What works and what doesn’t? Is it all a scam or is there a beacon of hope for men seeking to enlarge their penis?

Table of Contents:
What are Male Enhancement Pills?
What are Penis Extenders?
What is Male Enhancement?
Pros & Cons of Different Types of Products
Comparison Table of Different Products
Reviews of Best 5 Male Enhancement Pills
Reviews of Best 5 Penis Extenders
Reviews of Best 5 Male Enhancement Products on Amazon

Those interested in male enhancement probably heard about things like penis extenders and male enhancement pills, as these are the two most popular categories of products in this niche. 

Now, there are also penis pumps, creams, gels, oils and all sorts of other products that promise their audience a bigger dick and legendary bedroom performances. In this article we’ll compare all of them in terms of efficiency and expectations. 

First, let’s start with some definitions to ensure we’re on the same page about what we’re talking about…

What are Male Enhancement Pills?

You probably came across male enhancement pills at your local gas station, your local Walgreens, CVS or Duane Reade pharmacies, or even at Walmart or on Amazon. These products are quite popular and tend to be located near the cash register or behind the counter for maximum exposure. 

One thing we know for sure is that this industry is good business! The companies behind all of these pills know that there are a lot of men out there who are willing to spend a fortune on all sorts of pills and products that promise them either a larger penis and/or better performance in the bedroom. 

Now, is it all a scam or are there some legit products out there? Keep on reading as we’ll take a deep dive into the most popular and best male enhancement pills available out there, and whether they can truly increase size or not… 

What are Penis Extenders?

Penis extenders are medical devices designed to apply a continuous stretch to the penis. Many doctors and urologists actually prescribe penis extenders to their patients suffering from certain conditions and afflictions, such as Peyronie’s disease, a condition that causes a curvature in the penis, or those suffering from Micropenis syndrome, which is a condition that prevents a man from being able to have normal sexual intercourses with their partner due to a penis that is too small. 

Penis extenders, also called penis stretchers, usually fall in two categories:

  • Traditional penis extenders: these extenders involve two metal rods, with a silicone base on one end, and a silicone band that tightly wraps around the glans of the penis on the other end. This enables traction by pulling on the glans of your penis. 
  • Vacuum suction penis extenders: the newer generation of penis stretchers use a vacuum suction system to pull on your penis, which is more comfortable than traditional extenders which “choke” on your glans and can cause pain or bruising in some men. Vacuum suction extenders tend to be more expensive and be a bit more complicated to wear, though, so many men still prefer traditional penis stretchers for these two reasons. 

What is Male Enhancement?

It seems that this term has various meanings depending on which type of website you land on. In general, male enhancement may refer to any of the following:

  • Testosterone Boosting
  • Penis Enlargement or Lengthening (Increasing the Size of the Penis)
  • Boosting HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
  • Reducing or Avoiding Hair Loss
  • Improve Libido or Sexual Desire
  • Muscular, Strength, and/or Endurance gains

Although more commonly linked to penis enlargement, It’s safe to say that male enhancement can refer to anything that can make a man more manly or virile, thus it can include a wider range of topics. 

Now, if we focus on the penile enlargement part, you probably heard about penis pills, creams, lotions, gels, extender devices, pumps, jelqing, and all sorts of other methods. Let’s compare these different methods and the benefits you can expect from each of them… 

Pros & Cons of Different Types of Products

Male Enhancement Pills

Let’s be honest, there’s absolutely zero evidence (whether scientific or anecdotal) that ingesting any sort of pill will give you a bigger dick. In fact, the FDA warned consumers to stay away from a long list of male enhancement and weight loss pills on the market, due to potentially harmful hidden ingredients being present in those pills. This list is constantly evolving, so make sure you consult it before purchasing any product or pill. 

That said, what certain quality pills and capsules CAN do is improve your erections and/or your libido by boosting the right hormones, like Testosterone, and improving Nitric Acid release. 

In fact, quality male performance pills containing natural substances like L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Gingko Biloba, Deer Antler, and others have shown positive results when it comes to improving erections and libido in men. 

