Just how volatile the crypto market can be can perhaps best be seen in the example of Terra Classic (LUNC). Regarded as the best stablecoin in the community in 2021 and reaching a new all-time high of $119 in April, everyone expected a bright future for this token.

But, when Terra completely collapsed in May, we got the exact opposite of a bright future. Investors lost millions of dollars and had given up all hopes for Terra. However, the developers have been working diligently over the past few months to try and revitalize this once-influential stablecoin.

In September, Terra Classic was one of the top market performers, but since then, it has seen nothing but “red numbers”.  This is why most investors are rapidly starting to shift their focus toward alternative projects like FightOut(FGHT), Dash 2 Trade(D2T), C-Charge(CCHG), RobotEra(TARO), Calvaria(RIA), and Impt.io(IMPT).

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LUNC Price Prediction 2022-2025

At the time of writing, LUNC is priced below $0.0002 per token and saw a 40% decrease in the last sixty days. This is the complete opposite of what we’ve seen in early September when LUNC was bringing 100-300% profits to investors and showing bullish signals.

At that time, LUNC was aiming for $0.0003 but is now struggling to maintain even the $0.00015 target. Although it surpassed it in September, it’s currently hovering below it. Here is a quick table that summarizes what experts believe LUNC will be valued at in 2022-2025.


As we can see, Terra Classic isn’t forecasted to bring any huge returns by the end of 2022. Even 2023 doesn’t look very bright and the only way the coin can bring some solid profits to investors is if the team stabilizes the current situation and lays out a solid recovery plan. 

For 2024, investors believe that LUNC’s price will increase somewhere above $0.001, but it’s still a question whether it will be able to maintain resistance. Overall, the recovery process will be slow and Terra will have to put in some serious work in regaining investor trust.

FightOut Best Move-To-Earn Crypto Set to Explode in 2023

Move-to-earn cryptos are becoming more and more popular among investors, due to their huge potential in engaging people who have never been interested in crypto coins before. FightOut(FGHT) is a new move-to-earn crypto where people can earn money for being active. FightOut is in essence a blockchain-based fitness app, where users can record and monitor their workout progress and earn money along the way. Through the app, users will get access to video materials, courses, workout exercises, and personal trainers’ guidance. 

The goal of the app is to allow as many people access to workout programs and courses which would otherwise cost a real fortune. This is an engaging app with high community support which will only continue to grow in the following months. 

The FightOut app and its features can only be bought with the native crypto coin of the app called FGTH. This way all the users who wish to get access to the app will have to become crypto users and holders of the coin FGHT. 

This opens up a whole new market of new crypto users and makes a coin that will have a strong use case in real life, which is one of the main reasons so many investors and experts believe this coin will explode in 2023. 

Currently, the FGHT coin is on presale which is going really well and the price of the coin will never be this low, so if you wish to make a profit now is your time to invest.   

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Dash 2 Trade Takes Informed Trading to the Next Level

Nicknamed the “Bloomberg terminal” for cryptocurrencies, Dash 2 Trade(D2T) is the latest crypto analytics platform, but it comes with some of the most robust features in the community.

With remarkable market insights, on-chain data, and advanced trading strategies incorporated, the platform makes it easy for traders to spot profitable opportunities and minimize risk. The native governance token is an ERC-20 asset – D2T. It’s used for all platform activities and users need it to purchase a Dash 2 Trade subscription. Now let’s start with the features.

The social dashboard is the center of attention and aside from being a gathering place for platform users, it’s also where you can get unmatched market insights. Traders can use it to exchange ideas and communicate, but also to receive real-time valuable data that will help them make safer and more lucrative investments.

There are also trading signals – as the name suggests, traders get notifications as soon as Dash 2 Trade’s algorithm picks up on profitable opportunities. Beginner investors can take advantage of the testing feature to perfect their trading strategies without investing any real money. The presale for D2T tokens is going great with over 74% of coins being sold out. 

