50x gains in the stock market used to take years, even decades, to develop. But with the advent of crypto, 50x gains can be made in days, weeks, or months. Of course, it’s not as easy as picking a random project and investing: you must do your due diligence first. To help you find these 50-baggers, presented here are six of the best altcoins with 50x potential in 2023. 

This article will explain why you should consider these projects the best altcoins to invest in for 2023. You’ll also be given a verdict on which one looks like it has the best potential to grow even further. 

1. Metacade (MCADE) – Web3’s Number One Destination for Play2Earn Gaming

Metacade is a fresh new idea in the Web3 space that’s setting itself up to be a central powerhouse of the GameFi industry. It’s a one-stop platform where users can connect with like-minded gamers, learn about how to boost their gaming income, and become directly involved with the Play2Earn games of the future. 

Metacade’s vision is to build a platform for everything related to Play2Earn gaming. This is where you’ll find chat rooms, forums, game leaderboards, reviews, and the hottest GameFi alpha that will help you get ahead in the future of gaming, no matter your Play2Earn experience. 

As part of its commitment to maximising user value, Metacade rewards players with the MCADE token each time they post reviews, tips, or other helpful content. This not only encourages those with the expertise to share their best practices with other players but offers a way for even newbies to earn just by sharing their thoughts, turning Metacade into a self-sustaining knowledge hub for all things GameFi.

One of the most innovative features of Metacade is the Metagrant program. Metagrants are a funding tool that allows the community to vote on which games should be financed and developed. Developers add their idea to a pool of competing projects and the one that wins the hearts and minds of the Metacade community is allocated funding from the treasury. Metacade’s goal is to fill its virtual arcade with some of the best Play2Earn titles on the market, as endorsed by the players that play them.

As you can see, Metacade has everything needed to attract a sizeable crowd of long-term users. But is this enough for its MCADE token to go 50x? The first thing to consider is the industry it’s launching into. The GameFi market is set to grow at 10x the rate of traditional gaming by 2025, moving from a $1.5 billion industry in 2021 to a $50 billion industry in the process (Crypto.com). As such, the metaverse market, which is becoming inextricably linked with Play2Earn as metaverse gaming develops, is expected to be worth $800 billion by 2024, according to Bloomberg

With Metacade positioning itself to play a vital role in both of these markets, the potential for its token to 50x is immense. Metacade will launch from presale at approximately $0.020 with a 1.4 billion token supply available, giving it a market cap of $28 million. 

With several incredible features destined to attract gamers from across the globe combined with a promising position as a leader in the rapidly-growing GameFi industry, Metacade is an easy choice as the number one best altcoin to invest in for 2023. All eyes are on MCADE and yours should be too. So make sure you don’t miss out on the presale!

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2. Cardano (ADA) – Driven By Academic Research

Cardano is one of the many smart contract platforms going up against the market leader, Ethereum. Created in 2017 by Charles Hoskinson, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, Cardano performs many of the same functions as Ethereum, like offering smart contracts, a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism, and a platform to build decentralised applications (dApps). 

Unlike Ethereum, however, Cardano is based on academic research with a regulation-first approach. Each upgrade made to the network is formalised and agreed upon by multiple academics before implementation. Its consensus mechanism, Ouroboros, is proveably mathematically secure, making Cardano one of the least vulnerable networks on the market.

After the recent hard fork by Vasil, which reduced transaction times significantly, the number of transactions on the Cardano network has jumped. As of October 19th, Cardano has seen a 75% month-on-month increase in transactions, according to Crypto News Flash. With further improvements to the network coming soon and a rigorous, regulation-friendly approach to development, Cardano could have an excellent 2023.

At its current price of $0.40, ADA would need to be worth $20 with a market cap of around $720 billion. Considering the fact that Ethereum had a market cap of $570 billion at its November 2021 peak, a new wave of investment in the next bull run combined with greater adoption means this market cap is certainly attainable. Taking all that into account, Cardano is the second best altcoin to invest in for 2023.

3. Solana (SOL) – The World’s Fastest Blockchain

Solana, like Cardano, is another Ethereum rival that hopes to one day knock the king utility token from its top spot. It’s a smart contract platform that solves a critical problem facing Ethereum: transaction speeds. After the Ethereum merge, speeds still sit around 30 transactions per second (TPS) at a cost of around $1 per transaction (ethtps.info). Compare that to Solana, which regularly handles 3500 TPS at an average cost of $0.00025. Its maximum is 65,000 TPS which is the same maximum as payment processors Visa and Mastercard. 

According to Solana’s documentation, the theoretical limits are even much higher. On a standard gigabit network, Solana could achieve speeds of up to 710,000 TPS. On a 40 gigabit network, this number becomes 28.4 million TPS. This puts Solana as the fastest blockchain on the planet right now and has drawn plenty of developers fed up with Ethereum’s slow speeds and high costs. 

With the launch of the Solana Saga, a Web3-based smartphone, in 2023, the Solana blockchain could see further investment as crypto investors flock to pick up one of the world’s first phones integrated with blockchain technology. As new upgrades are made to the network that improve compatibility, scalability, and security, it’s likely that Solana will see more adoption over the next year.

Solana is currently worth $33 a coin, meaning that a 50x would put its price at $1650 – around the same price as Ethereum today. This would give it a market cap of $600 billion, which, similar to Cardano, is definitely in reach during the next bull market. And that’s exactly why it’s the third choice as one of the best altcoins to invest in for 2023.