IMPORTANT: Please always speak to your doctor before trying any pill, as some of them can interact with the medications you’re taking. 

Pros of pills:

  • Minimal effort required
  • Some of them CAN boost the right hormones and improve erections/libido.

Cons of pills:

  • Most of them are worthless
  • Can interact with the medication you’re taking (speak to your doctor)
  • Certain pills can come with side effects 
  • Certain pills can have hidden ingredients that can be dangerous (The FDA listed 384 pills to stay away from. Always check that list before buying a new product. Also, don’t be afraid to request lab testing certificates before buying to ensure there are no hidden ingredients.)
  • Can get expensive

Penis Extenders

This category of products is where it gets interesting! Although these devices were initially developed by medical device manufacturers to treat penile curvature in men with Peyonie’s disease, there are SOME clinical studies out there (like this one, this one, and this one) that do show positive results when it comes to penis enlargement and lengthening as well. 

The idea is that any tissue in your body that you continuously stretch will grow. That’s how in certain cultures, people can extend their earlobes, necks or even enlarge their lips using metal rings. The same principle should apply to your penis, and studies have shown that it most likely does. 

The biological process is called cellular mitosis and cytokinesis (aka cellular division in layman’s terms). The problem is that it needs to be done with the right amount of force, and for the right amount of time. Stretch too hard or too fast, and you break the tissue! Stretch too little, and nothing happens. Penis extenders are designed to apply just the right stretch to induce cell division and elongation over time.  This article explains how penis extenders work in detail and goes over all the studies on this topic as well as the proper way to use extenders for best results while minimizing risks of injury.  

Pros of penis extenders:

  • There are some published clinical studies from various universities in the US and Europe showing that penile extenders can provide positive results when it comes to penis enlargement, lengthening and erection improvement
  • Penis extenders don’t interact with medication since you aren’t ingesting anything. 
  • The stretch can improve erections as new blood vessels are formed. 
  • Many men report an increase in sensitivity, especially in the glans.
  • Strong evidence for penis straightening and fixing penile curvature issues. 

Cons of penis extenders:

  • Expensive
  • Takes a long time to see results
  • Can be awkward and uncomfortable to wear, especially in the beginning. There is a learning curve here, but thankfully most devices have explanatory videos on YouTube on top of detailed instructions manuals. 

Interested to learn more about extenders? Keep reading as we will be covering some of the best rated penis extenders and stretchers late in this article… 

Penis Pumps

What do penis pumps do? As their name suggests, they “pump” blood into your penis through vacuum suction. Penis pumps have shown positive results when it comes to improving erection quality and firmness. They achieve this by improving blood flow in the genital area. Through vacuum pressure, penis pumps will draw in a large amount of blood into the entire penis, which results in every blood vessel in your penis being fully engorged with blood. 

If you suffer from poor erection quality due to lack of blood flow in the region, using penis pumps can improve your erection quality and therefore may make your penis look bigger.  Besides, urologists have been routinely prescribing penis pumps for decades to their patients looking for a non-invasive way to improve their erections. 

Pros of Pumps:

  • There are some studies showing positive results for erection and blood flow improvement
  • Some anecdotal reviews suggest that penis pumps can also improve the size (mainly the girth) of one’s penis.
  • Don’t interact with medication

Cons of Pumps:

  • The better quality pumps can be expensive
  • It takes a long time to see results
  • There is a serious risk of injury if you are misusing your pump


This is an ancient method that apparently originated in the Middle East. It involves manually massaging your penis vigorously but without going into a full erection. There is zero scientific evidence that this method has any benefit. In fact, there is evidence showing the exact opposite. Jelqing could result in severe injury to the penis. Avoid. 

Pros of Jelqing:

  • Likely none

Cons of Jelqing:

  • Risk of penile injury

Penis Creams & Lotions

No scientific evidence shows that creams, gels or lotions can enlarge the human penis, nor is there any evidence that they can induce or improve erection quality or hardness. There is some anecdotal evidence that these products can work, as seen on certain online forums and message boards, but the question you have to ask yourself is would a placebo cream like Vaseline also work in these men that report positive results from using these products? 

