Polyamorous relationships have become well-accepted in the past few years. Consequently, the poly community has gotten more opportunities to express their beliefs and has no fear of living their love life freely. 

On the other hand, not many people are into polyamory relationships, mainly because they’re incapable of being emotionally involved in multiple relationships. Therefore, finding the right people for a decent polyamorous relationship can be challenging.

Thankfully, some dating sites on the internet support the idea of polyamorous relationships, as they work hard toward delivering functional sites and apps that can help polyamorous people find their matches based on various factors.

If you want to test your luck and wonder whether trying polyamorous dating sites is worth it, stick around. We will review ten of the most popular dating sites and apps for polyamorous relationships in this article!

1. ZeverThe best dating app for polyamorous relationships

If you’re open-minded and like to experiment with open relationships and desires, Zever may be a good dating app choice. This dating app supports threesomes, swingers, open relationships, polyamory, and many other unconventional forms of dating.

The registration process is quick and easy, doesn’t require a connection to your social media, and is entirely free. You can use the app as a single person, but you can also connect your dating profile to your partner’s and let potential poly matches know that you’re looking for more parties.

You can adjust who you see on Zever by editing your preferences. The more information about what you’re looking for you give out, the bigger the chances are that you will find someone who will suit your needs.

2. Adult Friend FinderThe world’s largest adult dating site

Adult Friend Finder is a dating website that offers a chance to meet various people and start committed and polyamorous relationships, but you can also find opportunities for casual dating, swinging, and threesomes.

Millions of people use this site, and you can easily find matches based on the information you share on your profile. If you’re wondering if you will find someone to get freaky with you and your partner, Adult Friend Finder may be an excellent choice.

The site has a simple and easy-to-use interface and a quick registration process. You can also look at the site’s blogs that cover topics like sex, relationships, and polyamory concepts, as you can get advice for any of the problems you may face daily.

3. HingeOne of the most popular dating apps

Hinge is characterized by the fact that it shares a lot of information about people and has likes and dislikes. It also gives only a limited number of daily matches – at least until you pay for the premium features, which can be pretty expensive.

Although it feels like the app focuses on having meaningful conversations and relationship-building, it is most people use it more for casual sex and one-night stands.

Hinge has only recently added a feature where users can change their relationship type, meaning it hasn’t been a site catering to polyamorous relationships until now.

Because Hinge shares more information about people than other sites, it can make meeting strangers significantly easier. However, you might be comfortable sharing only some of your details.

Although the site is free, Hinge asks users to buy virtual roses to make their messages stand out. There’s also a premium version; its price can vary from $10 to $60 per month.

4. Swing LifestyleThe world’s most extensive swingers website

This dating site is one of the world’s most extensive swinger communities. It can help you find different types of experiences you’re searching for, like threesomes, polyamorous relationships, couple swapping, casual relationships, etc.

You can sign up for free, but by purchasing a premium account, you can rate clubs, send and read messages, and share nude photos. Monthly premium subscription costs are as low as $5.83, making it one of the cheaper options for premium dating accounts.

The website allows you to search for members based on your preferences and see their activity status, location, and interests. It has over 16 million registered members open to experimenting with polyamorous relationships and other types of dating.

5. FeeldThe dating app for polyamorous humans

Feeld is a dating app that allows you to browse through thousands of profiles and find open-minded individuals willing to step into a polyamorous relationship with you and your partner(s) and experiment with different forms of relationships.

The app offers inclusive relationship opportunities, digital polycules, couple accounts, and many more features that can help you find what you’re looking for in a partner. You can also hide your account and its information from other users until you decide if you like them.

Feeld is also a good option for people new to polyamorous relationships and curious about what will suit them. With an intuitive interface, useful features, and an open-minded community, this app can help you find your matches in no time!

6. #OpenThe dating app for open relationships

As the name suggests, #Open is a dating app intended for open-minded people, and it offers the opportunity to explore all kinds of open relationships. You can use the app to browse through thousands of registered poly users. You can have a lot of fun through this experience as you can come across various people who are open to different forms of dating.

Whether you’re bored or your lifestyle allows you to examine this field of entertainment, #Open will help you exit your comfort zone and find a perfect match who will make your relationship more exciting and wild.

This app is a perfect place for people with a sex-positive attitude. The primary goal is, of course, fun. Thanks to #Open app, you’ll explore your needs and, most importantly, you’ll meet lots of people with the same attitude.

7. OkCupidA standard dating app to find polyamorous relationships

OkCupid is a free dating app that is often related to standard dating opportunities, but it also allows poly-curious people to find other users for different experiences. However, it supports finding meaningful relationships rather than casual hookups or one-night stands.

With quick and free registration, you can send messages without paying for a premium subscription. Also, you can use filters to find new people based on your interests, sexual orientation, marital status, personal values, etc.

Although OkCupid is more of a standard dating app, there is a chance that you may find someone willing to step openly into a polyamorous relationship or any other type of open-minded relationship that you and your partner seek.