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Charge Your Electric Car and Earn Valibule Rewards  With C-Charge(CCHG) Crypto 

A new blockchain-based peer-to-peer payment system for electric vehicle charging called C-Charge(CCHG) is becoming the next big thing among green cryptos. The project C-Charge was created with the idea of connecting the WEB3 world with the world, by creating a network of charging stations for electric vehicles where each charge will be paid with the crypto coin CCHG. And what is best, users of the C-Charge stations will receive rewards in the form of carbon credits, which they can later invest or sell.

The future of crypto coins is in their fusion with other industries and in their real-life usage. The more the crypto is used the bigger its value will become. And the C-Charge is prompt to become a popular and valuable asset to many EV users and investors. And this real-life usage is what will make this crypto explode in the following months. 

The CCHG coin is now on presale so if you are interested in investing in this coin now is your best chance when the price is at an all-time low. 

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RobotEra – The Robotic Future of Metaverse Technology 

RobotEra(TARO) is a new Metaverse P2E crypto project that features several games in its ecosystem. To explore the multiverse and play these games, players will need to create robotic avatars, which they’ll later use for navigation and networking. The platform is powered by the native TARO token that will be used as the primary in-game currency for all games that get released.

Another perk of holding TARO is voting power in the DAO – the more tokens you possess, the bigger impact your votes will have on the future of the game. Right now, RobotEra is one presale and you can get TARO tokens with a huge price discount. 

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Calvaria – The Next Big Name in P2E Crypto Gaming

Calvaria is a battle card crypto game with unique NFT characters and a strategy-based competition concept. The fantasy cards are based on underworld characters and each one comes with a unique set of powers and abilities. Even though Calvaria(RIA) is somewhat similar to Gods Unchained and other card-based crypto games, it introduces a whole new set of unique features in this industry.

For starters, Calvaria is accessible to everyone – a crypto wallet isn’t required and you don’t need to purchase any RIA tokens or NFT cards to participate. It’s completely free, you just have to download it on your PC/mobile device.

Once you purchase a Calvaria NFT, you get full ownership that allows you to sell, buy, or trade it at NFT marketplaces. Another interesting opportunity is the ‘Team Manager’ feature – you can rent your cards or combine them with other users’ decks to form a team and increase winning power.Lastly, RIA token holders get DAO voting power, meaning they can decide how the platform should continue to develop in the future.

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IMPT – The Eco-Friendly Alternative to LUNC

Impt.io (IMPT) is a web3 crypto platform that connects influential environmental projects to socially-responsible businesses and individuals that aim to reduce carbon emissions and their disastrous effects.

Within the Impt.io ecosystem, users can purchase carbon credits as NFTs and make contributions to a variety of green and regulated initiatives that revolve around planet restoration. The native coin of the platform is IMPT and it is currently available on LBank, UniSwap, and CoinGecko

All users will need an IMPT token to mint their carbon credits NFTs, which they can later on trade, keep, or burn on the platform to compensate for the carbon emissions. 

The idea behind the project is to achieve efficiency in resolving burning issues our planet has. Reduction of climate change, global warming, air pollution, and other carbon footprint side effects are goals Impt.io ecosystem tries to achieve. 

IMPT has already teamed up with 10,000 influential brands and it is already partnered up including Apple, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Microsoft, Levi’s, and others. These brands and their products will be available on the platform’s online shop and each time someone makes a purchase they will be rewarded with an IMPT token.   

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The Verdict

Terra Classis has been on a downward spiral for two months now and there’s little to no chance that this project will “explode” any time soon. Sure, 2-3x profits could occur, but anything more than that seems to be out of the question at the moment.

Some of the coins that are currently at the center of attention for investors are FightOut(FGHT), Dash 2 Trade(D2T), C-Charge(CCHG), RobotEra(TARO), Calvaria(RIA), and Impt.io(IMPT). Not only do they possess remarkable qualities and show profit potential, but some of them are currently on presale and can be bought at a huge discount. 

With some never-before-seen features under their belt, 50x gains will probably come much sooner than expected…