Pros of Penis Creams & Lotions:

  • Pleasurable to apply (although you could use any lotion for that!)

Cons of Penis Creams & Lotions:

  • Expensive
  • Likely won’t do anything

Male Enhancement Honey:

There are many types of honey that are marketed as “male enhancement honey”. The companies behind these products simply take regular honey and combine it with similar herbs you’d find in regular male enhancement pills. 

The result is a performance-boosting honey. It tastes better than swallowing a pill, which is what makes these products so popular. However, please note that the FDA has issued warnings against many male enhancement kinds of honey available on the market today, after testing revealed the presence of Cialis as a hidden ingredient. Cialis should be prescribed by a doctor so it’s illegal for male enhancement product providers to include it as an ingredient. 

Despite the FDA warnings, there are still some enhanced kinds of honey available for sale on Amazon. However, we recommend staying away from this category altogether as there doesn’t seem to be trustworthy products in this category. 

Pros of Male Enhancement Honey:

  • Tastes good (although you could buy any type of regular honey if you just want the taste!)


  • The FDA issued warnings against these types of products. 
  • Hard to find trustworthy male enhancement honey out there. The companies behind these products aren’t well known, and lab testing isn’t available. 

Male Enhancement Products Comparison Table

Can enlarge Penis?Can Improve Erections?Can Boost Testosterone?Can Boost Libido? Improves Fitness & Performance? 
Penis PillsNoPossibly1Possibly1Possibly1No
Male Enhancement HoneyNoNoNoNoNo
Penile ExtendersPossibly2Possibly2NoNoNo
Penis PumpsPossibly3YesNoNoNo
Creams & LotionsNoNoNoNoNo
Penile Stretching ExercisesNoNoNoNoNo
Losing excess weightYes (by removing all the excess fat around your junk!)YesYesYesYes
Exercising regularlyNoYesYesYesYes
Having a Healthy Diet & LifestyleNoYesYesYesYes

Table Notes:
1: penis pills can improve erections and increase libido and testosterone levels if they contain ingredients that have been scientifically proven to do so. Such ingredients can include: Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali, Korean Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Tribulus Terrestris, and many others. 
2: According to some clinical studies available on PubMed (see our details in the section above covering penile extenders in detail), penile extenders have proven to be an effective treatment for penile curvature and for penile enlargement in men with micropenis syndrome. They can also improve blood flow in the region and therefore strengthen erections. 
3: Just like extenders, penis pumps have shown some positive results when it comes to penile enlargement and improving blood flow. Many urologists routinely recommend penis pumps to their patients. 

As you can see, there’s no miracle product out there when it comes to male enhancement. They all have their pros and cons, and most of them are flat-out useless if your goal is to increase the size of your penis. 

You certainly can end up wasting your time and money by purchasing a cheap pill or cream, but you certainly won’t waste your time and money by investing in your health! Lose the excess weight around your waist, eat a healthy whole-food diet, and start a regular exercise program. That’s the best male enhancement strategy you can adopt, hands down. Everything else is just a bonus… 

If you’re still interested in male enhancement products, keep reading as we’ll cover the most popular pills and extenders, which are the two most popular categories in this industry…

Review of 5 Popular Male Enhancement Pills

Let’s review some of the most popular male enhancement products which are currently being sold at gas stations, pharmacies, on Amazon, and through various other stores and outlets. We’ll include a comparison table that compares the ingredients and ratings of each pill at the bottom… 

#1 – VigRX Plus


  • Amazon reviews: 3.6 stars
  • Google reviews: 4 stars
  • TrustPilot reviews: 4.1 stars
  • BBB reviews: 5 stars
  • BBB company rating: A+
  • Lab Testing Available: Not publicly. Please ask the company.  

