As LUNA & LUNC reach their inevitable end because of the recent 30% drop, investors are looking for better gaming coins. 

The GameFi sector has expanded the range of available investment opportunities. Picking one or two of the most potential GameFi projects to invest in can be difficult due to the proliferation of several gaming crypto ventures. 

Keeping that in mind, this article discusses the price predictions of LUNA & LUNC, as well as the best GameFi alternatives like TARO and RIA that are set to pump. So, let’s get into it!

LUNA Brief Overview

Two South Korean businessmen, Did Kwon and Daniel Shin, opened Terra LUNA in 2018 at their Terra Protocol headquarters in Singapore. Like other cryptocurrencies, Terra LUNA is based on blockchain technology and creates its money using algorithms. Stablecoins for this cryptocurrency go by the names UST or TerraUSD.

LUNA Price Prediction

Terra LUNA has had its ups and downs, but lately, the trend has been constantly bearish. As the graph from CoinMarketCap shows, LUNA hit its peak on 28th May 2022 and was priced at $17.8 but ever since then, a constant fall can be seen. It is currently priced at $2.4965, which is a massive fall from $17.8. Let’s see what the experts say.

Experts’ Views

According to Insidebitcoins, if the support level at $0.00013 is broken, the price may continue to decline toward the $0.000057 and $0.000032 price levels. If the bulls manage to hold the $0.00013 level against the bears, LUNA may rise to the $0.00023, $0.00033, and $0.00044 resistance levels.

LUNC Brief Overview 

Formerly one of the market’s most demanded cryptocurrencies, LUNA Classic (LUNC), has been working toward a recovery. It has recently seen volatility but has maintained a respectable level of the trading volume.

The price of the old LUNA coin peaked at $119.18 in April 2021 before falling to an all-time low of $0.00001675 on May 13 as a result of the LUNA-UST crisis, which caused a generalized panic in the cryptocurrency markets.

LUNC Price Prediction

In LUNC’s case, after a constant below-average price, there was a sudden constant increase in its trend. On 4th April 2022, LUNC reached its peak, which was $116.42. However, instantly after that, a massive fall was witnessed, and it has stayed that way. Currently, LUNC is priced at $0.0001833, and investors are very panicked.

Let’s see what the experts say.

Experts’ Views

By November 24, 2022, Terra Classic’s value is expected to have decreased by -7.66% and will be equal to $ 0.000160, according to CoinCodex. Their technical indicators indicate that the current sentiment is bearish and that it will likely remain so.

The Best GameFi Alternatives 

While LUNA & LUNC are creating panic in the crypto market and experts are uncertain of their future, there are other GameFi coins that are set to explode and investing in them would be a wise choice. Let’s discuss these options.

  • RobotEra (TARO) – New Metaverse Game With A Cool Robot Planet and Shared Multiverse
  • Calvaria (RIA) – Currently The Top Trending NFT-Based Trading Card Game
  • Enjin Coin (ENJ) – GameFi Token That Mints NFTs
  1. RobotEra (TARO)

A new play-to-earn metaverse game project called RobotEra is powered by its native token, TARO, which is presently up for presale. You can use TARO to access a variety of GameFi protocols and make money on the RobotEra platform.

RobotEra offers a virtual planet-like environment called “Taro” in an effort to enter this market. You can manifest as Robot NFTs on Taro. 10,000 NFTs are the maximum number of this resource you can get, making them a valuable item to buy and own on RobotEra.

The platform has a number of GameFi components, including the ability for You to make money through the trade of Land NFTs, hosting events in-game, and mining for raw materials.

Additionally, you can stake TARO tokens to earn yield, advertise on the platform, and exchange NFTs on the market. SharkTeam and CoinSniper have both confirmed the RobotEra team’s KYC information and reviewed its smart contracts.

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  1. Calvaria (RIA)

In the card game Calvaria, winning over other players earns you two crypto tokens as a reward. The RIA token for the game is presently available for purchase during a presale, probably at the lowest price ever. 40 RIA tokens cost only a dollar, which is a great deal.

A presale is now going on for the game. The value of RIA tokens rises as the presale moves on to the next phase. Since the coin’s value will rise even higher over the various stages, investors looking for an asset with appreciation potential could wish to invest in this project. The RIA tokens will be listed on exchanges after the presale is finished.

You can upgrade your cards, which are represented by characters in the game who each have special abilities. In addition to employing tactics to defeat opponents, you can get special cards and power-ups to bolster your decks.

Calvaria offers distinctive resources that you can gather and utilize to advance in the game or sell to other players. You receive in-game incentives for winning matches and putting in more time.

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  1. Enjin Coin (ENJ)

In terms of future growth potential, Enjin Coin is among the top GameFi cryptocurrencies. The organization that created this coin provides a range of integrated tools that simplify the development and introduction of NFT projects. 

In this manner, Enjin adds considerably to the GameFi ecosystem and the expansion of the NFT market.

The Enjin platform gives you access to SDKs, game plugins, cryptocurrency wallets, and payment options. You are required to lock tokens into a smart contract when using Enjin to generate digital assets. This way, the value of non-fungible tokens produced within the Enjin ecosystem is backed by Enjin.

Summing It Up

So, there you have it. With a 30% drop, investing in LUNA & LUNC is out of the question since you’ll only face loss. So what can you do? Invest in the obvious best GameFi choices: TARO & RIA. 

TARO being a brand new Metaverse, has been the talk for obvious reasons. It gives you an amazing gaming experience and a shared multiverse, while RIA allows you to make a ton of purchases by converting the rewards you receive into RIA tokens, and you get access to unique resources. 

We hope this article allows you to make an informed decision and calms your panic about the 30% drop in LUNA & LUNC.