body, telling it to break fat up and turn it into energy. They call this lipolysis in the scientific world. Ingredients like Rhodiola, cayenne pepper, green tea, and caffeine all work to increase the production of hormones such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. These are great for burning fat. 

Rhodiola is not an ingredient to sleep on. It uses HSL, an enzyme renowned for its ability to break down fat and do it fast. In addition, it reduces triglycerides within our fat cells- so, if we fire up this hormone and keep it active, it can work effectively. 

This practice is simple when you use PrimeShred. These ingredients also help our body create more ATP during those workouts. This means that even though you’re eating fewer calories, you can still get those tough workouts in and feel great once they are complete.

Green coffee, l-theanine, and caffeine also help lower our levels of triglycerides. These fats are kept within our body’s fat cells. Thus, by reducing what we already have, we can make it harder for our bodies to hang onto them. 

PrimeShred is great for mood stability, too. Cutting phases tend to suck; you feel hungry, and your attitude tanks because you just want to eat. This stuff makes those tough days easier by keeping you alert and focused on work, school, or whatever you’re doing. It is made with nootropics that help with clear thinking. 

For example, caffeine is included, and we love this from our morning teas and coffees. L-theanine is next, which boosts the effects of caffeine. This stuff is also great for workouts- it keeps you motivated and less tired when the lifting/running/jumping gets difficult. 

L-tyrosine is included too. It works with caffeine and l-theanine to increase our norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones generate happy feelings within us, so even if cutting, killin’ it at the gym and work has you stressed out, you will find it a bit easier to make it through your days and see the results you’ve been dreaming of. B-vitamins are also in the mix. 

This is important because it ultimately helps us stay more level-headed and better apt at handling the mental and physical stress that comes with adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

The cost of PrimeShred is about the only “Con” we could find about this fantastic formula. One single bottle cost $50 plus $8 shipping. Meanwhile, 3 bottles cost $100, and 6 bottles cost $200. The latter two options will set you free shipping and handling. If you find that you do not like Primeshred for whatever reason, there is a money-back guarantee you can take advantage of.

This particular guarantee lasts 100 days, to be exact, and if you find that your results weren’t everything you’d hoped for, you can write and ask for a refund. The company is very confident in the efficacy of Primeshred. If you would like to start the process, simply email the company, and they’ll give you further instructions. 


  • Made in the US
  • Formulated just for men to help them lose fat quickly
  • It helps you power through your days, from the gym to the workplace to your other obligations
  • Manufactured using Certified Good Manufacturing Practices


  • No prescription necessary
  • No negative side effects reported
  • Money-back guarantee
  • It helps with keeping you level-headed, even when you need to cut calories
  • Made of ingredients that are natural and safe


  • The supplement is expensive compared to others we’ve seen.

=> Click here to visit the official website “PrimeShred”

5) Phen24 – Trusted Weight Loss Drugs To Lose Body Weight

Phen24– it’s a dietary supp that will have your body melting fat day and night. It is excellent for males and females, and even when you’re fast asleep, the calories will be melting away. 

The day formula includes caffeine. Meanwhile, the evening formula is crafted to aid your sleep and make it sound and productive. This way, you’ll be ready to take on your day. After all, studies show that we are at a higher risk for obesity if we don’t get enough sleep.

So, what is it about these capsules we like? The daytime formula has guarana extract, and this increases the oxidation of fat inside the body. It also utilizes stored fat for energy. 

Next, iodine is included, which helps accelerate the burning of fat. Zinc citrate is also part of it and keeps our immune system well. Cayenne powder is in there, which we know to be thermogenic and a great appetite suppressor. 

The night formula includes biotin. This helps with carbohydrate and protein breakdown. Thiamine is also part of the formula, which uses carbs as an energy source. Hops are included, which is good for the reduction of belly fat and body weight overall. 

Chromium picolinate is a way to lower bad cholesterol and is also included. Glucomannan works to keep us feeling full on fewer calories, as it expands when it comes into contact with water. Green tea is also included, which we know to be an antioxidant and a fat burner.