Marketed for: 

  • Increasing size (penis enlargement)
  • Improving endurance

Our review of VigRX Plus: One of the most popular male enhancement pills on the market today. Manufactured by Leading Edge Health inc, a Canadian company, this pill promises to improve promote penile enlargement, improve erection quality and duration. It also claims to increase pleasure during sexual intercourse. Although we can pretty much GUARANTEE that this pill won’t make your penis bigger, the pill does have some pretty good reviews across the board and on Amazon, which means that most users seem to have had a positive experience with it. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect, or perhaps the pill is successful at improving blood flow and/or libido in men, but it certainly isn’t doing anything for increasing their size. 

VigRX Dosage: 2 tablets daily. 


  • Korean Red Ginseng 
  • Saw Palmetto 
  • Hawthorne
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Damiana
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Catuaba Extract
  • Muira Puama
  • Cuscuta
  • Epimedium
  • Bioperine

See Best Price for VigRX Plus

#2 – Erectin


  • Amazon reviews: 2 stars
  • Google reviews: Not rated
  • TrustPilot reviews: Not rated
  • BBB reviews: 5 stars
  • BBB company rating: A+ 
  • Lab Testing Available: We couldn’t obtain it. Please ask the company.  

Marketed for: 

  • Increasing erection hardness
  • Improving endurance during sex
  • Boosting Libido

Our review of Erectin: Very similar to Vig RX, although its reviews aren’t as good. Also, the Erectin website claims that there has been a 12-week clinical study showing that men who took this supplement experienced an increase in sex drive of nearly 50% and a 71.43% increase in sexual satisfaction. However, there’s no link to this study anywhere on their website. They claim the study has been published in the Journal of Urology, and published in full detail in the peer-reviewed scholarly journal, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. However, we couldn’t find this Erectin study on any of those platforms. When we asked their support agent to obtain the link to this study through the live chat feature on erectin.com, we didn’t get any answer, despite our messages having been tagged as “read” by the software, as evidenced by this screenshot: 

Also, as you probably have noticed, the user reviews aren’t as good as VigRX Plus. It’s probably better to stay away from this product. 


  • Muira Puama Bark Extract – The Ancient “Little Blue Pill” of the Amazon Rainforest 
  • Chinese Hawthorn – The Powerful “Shan Zha” Vasodilator 
  • Tribulus Terrestris Seed Extract – The Incredibly Thorny Libido Booster 
  • Catuaba Bark – The “Tupi” Secret for Unmatched Sexual Prowess 
  • Saw Palmetto – The Testosterone Boosting Berries 
  • Damiana Leaf – A Powerful Tonic for Boosting Sexual Performance 
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract – Immediate Blood Flow 
  • Korean Red Ginseng – The Legendary Nitric Oxide Booster 
  • Cuscuta Chinensis – A “Parasitic” Aphrodisiac Exploding with High-Powered Phytochemicals 
  • Epimedium – Special “Grass” Improves Erection Function 
  • Bioperine Black Pepper – The Most Trusted Supplement “Supercharger” for Superior Results

View Best Price for Erectin

#3 – Semenax


  • Amazon reviews: Not on Amazon
  • Google reviews: 4 stars (434 reviews)
  • TrustPilot reviews: 4.2 stars (668 reviews)
  • BBB reviews: 5 stars
  • BBB company rating: A+ 
  • Lab Testing Available: Not publicly. Please ask the company.  

Marketed for: 

  • increased semen and semen production in the testes
  • More intense orgasms


  • Zinc
  • Maca
  • Swedish pollen flower 
  • L-arginine HCL 
  • L-lysine epimedium leaf (better known as “horny goat weed”) 
  • L-carnitine 
  • Catuaba bark 
  • pumpkin seed 
  • vitamin E
  • pine bark extract 
  • Muira Puama 
  • hawthorn berry 
  • cranberry 
  • wild oat straw 
  • sarsaparilla

Our review of Semenax: this pill seems to have clean and natural ingredients. The reviews on various independent review boards are also quite good. Moreover, a clinical study of Semenax revealed that men using Semenax experienced a 20% increase in semen volume as opposed to placebo. It’s refreshing to actually see a real study, as opposed to Erectin which claims there are published clinical studies about the efficiency of their product, yet we weren’t able to find a single one. As always, speak to your doctor before trying this product, as some of its ingredients could interact with your medicine. And don’t be afraid to challenge marketing statements and ask to see studies/lab tests/certifications, etc.

