2022 was a bad year for crypto. The massive crash that happened in May crippled the market, wiped out trillions in value, and shook the very foundations of the cryptocurrency idea. As the year draws to an end, there are some encouraging signs of possible recovery, although major tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still struggling.

This has led investors to look elsewhere for profit. New coins that appeared in the last year offer such opportunities. Projects like Dash 2 Trade, RobotEra, IMPT, and Calvaria are some of the most prospective crypto platforms we have seen lately. That is why they top the lists of cryptos that will give 30x gains in 2023.

These 5 Cryptos are Next to Explode In 2023 – Overview

  1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – The Best Analytics Tool for Crypto Traders
  2. RobotEra (TARO) – An Amazing Metaverse Gaming Platform
  3. IMPT(IMPT) – Green Crypto Project for Carbon Market
  4. Calvaria (RIA) – Exciting P2E Gaming Project
  5. Polygon (MATIC) – A Layer-2 Metaverse Crypto

Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – The Best Analytics Tool for Crypto Traders

One of the biggest mistakes inexperienced crypto traders make is to make trades based on their gut feeling, without any info on the background or regard for market trends. Sooner or later, this approach inevitably leads to huge losses and the end of a trading career.

Dash 2 Trade is a comprehensive set of intelligence and analytics tools designed to make life easier for crypto traders. It provides access to signals that can help them decipher the latest market happenings and correctly predict incoming market trends. This unprecedented level of information allows traders to gain insight into the inner workings of the market and capitalize on it.

Dash 2 Trade is currently having a presale of its native token D2T. In just a few weeks, the team has managed to raise more than $6.6 million, intended for further development of the platform. This is great news for early investors, as they stand to earn massive gains in 2023, once D2T hits crypto exchanges.  

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RobotEra (TARO) – An Amazing Metaverse Gaming Platform

RobotEra is a gaming platform taking place in metaverse-like surroundings. Players are tasked with rebuilding a destroyed planet with the help of robots acting as their avatars. Robots can cultivate the land, gather and mine resources, and build various structures, including robot factories.

RobotEra puts heavy emphasis on cooperation. Together with other players, you can organize music concerts, exhibitions, and even open metaverse theme parks. Through this cooperation, the world will be rebuilt faster and a new era will come sooner.

Both project and the team behind it are KYC verified by Coinsniper, eliminating any doubts about RobotEra’s security.

TARO is the native coin of RobotEra’s ecosystem and is already dubbed one of the most successful presales of 2022. The success sets a perfect stage for future TARO listings on the open market and huge gains in 2023.  

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IMPT(IMPT) – Green Crypto Project for Carbon Credit Market

Climate change is hanging over humanity like the sword of Damocles and the time is running out on us if we want to prevent the worst from happening. IMPT is a platform that can help us finally establish a functional carbon credit market, a project that could potentially be a game changer in our fight against the consequences of global warming.

IMPT offers a simple solution for the two biggest problems the carbon credit market is experiencing at the moment, fraud and double accounting. Tokenizing each carbon credit (representing one ton of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere) will eliminate double accounting while using blockchain smart contracts will prevent any fraud attempts.

This has made IMPT a very popular crypto, raising more than $13 million during its current presale. Once presale ends and public listings begin, we can easily see IMPT making 30x gains in 2023.

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Calvaria (RIA) – Exciting P2E Gaming Project

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity can easily be dismissed as just another Play-to-earn platform, but once you scratch the surface you can easily see that it is much more than that. Based on battle card game mechanics, Calvaria is a project that aims at the popularization of crypto and the game is just a means to an end.

According to the Calvaria developers, the main obstacle to wider crypto adoption in our society is the lack of utility. Their idea is to create a popular game that will provide just that and give people a reason to start using crypto. Judging by the popular response, it is an appealing idea for both gamers and investors.

Calvaria’s presale is going extremely well, with more than 1.8 million USDT raised so far. Presale is happening in stages, with each stage seeing a price increase.

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Polygon (MATIC) – A Layer-2 Metaverse Crypto

One of the biggest hurdles that prevent the wide adoption of Metaverse is the high entry cost. Most blockchains impose high transaction fees, making it fairly expensive to gain entry. Polygon’s goal is to eliminate or at least reduce those costs and democratize Metaverse.

By offering Layer-2 blockchain technology, Polygon greatly reduces the cost associated with the point-of-entry, while allowing high-speed transactions. The team behind the project hopes that this new technology will make Metaverse more accessible to everyone. It is also the reason why we believe that Polygon will experience massive gains in 2023.


If you are looking for coins that will give 30x gains in 2023, you can’t go wrong with either of our top picks. They are all in the presale phase at the moment and you can get them on the cheap. The only issue with these coins is that each subsequent presale stage gets more expensive, so you need to hurry up if you want to maximize your profit once they appear on crypto exchanges. It is at this point that their price wil really explode so don’t miss your chance to buy them early now!