When most people think about meme coins, the first thing that pops to mind is Dogecoin or Shiba Inu. They are among the top 20 cryptos by market cap, but they are about to lose their spot to a new meme coin called Tamadoge. Meme coins are known for their poor token utilization, which is why DOGE and SHIB are struggling to recover after the crypto crash earlier in 2022.

Tamadoge, on the other hand, is the newest meme coin project and the first addition to the niche set in a metaverse with features such as a built-in NFT store, mintable NFT pets, play-to-earn mechanics, and much more. So let’s see how Tamadoge will revolutionize the industry and more details about new presales like RobotEra, Dash 2 Trade, IMPT, and Calvaria.

Tamadoge – The New King of Memes About To Redefine the Industry

Meme coins were supposed to be a joke, but Tamadoge is about to change how we think about them forever. It’s the first meme coin with excellent token utilization and other advanced features that set it apart from DOGE, SHIB, and many other useless tokens. Namely, the project’s core revolves around exciting play-to-earn games in a vibrant metaverse where players can meet, have fun, trade, and explore the world. The game puts you in a role of a pet trainer, and your job is to ensure that your pets are happy and healthy as they grow. All pets double as NFTs, allowing players to buy, sell, and exchange them at will. 

Tamadoge is inspired by a classic hand-held game from the early 90s called Tamagotchi. It shares most features with the original game, so the main goal is to take care of digital pets. If you don’t take good care of your pets, they can die, and you’ll lose them forever. The platform is still a few months away from the official launch, but it’s already attracting thousands of investors. The project devs plan on adding even more advanced features, including full augmented reality support, down the road, creating an even bigger gap between Tamadoge and other meme coins on the market.

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TAMA Token Presale

The official TAMA token presale is a huge success. It met all goals weeks before schedule, raising a total of $13 million in about a month. The beta presale was supposed to last until mid-October, moving to a general presale until all 1 billion tokens are sold. However, it met its $19 million goal in less than two months, ending the presale months ahead of schedule. 

TAMA tokens have since become available in multiple CEX/DEX listings including OKX, LBank, MEXC, and many others. The price of TAMA tokens is currently $0.0244, but the stage is setting up for a huge bull run in the following months. If you invest today, you will likely get huge returns in 2023.

Excellent Tokenomics

Tamadoge aims to raise the bar for all other meme coins on the markets by offering players real token utility. The platform’s native token, TAMA, is needed for all transactions within the Tamaverse. There are 2 billion pre-mined TAMA tokens in circulation, but the platform uses the diminishing supply approach, burning 5% of all used tokens at the end of each month.

The tokens have a zero transaction fee protocol, which is a nice touch, as most other cryptos fund their marketing and maintenance from transaction fees. However, Tamadoge took a different approach. Instead of charging high fees, the platform spends 30% of the tokens used within a month for maintenance and marketing costs, while 65% are sent to the prize pool and given back to players through rewards.

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Other Projects In Presale Right Now

RobotEra – World’s First Mobile-Based Web3 Builder Game

RobotEra is by far the hottest new token presale at the moment. It’s the world’s first mobile-based web3 block builder game with advanced blockchain features like NFTs, tokenization, and a shared multiverse. At a glance, RobotEra looks similar to Minecraft, but it’s set on a futuristic robot planet where everything is made of blocks.

After joining the platform and choosing one of the five available factions, players can buy virtual plots of land and build factories, residential buildings, and even entire cities. The game features a full economic system, allowing players to set up trade routes with their neighbors and much more. Every part of the map has its own resources, so setting up trade routes is a must to ensure that your city thrives.

The platform’s native token, TARO, is used for all in-game transactions. The tokens can also be staked to get a vote in the DAO system. With dozens of reward options and many built-in games and possibilities, RobotEra is likely to explode after the official launch. The first stage of the RobotEra presale is live, so you can get TARO tokens for 0.020 per coin. The project raised over $100,000 in a few day’s time, so hurry up and secure a spot among the earliest investors to get the highest gains in the future.