View Best Price for Semenax

#4 – Extenze


  • Amazon reviews: 3.8 stars (862 reviews)
  • Google reviews: 3.7 stars (180 reviews)
  • TrustPilot reviews: 4.3 stars (34 reviews)
  • BBB reviews: 5 stars
  • BBB company rating: A+ 
  • Lab Testing Available: We couldn’t obtain it. Please ask the company.  

Marketed for: 

  • Stronger and more frequent erections
  • Increased endurance during sex


  • Niacin
  • Folic Acid
  • Velvet Bean Extract
  • DHEA
  • Maca
  • Zinc
  • Pregnenolone
  • Piper Longum
  • Yohimbe Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Horny Goat Weed
  • Muira Puama Extract
  • Astragalus
  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride

Our review of Extenze: with over 1 billion pills sold, this product seems quite popular to say the least. Extenze is a household name when it comes to male enhancement. We found out that unlike other pills listed above, this is the only product that is also available at popular retail pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, which is a testament to its popularity. 

The reviews of Extenze are good and similar to some other pills listed in this article.  Although this product also promises stronger erections, the ingredients are quite different from other products competing in this category. If you haven’t experienced satisfactory results with Vig RX, Extenze is a great alternative and vice versa. 

View Best Price for Extenze

#5 – GenF20 Plus


  • Amazon reviews: Not listed
  • Google reviews: 4.3 stars (176 reviews)
  • TrustPilot reviews: 4.3 stars (161 reviews)
  • BBB reviews: 5 stars
  • BBB company rating: A+ 

Marketed for:

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Burn Fat
  • Reduce Recovery Time


  • Deer Velvet Antler
  • GFT Chromium
  • L-Ornithine HCI
  • L-Arginine HCI
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Lysine HCI
  • L-Isoleucine
  • L-Valine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Astragalus Root
  • Colostrum
  • Pituitary Powder
  • Phosphatidyl Choline

Our review of GenF20 Plus: this product contains a lot of ingredients you’d find in the common protein powder, but it also has ingredients meant to promote IGF-1 growth hormone and promote a healthy testosterone/cortisol ratio. The reviews are good, and the product has medical backing from Dr. Steven Lamm, M.D (althought it’s hard to say whether it’s a real backing or just a paid endorsement). As always, we highly recommend that you ask your doctor about how these specific ingredients can interact with your medication. 

View Best Price for GenF20 Plus

Review of 5 Popular Penile Extenders

As we covered earlier in the article, penis extenders do show some promising results for penis enlargement and lengthening, unlike pills which are absolutely useless for this specific goal. 

Through a process called cellular mitosis, also known as cellular division, the body responds to continuous stretching by creating more tissue. This is the exact same process that explains how some people in various cultures are able to extend their necks, ear lobes, or lips. 

Let’s review the 5 most popular penis extenders:

#1 – Phallosan Forte

Best Overall


  • Amazon reviews: not listed
  • TrustPilot: 4 stars (32 reviews)
  • Medical backing: Dr. Michael Sohn & Dr. Clemens Tilke
  • Money back guarantee: 14 days
  • Expected results: the clinical study published on their website shows that the expected results are: 1,38″ after 3 months and 1,93″ after 6 months in flaccid size increase. Additionally, an increase of 1,5″ after 3 months and 1,89″ after 6 months in erect size increase. 
  • Price: $379

Our review of Phallosan Forte: the Phallosan Forte is a high-end penile extender made in Germany and developed with the collaboration of Dr. Michael Sohn and Dr. Clemens Tilke. This device is different from most extenders in the market today, as it uses a patented vacuum suction system that comfortably pulls your glans without causing pain like other extenders. 

In fact, most other penis extenders on the market use the traditional system which involves a silicone band that tightly wraps around your glans and pulls on it. This traditional “glans choking” system can cause pain and in some cases injury to the penile tissue, which is why we recommend the Phallosan Forte over any other device. 