4. NEAR Protocol (NEAR) – An Accessible, Fast, Carbon Neutral Layer 1 Solution

Our fourth selection for the best altcoins to invest in for 2023 is the NEAR Protocol. NEAR is a layer 1 solution like Cardano and Solana, which offers a platform for developers to build dApps on. NEAR focuses on usability, which is a critical problem in the blockchain space. Too often, being a user or developer of dApps requires plenty of technical knowledge that your average internet user isn’t interested in. 

NEAR aims to be a solution to this issue by making its network as easy to use as possible. It offers readable wallet addresses instead of cryptographic strings and allows new users to interact with dApps without needing a wallet. Developers are able to use languages they’re already familiar with, like Javascript and Rust, in combination with NEAR’s software development kits (SDKs) to easily create powerful Web3 applications. 

NEAR implements sharding, meaning that it can reportedly handle up to 100,000 TPS once network development is complete. This also means it can transact at a cost of less than $0.01 – a fraction of Ethereum’s average of $1. NEAR Protocol is also 100% carbon neutral, designed to minimise energy expenditure and the project’s impact on the planet. 

NEAR is one of the most promising layer-1 solutions out there right now. It’s currently worth $3.10, meaning that it would need to be worth $155 to 50x with a market cap of $125 billion. With a focus on user accessibility and scalable network architecture, NEAR reaching $155 is very possible over the next year. 

5. Flow (FLOW) – A Blockchain Built For NFTs

Flow is a blockchain designed for crypto gaming and NFTs. It was created when Dapper Labs saw overwhelming congestion on the Ethereum network after CryptoKitties launched in 2017. They realised that current blockchain technology wasn’t built to handle such massive demand and set about creating a solution. Three years later, they launched Flow, a chain purpose-built for NFTs.

Flow offers an alternative to sharding by splitting up validation jobs into four different types of nodes, which Dapper argues allows nodes to specialise and thus improve efficiency. This allows Flow to achieve speeds of around 10,000 TPS, ideal for the world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. NBA Top Shot is one of the most successful projects built on Flow and proves that the chain can be used as a key component of future digital ownership. 

Flow even has its own native programming language, Cadence, which developers say is easier to use and more secure than other blockchain-based languages. All of these factors have led to numerous partnerships with big-name brands, like the NFL, UFC, Samsung, Ubisoft, CNN, and Warner Music Group, which is a very bullish sign.

As of October 2022, FLOW is worth $1.60, meaning a 50x price increase would put it at $80 with a market cap of $85 billion. As NFTs become more commonplace throughout gaming and collectibles, FLOW will likely see significant adoption that will drive it to $80. With all that in mind, FLOW is the fifth choice for the best altcoins to invest in for 2023.

6. Aptos (APT) – A Serious Contender to Ethereum and Solana

Aptos is one of the newest tokens on this list. It’s garnered plenty of attention recently after launching its mainnet on October 17th because of its high throughput and rockstar development team. Aptos is the successor of Meta’s failed Libra/Diem blockchain project, kept alive by two developers that saw value in its technology. 

Aptos is a layer 1 solution contending with Ethereum. It uses Move, a novel programming language created by Meta’s developers, in order to achieve flexibility and security while offering incredible speeds of 130,000 TPS (note: this hasn’t been demonstrated yet). The move enables Aptos to use parallel blockchains, which means the network leverages all resources available to it to transact simultaneously. 

Aptos has already attracted massive investment from private equity with an estimated $4 billion valuation, according to Bloomberg. Part of this is down to the excellent team behind Aptos, which is made up of “an impressive group of PhDs, researchers, engineers, designers and strategists,” as per Aptos. While some have been sceptical of Aptos’s excessive venture capital token allocation, it’s unknown whether this will impact the network going forward. 

As a potent rival to Ethereum and Solana’s dominance, Aptos has the potential to grow 50x over in the next bull run. It’s currently worth $8, meaning it would be worth $400 in this scenario with a $50 billion market cap. If the project lives up to its promises, then it could quickly climb the ranks and become a leading layer 1 solution. That’s why it’s the sixth best altcoin to invest in for 2023.

Metacade (MCADE) Sets Itself Apart From the Crowd

Provided market conditions are conducive to this growth, every token on this list has the potential to grow by 50 times over in the coming year. You might’ve noticed that there are many layer 1 solutions here. So, the question arises: which poses an issue and which one will succeed? 

Layer 1 solutions simultaneously offer one of the best investments in the crypto market, given the massive investment they often see. They also pose the challenge of finding the ones which will succeed in the long run. While the five layer 1 projects here have the greatest chances of success, Metacade takes the lead as the best altcoin to invest in.

Unlike the other five on this list, Metacade is creating something of a blue ocean for itself. There’s no other project positioning itself at the heart of GameFi with such a strong community focus as Metacade, meaning it has the capacity to dominate the space as gamers flock to Play2Earn. And given that the token is still in presale, 50x gains are very much possible and within reach.

If you bought MCADE at launch in the final stage of its presale at $0.02, the coin would only need to reach $1 to get a 50x return.

On top of that, you can cut this price in half (or more) the earlier you invest in the presale. In phase 1, you can get 125 MCADE tokens for $1. In phase 8, you’ll get just 50 MCADE tokens for $1. If you recognize that Metacade has the potential to become Web3’s ultimate gaming hub, then check out the presale as soon as possible!

You can participate in the Metacade pre-sale here.