So why have two formulas? During the day, we are awake and burning energy to get through whatever the day throws at us. The metabolic rate is higher because we have more stressors and decisions to make- you’re dealing with work, family, personal and social obligations. The more you do, the more calories are used. The daytime system gives you that extra gusto to make it through and slim down in the process while eating less. 

Now at night, the metabolism slows, and we are at the resting metabolic rate (RMR). This means our bodies do only what is necessary to survive- that is, keep the heart beating, blood circulating, and cells reproducing, plus other functions. 

This is a revolution when it comes to fat burning or losing body weight. It is a unisex formula, too- give it a try whether you are male or female. 

One box comes to $80, three boxes and two free come to $225, and 3 boxes come to $150. By bundling, you can save some dough. And we understand that some of you might be hesitating because of the high price tag, but we think you should go for it and pick up a box- after all, there is a 60-day money-back guarantee for you. 

You can try it out to see how it works for you. If you find that it’s not what you hoped, the company allows you to make a return even if the bottles are empty, hassle-free.

They ship around the world, using US, UK, or Germany warehouses. All orders leave in 48 hours or less, and the packaging used is free of markings or logos. 

Phen24 is not to be used if you are under 18, pregnant, nursing, taking antidepressants. If you have liver/kidney disease, prostate cancer, hypertrophy, autoimmune/endocrine disorders, testicular or breast cancer, avoid the use of Phen24

Even if you do not fit these categories, you should still talk to your doctor before using Phen24 to ensure your overall safety.


  • All ingredients are clean and natural
  • Ingredients are clinically proven
  • Works with your body to burn fat 24 hours a day
  • Helps fight cravings for food at inappropriate times (e.g., midnight snacking)


  • It helps you suppress your appetite
  • It helps increase the speed of metabolism
  • Formulated by an herbalist, naturopath, and nutritionist
  • It helps us decrease stress which makes losing weight easier


  • You need to remember to take two capsules

=> Click here to visit the official website “Phen24”

How We Made This List Of The Most Powerful Diet Pills That Actually Work In Weight Loss

We reviewed every product’s ingredients, features, dosage, pros and cons, return policies, and reviews left by real customers to provide you with the best weight loss pills in the market. 

Let’s get a bit more specific: 

  • Ingredients

Did the ingredients come from Mother Nature? Are there studies that back up their efficacy? And if there are studies, are they government/university/hospital-sponsored? 

Using natural ingredients is the way to go with supplements as this presents less of an opportunity for allergic reaction/negative reaction. Therefore, upon selection of these capsules, we made sure they were free of artificial ingredients, colors, and fillers. 

  • Benefits and Drawbacks

What benefits do you get from the capsules? And if there are drawbacks, are they due to an external factor outside of the ingredients (such as they don’t offer free shipping, they’re expensive, etc.). If so, they are worthy of our time. We did not want to include capsules that had ingredients that could leave customers feeling unwell. 

  • Shipping & Return Policies

These supplements are expensive, but that is because they are of excellent quality. We wanted to make sure you could trust the companies featured with your hard-earned money. So, we checked to make sure that all companies listed in our article had a fair return policy that gave customers ample time to send it back if they didn’t like it. 

Also, we wanted to choose weight loss supplements that could be shipped for free AND include some that could be shipped around the world. 

  • Manufacturing Plants

One thing we always watched out for when making this list was the place in which these products were made. We wanted to see capsules manufactured in the UK and US, as these countries possess cGMP or FDA-approved (or both) facilities. 

After all, supplements you find out in other nations may not be completely safe. Consider this Washington Post article in which the concept of “economic adulteration” is introduced. This happens when the creators of a supplement replace expensive, good ingredients with low-cost editions. 

This happens during the making of the raw ingredients, leaving both the company and the people responsible for manufacturing the supplement ignorant to what’s really in it, as they thought they were purchasing pure materials. 

  • Customer Opinion

What customers had to say about a supplement mattered the most. We read reviews before we buy ANYTHING, and these weight loss pills are no different. In addition, we double-checked these weight loss pills to make sure customers were satisfied with their results or satisfied with the return policy if they found it didn’t work for them.  

We wanted to also make sure we chose capsules that didn’t leave the users feeling unwell. You will find that there are no negative side effects reported for the supplements in our article today. We encourage you to go check out customer reviews for yourself, so you can see how well they work.