Good reviews, medical backing from two reknowned doctors, and a clinical study showing the positive results one can expect from properly using the Phallosan Forte is why we have ranked this product numbe one for those seeking to increase size.

#2 – Penimaster Pro

Best High-End Extender


  • Amazon reviews: 3.7 stars (43 reviews)
  • Google reviews: not listed
  • TrustPilot reviews: 2.1 stars (9 reviews)
  • Medical Backing: Dr. Ruslan Petrovich and Dr. Ignacio Moncada have participated in the development/testing of the device. 
  • Money-back Guarantee: 1 month.
  • Expected Results: gain 0.4 inches per month and reduce penile curve by 50% in 3 short months.
  • Price: $190 to $420, depending on the package chosen. 

Our review of Penimaster Pro: this is yet another high-end German-engineered device, but with a slightly lower global rating. The Penimaster Pro is made with top of the line components, and its price tag shows it! 

It has a vacuum suction system similar to the Phallosan, but the mechanism is a bit different. The Phallosan has a condom-like component that wraps around both your glans and shaft. The Penimaster has a small suction cup that only wraps around your glans. 

Some people like the fact that the Phallosan pulls on the shaft and glans at the same time. Others prefer the Penimaster as they prefer glans suction only. Either way, these are two high-quality extenders with medical backing, so you cannot go wrong with either of them. 

#3 – ProExtender

Best Budget Extender


  • Amazon reviews: not listed
  • Google reviews: not listed
  • TrustPilot reviews: 3.5 stars (27 reviews)
  • BBB rating: A+ rating
  • Medical backing: none.
  • Money back guarantee: 6 months. Best in the industry. 
  • Expected results: none published. 
  • Price: $150

Our review of ProExtender: The ProExtender has been developed by the same company behind Semenax and Erectin, the penis pills we reviewed earlier in this article. In fact, you can save money by buying the ProExtender in a package deal along with Semenax or other pills made by the company. We ranked ProExtender as the best budget extender as it’s the most affordable penis extender we could find on the market. This is a good choice for those on a budget that want to try an affordable yet popular extender. 

This won’t be the most comfortable nor the fanciest device out there, but it’ll give you a good idea of whether this type of male enhancement is something you want to consider. Since they have the best money-back guarantee in the industry and will refund you within a period of 6 months if you are unhappy for any reason, you could always try this device for a few months, then return it and get a better device. 

#4 – SizeGenetics


  • Amazon reviews: 3.7 stars (12 reviews)
  • TrustPilot: not rated
  • Medical backing: Designed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D.  Dr. Finn Work Knudsen, M.D., and clinical trials were conducted by 11 other doctors. This is one of the most researched and tested devices we found. 
  • Money back guarantee: 60 days. You can return the device anytime during the first two months if you are unsatisfied and receive a refund. 
  • Expected results: 13% in 8 weeks, 19% in 16 weeks, and 29% in 24 weeks. 
  • Price: $299

Our review of SizeGenetics: this is a traditional penis extender using a silicone band that wraps around your glans. However, it has strong medical backing as it has been designed by world-renowned Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, M.D. with the participation of Dr. Finn Work Knudsen, M.D. Clinical trials were conducted by 11 other doctors which are listed on their website) 

#5 – MaleEdge


  • Amazon reviews: 3 stars (5 reviews)
  • Google reviews: 4 stars (9 reviews)
  • TrustPilot reviews: 3.2 stars (2 reviews)
  • Medical Backing: none. 
  • Money-back Guarantee: 14 days. 
  • Expected results: 28% gain in 6 months
  • Price: $200

Our review of MaleEdge: developed by Dana Medic inc, a Danish company with extensive experience in the development of sexual health devices, the MaleEdge is similar to the ProExtender but is developed with better quality materials. This is a good option for those seeking a more robust traditional extender. Also, the product has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Review of The 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills on Amazon

If you’re looking for male enhancement pills on Amazon, here are the best five pills according to user ratings and reviews… 

#1 – Prime Labs – Men’s Test Booster

Amazon shortlink: https://amzn.to/3UpxFmW

Price: $19.99

As you can see from the “Best Seller” tag, this product is quite popular. With 86,502 reviews and a global rating of 4 out of 5 stars, this is by far the most popular male enhancement pill on Amazon. Its ingredients are: 

  • Horny Goat Weed, 
  • Tongkat Ali Extract, 
  • ‘Saw Palmetto 
  • Orchic Substance
  • Wild Yam Root Extracct
  • Salsaparilla Root Extract
  • Nettle Root Extract
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate
  • Calcium (47% DV!)

