It’s crucial for crypto investors to be on the lookout for new gems in the space. One of the accurate times to find gems and invest is during presales. Whenever a project is on a presale, it implies that the tokens are cheaper and investors will have higher access to the project’s utilities. 

Thus, as a trending category in the crypto space, Metaverse projects’ presales are taking the bull by the horns. RobotEra(TARO) presale is one of the projects that stood out.

RobotEra is a future-based metaverse project that has raised a $100,000 milestone in the first presale of its native token (TARO). This proves the level of confidence investors have in it.

Similar to Sandbox, users of RobotEra can own land, create a world, and profit from the secondary economy. Since the RobotEra metaverse is connected to other planets and enables the habitation of pre-existing NFT societies, it is regarded as a development in the metaverse. 

With all the incredible features RobotEra metaverse offers, the cryptography of the metaverse could undergo a lot of modifications. Thus, it’s advisable to buy $TARO at its current All-Time Low before its launch. Still not convinced? Check out some of the incredible Features of the project below.

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Incredible Features of RobotEra (TARO)

  1. Creating a Space for Artists

RobotEra will enable creators to exhibit their digital works in the many museums of the metaverse. In addition to developing games on TARO, creators can develop their own games for play on their domain.

Events may also be planned on each of TARO’s distinct continents by brands with their own Robots. Within the Metaverse, these “public continents” allow businesses to advertise their goods and attract attention from throughout the world.

  1. NFTs for RobotEra

RobotEra gives players an authentic blockchain construction experience by integrating non-fungible token (NFT) assets into the game.

Robots are the primary NFTs in the game. Each player has a unique identity within the RobotEra NFT, which serves as the users’ digital identification. Another sort of NFT that enables users to build on land is Land NFTs.

 Players can obtain land by airdrops if they already own a Robot NFT or buy Land NFTs from the market. Robot Companion NFTs make up the last class of NFTs. The machine component workbench is used to create the Robot Companions, and the editor is used to customize their look.

  1. Features of RobotEra’s gameplay

One of the main benefits of the RobotEra metaverse is the ability to create your own area. On their continent, players on Planet TARO are free to do whatever they choose. This includes mining, construction, energy collection, production, and leisure. The kind of constructions that players can erect are also unrestricted.

Another element of RobotEra is the DAO. On Planet TARO, there is no centralized authority; instead, a community is formed through the cooperation of all users. Players can now offer and decide on new implementation strategies for their factions as a consequence.

The RobotEra also wants to make play-to-earn experiences seamless. On TARO, players take pleasure in the game’s excitement while helping to rebuild TARO and bringing about actual advantages for all gamers. These game mechanics will undoubtedly alter the cryptography environment in the metaverse.

  1. Mining

RobotEra is abundant with resources of various costs in every region. These materials can be mined and used as raw materials to make NFTs. The value of NFTs increases with the scarcity of these resources.

  1. Administration of Land

Another great way to make money on RobotEra is to run the player continent or mine the independent continents.

  1. Trading NFT

Landowners can create and trade NFTs in the virtual world. Among these creations are lands, robot companions, robot parts, works of art, and other things. In essence, any development a player makes on their land using the RobotEra editor is an exchangeable NFT.

  1. Token Staking

RobotEra advertises its unique gamified stake method with a distinctive background. Stakeholders can generate passive income by “pledging” or “staking” TARO tokens to repopulate the freshly “destroyed” planet of TARO.

  1. Unique Play-to-Earn Feature

RobotEra moves above the standard play-to-earn feature by concentrating on four intriguing aspects: mining, exploration, creation, and combat. Players will receive TARO tokens for taking these tasks, which they can then sell on cryptocurrency exchanges to profit.

Additionally, RobotEra has a complicated underlying revenue model that includes cultivating holy trees, trading NFTs, staking tokens, and more.

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Are you finding it hard to choose a worthy project to invest in? RobotEra (TARO) is the solution to your dilemma about the project to invest in. It has hit the $100k milestone in just a few weeks of the presale and it’s going to do more. 

So, think again before you invest in projects that won’t multiply your investments. RobotEra (TARO) has great potential that’ll be worth your while, so invest now!