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IMPT – New Eco-Friendly Crypto With A Noble Goal

IMPT is a unique blockchain project with a noble goal. It’s the world’s greenest blockchain platform so far and its goal is to spread awareness about carbon air pollution and help users reduce their carbon footprints. IMPT’s unique approach to carbon pollution allows users to track their carbon footprints every time they buy something from over 10,000 partnered brands.

Every purchase generates carbon credits that can be exchanged for IMPT tokens or minted into unique NFTs. What’s more, the platform will donate a portion of its income to help fund green projects all over the world. Needless to say, IMPT’s unique approach to blockchain technologies makes it an excellent investment option moving forward, especially for eco-conscious investors.

The platform is still a few months away from going live, however, you can buy IMPT tokens in presale right now. The project entered the last presale phase, allowing you to get IMPT tokens for $0.023. IMPT raised over $12.5 million so far, and it’s one of the rare projects expected to keep growing in the new crypto environment. Visit the official IMPT site right now and buy tokens at the lowest price possible.

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Dash 2 Trade – New Crypto Analytics and Trading Platform

Even though it’s not a metaverse project, Dash 2 Trade should also be on top of your priority list when investing in cryptos in 2022. It’s a new crypto social and trading platform with a wide range of tools designed to increase your ROI and bring risk to a minimum. 

Dash 2 Trade’s primary feature is its ability to gather and analyze all KPIs from multiple marketplaces to spot trends and pinpoint the best investment option. All of the information is displayed in a single dashboard, along with trading signals that tell you when to buy or sell a cryptocurrency.

The platform’s native token, D2T, is used to purchase paid subscriptions. Dash 2 Trade is free, but if you want to use advanced features, you need one of two available paid subscriptions. The Starter pack will cost 400 D2T per month, while the all-access premium version will cost 1,000 tokens. Dash 2 Trade is also in presale at the moment, so you have a chance to invest early and get a discount on D2T tokens. 1 D2T token is available for 0.0513 USDT, but the price will increase to 0.0533 USDT per token soon, so hurry up and invest today to get higher returns.

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Calvaria – First Ever Blockchain Trading Card Game with Huge Potential

Calvaria: Duels of Eternity is another unique blockchain project built around a trading card game. It’s entirely designed by a team of expert blockchain developers who also share a passion for trading card games. The game is inspired by popular titles such as Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering, but unlike these popular games, Calvaria’s blockchain features enable players to earn native RIA tokens through a fantastic reward system.

The game will be available in two versions. The first one will be free and available for download in the Play Store. However, it won’t have any blockchain features. It’s designed to inform players about the P2E version and motivate as many as possible to adopt blockchain technologies. The game is extremely well-designed, with amazing on-screen effects, characters, fractions, and more.

Calvaria’s native currency, RIA, will act as the utility, allowing players to purchase NFTs and other in-game items. RIA tokens are in presale right now, and 1 USDT will get you 40 tokens. However, the price will increase to 33.33 tokens per 1 USDT after another 105 million tokens are sold so hurry up and invest to get the highest returns possible. 

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Project Made According To The Best Industry Practices

No matter how we look at things, it’s clear that the people behind Tamadoge took their time during the design phase. They hand-picked the best practices from multiple successful blockchains, combining them into a unique project likely to create massive turmoil after release.

Apart from excellent tokenomics, Tamadoge also allows users to build, mint, and develop their pets as NFTs. Furthermore, as they complete challenges, win games, and beat other players in the arena, users earn Dogepoints and enter the global monthly Leaderboards. 65% of all tokens used in a month are given back to users with the most points at the end of each month. 

It’s important to know that the project is already fully KYC’d on CoinSniper. It also passed a security audit by Solid Proof with the highest grades, meaning it’s 100% secure and safe. Judging from the incredibly successful presale, Tamadoge is likely to become one of the highest gainers in 2022.

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