As you can see, these ingredients are very similar to other comparable pills we covered earlier, except for the addition of Boron which is uncommon in other pills. Boron is an amino acid that has been proven to raise Testosterone levels and balance out SHB and Estradiol. This is definitely a great addition. 

The odd ingredient in this list is Calcium which has been incorporated at a high amount (617mg or 47% of your daily recommended dose!). One can only wonder why they added such large amount of this amino acid in this male enhancement product. Likely harmless though, unless you are trying to restrict calcium in your diet. 

View Men’s Test Booster on Amazon.com

#2 – L-Arginine Capsules by HAVASU Nutrition

Amazon shortlink: https://amzn.to/3EgX1O3

Price: $22.99

This is the second most popular pill on Amazon when it comes to male enhancement. At 46,899 reviews and a global rating of 4 stars, it’s safe to say that is another hugely successful pill on Amazon. Its ingredient list is much shorter. It involves:

  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Beet Root Juice

We know that L-Arginine and L-Citrulline work synergetically to improve Nitric Oxide release in the body, which is what induces erections. Unlike the other pills which focus on boosting hormones like Testosterone, this pill focuses on Nitric Oxide release mainly, and based on the large number of sales and good reviews, it seems their customers are enjoying the results! 

View L-Arginine by HAMASU on Amazon.com

#3 – Maximum by JNS

Amazon Shortlink: https://amzn.to/3UCMiCU

Price: $29.95

Another hugely successful male enhancement product on Amazon, Maximum by JNS has an impressive rating of 5 stars and 3,712 reviews. The only issue here is that this brand is relatively unknown, and therefore we can’t be certain of the quality and reputation of this product. However, it’s hard to argue with user reviews. Ingredients are:

  • Pine Bark Extracct
  • Niacin (as Niacinamide), 
  • L-citrulline, 
  • Rhodiola Crenulata Extract)
  • Ashwagandha Extract
  • Panax Ginseng Extract 
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract 
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Maca Root Extract
  • Ginkgo Biloba Extract
  • Huperzine-A 1%

Many common Testosterone-boosting ingredients found here, with the addition of herbs like Ashwaghanda and Rhodiola which have been proven to lower Cortisol, the stress hormone which can affect erection quality. Again, unknown brand but powerful ingredients and stellar reviews. 

View MAXIMUM By JNS on Amazon.com

#4 – Testosterone 7000 by TIGERCRAFT

Amazon Shortlink: https://amzn.to/3NTKOlM

Price: $29.95

This Testosterone enhancement product contains many common ingredients found in other similar pills. With a global rating of 4 stars out of 4,453 reviews, it’s safe to say that this is yet another quite popular testosterone booster. Ingredients include:

  • Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate), 
  • Horny Goat Weed Leaf Extract (Epimedium Sagittatum) (Leaf), 
  • Tongkat Ali 100: 1 Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Jack) (Root), 
  • Saw Palmetto Extract (Serenoa Repens) (Fruit), 
  • Orchic Substance, 
  • Wild Yam Extract (Dioscorea Opposita) (Root), 
  • Sarsaparilla Extract (Smilax Galbra) (Root), 
  • Nettle Extract (Urtica Dioica) (Root), 
  • Boron Amino Acid Chelate. 
  • Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Sodium Starch Glycolate

‘This list is VERY similar to the first Amazon product we covered in this list, namely Men’s Test Booster by Prime Labs and works in a similar fashion. Although given that this one has been reviewed less and is overall less popular, we would recommend trying the Primal Labs product first. 