It relies on the standard swipe concept, and the app’s algorithm matches you to other potential partners. On the other hand, the site’s interface can seem confusing, and you may spend some time figuring out how the platform works.

8. 3FunAnother dating app for poly folks

This dating app can be a good choice for people willing to explore open relationships and other polyamorous concepts. With an LGBTQ+ community, it welcomes everyone who wants to find ideal partners for open relationships and dating experimentation.

It has over 2.5 million registered members and offers all its users a private and secure experience. You can create group chats with your partner and connect to people who are also interested in being in a polyamorous relationship.

The app is legit and works hard to eliminate potential bots and fake profiles. You might be surprised at how many people are interested in experimenting with open relationships and polyamory concepts, so you probably won’t spend much time searching for suitable matches.

9. Reddit PolyamoryR4RFind everything you need on the internet

Reddit is truly a gold mine. You can find everything you need on the internet on Reddit. It feels like there’s a subreddit for everything nowadays, and whatever you’re looking for, you can find on that platform.

Although it’s an excellent website where you can find exciting stories, cute photos of pets, funny memes, and a lot more, it isn’t a dating site. That’s where Reddit PolyamoryR4R comes into play.

Reddit’s PolyamoryR4R subreddit functions by allowing users to create posts where they indicate their gender, age, type of relationship, and what they’re looking for in a partner. After interacting with the post comes messaging its creator, and only then can you exchange contact info, pictures, location, etc.

The problem with Reddit’s way is you’re doing a considerable part of the work blindly. Sure, a particular post might include age, location, kinks, fantasies, and other info, but you usually can’t see how the person you’re chatting with looks.

Even when they include a picture or send you one, you can’t be sure it’s them because Reddit doesn’t have a user verification system like dating apps do.

10. Poly Matchmaker – Another site that focuses on ENM relationships

Poly Matchmaker caters to users who are into open relationships, polyamory, and open sexuality. Being almost a decade old, Poly Matchmaker was built with everything “poly” in mind. However, it isn’t exactly a perfect site to find other polyamorous people.

When using the site, you will encounter some essential search criteria, which include gender, age, users with photos only, and users who are online. For anything more than that, you have to pay for premium features and upgrade your “standard user” profile. The prices range from $13 a month to a six-month subscription for about $80.

There are some good sides to the site as well. For example, unregistered people can’t see other users’ profiles. Additionally, messages are encrypted, and no one can intercept them. Other advantages include a solid mobile app and the fact that you can seamlessly report spam profiles, reducing the number of fake users.

What are polyamorous relationships?

Before joining some dating sites and apps, it’s best to define polyamory to be sure that we accurately cover everything you need to know about this topic. 

Polyamory is a form of non-monogamous relationship that relies on being with multiple people in a romantic relationship at the same time while every person involved in the relationship is aware of everyone’s existence.

Being in a polyamorous relationship means that you and your partner are free to date more people outside your relationship, but both of you have to consent to the whole idea. Also, polyamorous relationships can be emotional, sexual, and even casual.

However, polyamory should never be mixed up with polygamy, which means being married to multiple people. Polyamory relies on having more than one relationship with different people.

Polyamorous Dating Pros and Cons

When it comes to online dating, especially finding people who are interested in participating in a polyamorous relationship, there are many things you should know before you decide to put yourself out there and search for what you and your partner need.

Generally, online dating has its benefits and downsides, and you must be aware of everything you may experience while trying any of these dating platforms. Therefore, here are some of the pros and cons of online polyamorous dating:


  • Safe and secure environment
  • Welcoming communities
  • Open-minded users
  • Features catering especially to polyamorous goals
  • Free and easy registration
  • Some sites allow you to send messages for free
  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • Opportunity to visit events organized by the platform’s communities


  • Possibility of encountering bots and fake accounts
  • Possible sexual harassment
  • Some premium subscriptions may be expensive
  • You may spend a lot of time finding what you need
  • Few platforms have a mobile app
  • Potential bugs and errors
  • Some of the websites and apps have poorly-developed interfaces and design
  • Potential fraud attempts

If you take all of the pros and cons into consideration, your online dating experience can turn out differently depending on how you use them. If you stay safe and report problems you may face to customer support, you are less likely to run into unpleasant users and uncomfortable situations.

The Bottom Line

Finding a match for something as unique as an open or polyamorous relationship is never easy. First, it may seem challenging to break down stereotypes and judgments you may have experienced in the past or even have the bravery to create an account on any of these dating platforms.

However, we believe there is someone for everyone, so we advise you to use this opportunity to make your dating life more interesting and spice up your relationship with your partner(s). You may even find someone who can help you go through the experience with less stress.

We hope this article has helped you understand how these dating platforms work, what they offer, and whether they are worth the try. With some luck, you may find the right people and explore your dating life to its full potential. Good luck!