Weight Loss Supplements For Appetite Suppression: Buying Guide

Need to know what to look for when finding the best weight loss pills of your own? Check out these criteria to help you.

  • Your Goals

Your goals for weight loss matter, and so should the ingredients in your weight loss pills. For example, do you know you eat too much? If so, an appetite suppressant is what you might seek. Make sure the weight loss pill you have your eye on can do that for you. 

If you love carbs but know you need to cut back, a Carb Blocker could be the way to go. This handles complex carbs inside our bodies. Foods such as pasta, pastries, and bread are loaded with carbs. Carb blockers increase our resistant starch levels, keeping you satisfied longer.  

If fat burning is your goal, look for a thermogenic formula. This will produce heat, making your body burn more calories in the process. This can help use your fat for fuel, melting it away and helping you look more toned and defined. One effective thermogenic is green tea, which we’ve seen in a few supplements on today’s list. 

  • Customer Opinion

Make sure to read over what customers who bought the product had to say. If they liked it, chances are you will, too. Be sure to read over the reviews carefully and look for any reports of side effects. Also, do take a moment to look at the reviews that have photos attached to them. 

We’ve seen more than once “weight loss pills” for sale that feature photos of a large person on the left and a very slender person on the right, only to discover it was two different photographs of people who kinda look alike. The bottom line? Be mindful of fake reviews. 

  • Gender-Specific or Unisex?

Some weight loss pills are for both genders; others are for just men and women. You may wish to choose one that is gender specific. 

After all, men and women crave different foods- ladies tend to favor more sweet foods while the guys tend to go for eggs and meats. 

If you know that eating sweets or savories is a problem you face, choosing a formula designed for your specific gender may be worth it. 

  • Return Policy

For some of you, these prescription weight loss pills won’t work as well as you’d hoped. So, make sure the company you buy from has a returns policy in place. If the product is of good quality, they will have one, and it will be displayed prominently on their site. 

After all, most companies offer returns because they know they have a great product on their hands and the return rates aren’t a worry for them. If a supplement you have your eye on does NOT offer a return policy, don’t buy it. 

  • Ingredients Matter

Make sure the fat burner supplement you choose is made of natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. Artificial/synthetic ingredients could pose a threat to your health. So, be sure to choose supplements that are made of stuff found in nature. 

This way, you needn’t worry that you are consuming an illegal or banned substance. Plus, you can truly say you lost all that weight naturally!

FAQs Regarding Weight Loss Pills 

  • How Quickly Can I Expect These to Work? 

Some weight loss pills go into effect just a few minutes after you take them. Leanbean is one such example, as it is an appetite suppressant that works fast. 

Meanwhile, others may take some time to go into effect, as they need to pass through your digestive system. It is why they recommend you take them sometimes 30 minutes before meals- this way you can give them time to work. 

  • Are There Any Negative Side Effects? 

So far, we haven’t discovered any severe negative side effects during our research for this article, nor have we found any reported by consumers regarding these natural weight loss pills. Some of you may experience symptoms such as jitters, headache, nausea, diarrhea, or cramping. 

Increased heart rate or blood pressure could also occur, presumably due to the caffeine content of these capsules. Therefore, it is strongly recommended you talk to your physician first before using any of these capsules to ensure that it won’t adversely affect you and won’t interfere with other medication you may be taking.

  • Do I Have to Work Out and Diet to See Results? 

The answer is- yes. No magic weight loss supplement exists that will turn us thin with zero effort, and if that was the case, there would be no more obesity in the world. These capsules will only help you see results faster along with maintaining a healthy diet by helping you burn fat for energy.

Conclusion: Are These Dietary Supplements Effective For Weight Loss?

There’s no shortage of weight loss pills out there. And although they ALL claim to be the last prescription weight loss drugs you’ll ever buy, we beg to differ. The ones we’ve chosen, on the other hand? They’re natural, powerful, and proven to be effective, thanks to studies that back up all ingredients. 

So, make sure you’re ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle before you order. These capsules aren’t magic; they will require you to log in daily minutes at the gym and plan out healthy meals for them to work. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it, and you will likely get there faster using one of these best weight loss pills. Good luck!