View Testosterone 7000 on Amazon.com

#5 – Man Alive (Generic. Unbranded)

Amazon Shortlink: https://amzn.to/3zWjP3e

Price: $29.99

The “purple pill” as they call it has 4 stars out of 669 reviews. This product is interesting as it includes some natural ingredients not found in other pills, like Zinc Sting Nettle, Catuaba, Coleus Forskohlii and others. The main issue here though is that it’s an unbranded/generic product so we don’t know who made it. If you are comfortable with unbranded pills, you can give this one a try (after talking to your doctor!). However, if you prefer to only buy from trusted companies who are transparent about their management and processes, you probably want to skip this one. Ingredients include: 

  • Proprietary blend of: epidemium, Sagittatum, Coleus Forskohlii, Maca extract, Niacin, Gingko leaf extract
  • Rhodiola Rosea
  • Catuaba
  • L-Arginine
  • Cornus Officinalis
  • Zinc Sting Nettle
  • Damiana Extract
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Tribulus Terrestris

Amongs these ingredients, it’s the Proprietary Blend that seems to make this product quite unique and different from the other male enhancement pills on Amazon. The ingredients in this blend are natural, although some of them are quite uncommon, so you’ll be a guinea pig here when it comes to finding out if they live up to the expectations. 

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Male Enhancement FAQ:

Q: Do I really need to check with my doctor before ingesting any pill?

A: if you are taking any medication or suffering from any condition, YES you need to check with your doctor or healthcare practitioner to ensure that the ingredients in the pill don’t counter interact with your medicine. It only takes a phone call and will help you avoid any unwanted or potentially dangerous side effects. 

Q: which male enhancement products actually work?

A: if by male enhancement you mean penis enlargement, then penis extenders are the only products that have been clinically proven to increase the length and/or girth of your penis. Pills, creams, oils, and other types of products are useless at best, harmful at worst. Pills can be useful for increasing Testosterone, HGH, and other hormones involved in performance or muscle growth, but they are absolutely useless when it comes to penis enlargement. 

Q: can I buy male enhancement pills, penis extenders, creams, honeys and other similar products at my local CVS, Walgreens or Walmart?

A: yes, you can find some of these products at your local pharmacy or Walmart, but you’ll be limited in terms of selection. Some of the products we reviewed in this article, like the Extenze male enhancement pill, should be able to be purchased from all those stores, but most of the products covered here are only available online. 

Q: are male enhancement pills as effective as Viagra or Cialis?

A: most likely not. Viagra and Cialis are hard to compete with in this category, since they have been developed specifically to improve erections in men with severe ED. However, some male enhancement pills can offer similar results to men who are seeking to improve the quality of their erections. 

Q: Are penis extenders more or less efficient than pills?

A: penis extenders are definitely more effective than pills, since they physically stretch your penis to induce cellular mitosis (cellular division) and therefore allow you to gain in size over time. Clinical studies published on PubMed have proven that penis extenders can help you gain a small, although noticeable, increase in penis length and sometimes girth. When it comes to male enhancement, penis extenders have been shown to work, unlike pills or other products. 

Q: What are some natural ways to raise Testosterone levels and improve sex drive?

A: As we covered earlier in this article, things like: losing excess weight around your waist, having a healthy whole-food diet, starting a regular exercise program that involves heavy lifting, having a proper sleep schedule and stress reduction are sure-fire ways to raise your T levels and achieve a better overall health. More recently, cold showers and cold plunge tub immersion in general has also been linked with higher Testosterone levels and better immune function. Lastly, daily sun exposure, according to Dr Andrew Huberman, is another natural way to raise your Testosterone naturally. 

Q: Are these products FDA-cleared and lab-tested? 

A: Some products reviewed here are FDA-cleared. Others are simply FDA-registered. Check on each product’s website to find out how they stand with the FDA. You also want to check the GMP certification to ensure there has been rigorous testing of the product if it’s something you have to ingest. For some pills, like Semenax or Erectin, their parent company has offered to share their lab testing results. We highly encourage you tp request those lab results by either calling them, emailing them or initiating a live chat on their website.